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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 9:45 p.m. MST

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I hope that Bronco puts up the tormenting messages from Chris B in the locker room.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Over the past 4 years USU has taken a number of its C recruits and pushed them to A grade heights. Another school takes a A+ qb and turns him into an F grade transfer. Go figure?

The Aggies will more than make do with this class of recruits. Go Big Blue!!!

cedar city, UT

Why does this need to turn into a Utah is better than BYU or BYU is better than Utah? This game doesn't even get played til fall. How about you all keep your pants on, stop being dumb about who is better than who since we uh....don't know yet and talk about the recruits instead?

Mapleton, Utah

"If Utah expects to compete with the PAC 12.....They didn't do that" Uh, well, let's try and clarify that for Gurney.

First Utah doesn't expect to compete...that is why their new rival is bottom feeder Colorado Buffalo's, the old laughing stock of the Big 12. Second, they don't expect to compete with top tier programs either, hence the failure to play the better team to the south. Whit understands that 3 of the last four wins were nothing more than luck with the ball bouncing one way instead of the other....He also understands that luck will not sustain a program. So, lose the big brother and better team to the south from the schedule so there is more room for the Eastern Washington's and Montana Tech's. Third, the "B" score was for the signing of one 4 star. Not much of an improvement over BYU with a "B-" score and no 4 stars. Take away one commit out of 28 and Utah drops to a "C" score. Head to head, BYU dominated the recruiting war. (We all saw how well one 5 star panned out...) Fifth; The Aggies did better man for man than U.

Las Vegas, NV

@gdog3finally: "byU goes for a certain type player who fits into mission of the school. They want guys that make up for talent with passion for representing BYU."

De'Ondre Wesley?? That was a desperation grab on both sides. Care to revise that statement?

Go Utes!!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I rate byu as A+++ triple plus. That's exponential ladies & gentlemen.

Hyrum, UT

The U is in 42nd place out of 123 schools, 66% or a good solid D. BYU gets 34%, an F no matter how you try and look at it. USU in spite of all the wishing for a great recruiting class after a year of being the best football team in the state
(come on BYU 2 field goals) is ranks 103rd, or 16%, and that is an incomplete.

Please don't try and make it look better by comparing to needs last year's recruiting classes. One's recruiting class should only be compared to other schools recruiting classes.

For example BYU got out recruited by Tulsa, UCF, Toledo, Duke, Colorado, and Marshall. Ouch! But they did out recruit San Diego State, Louisiana LA, Louisiana Tech, Tulane, Texas State, and Colorado State. All Schools with great football programs.

Saint George, UT

Ute fan says "try beating someone better than Utah St." to BYU fans! That's cute.

First, Utah St. went 11-2 with a bowl game win and a final BCS ranking of 16!

Second, BYU beat Utah St and Utah did not!!!

So who did Utah beat that was better than Utah St. or even BYU? Utah's 5 AWESOME wins:
Washington St (3-9),
Cal (3-9), Colorado (1-11)
No. Colorado (5-6)
BYU (8-5)?
Impressive...most impressive!
Utah's best win was against BYU who Utes claim are lowly and horrible!!!

Provo, UT

@Chris B ""You didnt beat us last year. Or the year before. Or the year before."
davidutefan " I love the way cougar fan blast the Utes when their team,apparantly, can't find a way to beat them."

Lol, U 'fans' are great. Your only metric of success is if U beat the 'irrelevant school down south with no athletes' and 'horrible recruiting classes'. Which is just as it's always been.

It doesn't get more little brotherish then that.

I find it cute, actually. U come on to these boards, stomping your feet and talking about completely subjective recruiting rankings, and how Utah is so dominant, blah blah blah, wanting people to think U are relevant.

The mere fact that U use beating BYU as your measuring stick of relevance tells us just how relevant U are (that, and the fact that U currently run your football facilities out of a trailer park, which is just plain hilarious).

U beat BYU three years in a row. Congratulations? U went 5-7 last year, didn't go bowling, have been mocked by national pundits, and yet U only care about beating the Y?

Lol! Carry on, little brother. Carry on.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Utah (#42) out recruited 3 PAC 12 schools and 7 Big 10 schools (per Rivals). BYU (#76) was out recruited by EVERY PAC 12 & Big 10 school. Mr. Gurney must be grading on the curve.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Ogmson

Did you roll a set of dice, or spin a wheel to get your information? Let me help, per Rival Ratings (per Player), over all ranking:
Utah = 2.96, #42
BYU = 2.27, #76
USU = 2.13, #104
I hope that provides you with a better understanding of rhe recruiting ranking system, and provides you with some actual data.

Omaha, NE

"We will be fine, and compete for a MWC trophy..."

Guess how many few times BYU or Utah won the MWC? It's not an easy conference to win. The new MWC is the old WAC, and USU always ended up in the bottom of the WAC with most of these same teams. Plus, new teams will be in the mix, and playing the likes of AFA or Wyoming is never an easy task, and add that to improved SDSU and Fresno. Losing the coach who got the program it's first conference championship in a long time (maybe ever) in a 6-team league full of patsies was hardly an accomplishment worthy to say we'll compete in the top in a brand new, very good conference. A coach who bolts elsewhere who got them there will make it even tougher. USU needs exceptional recruits to compete in a better conference. USU will be an AFA in this conference....always near the middle. With Boise in the mix, it will be hard for any team to win that title.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Duck is right, going against the best isn't as easy so it's not as fun.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

@ Striker

Im pretty sure BYU and UTAH won the MWC championship in football 7 times out of 13. thats not to bad. CSU and TCU were the only other winners while Utah and BYU were around.

Cedar City, Utah

Good luck with your down year aggies. Doesn't matter what level of talent you got for the 2013 year.

Hyrum, UT

There are a couple of facts to consider when judging recruits.

#1) Recruit ranking is based primarily on someone's opinion. Nothing else. There is no totally objective way to rate high school players. There is example after example of 2-star recruits that ended up much more successful than supposedly 4-star recruits. The star behind a high school player's name means very little at this point. How he performs on the field at the next level is the only rating that will really count.
BYU must have fantastic coaches to turn such low ranked recruits into the #3 nationally ranked defense in the nation.

#2) (This is mainly for Chrissy B, who can't count, and for a few other fixated U "fans")
Out of the 24 recruits who signed yesterday with BYU, 16 had offers from the U, but decided on BYU anyway... a full two-thirds of their recruits.

#3) Regardless of recruit ratings, BYU will beat the U in their game this fall. You can put it in writing. It's a future fact. Also, BYU will go bowling again this year. The U... probably not, again. Will be awaiting Chrissy B's funny excuses.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ ogmson

"Whit understands that 3 of the last four wins were nothing more than luck with the ball bouncing one way instead of the other"

Two of the last four wins were blowouts in Utah's favor and Utah was up by 17 going into the fourth last year. That doesn't sound like luck to me. However, using your reasoning it is also fair to say that all 6 of BYU's wins since 1998 were nothing more than luck with the ball bouncing one way instead of the other.

Utah smashed the other in-state schools in recruiting no matter you slice it. Utah has a higher rated class and higher avg. player ranking.


I don't understand why recruits are even given "star" rankings. I heard an interesting stat on the radio the other morning. I think it was something like all but 2 players who made the all pac-12 first team were ranked 3 stars or below coming out of high school. Congrats to all who recieved an athletic scholarship, but now is the time to put the stars behind you because everything starts over now. Just ask Jake Heaps.

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

The Y Haters always post first...
Stars from recruiting services mean nothing after a couple of years in a program

St Louis, MO

Man, a lot of chest-thumping about nothing. Sometimes I read these boards and think "am I part of this rabble?" I guess I am. I will now smack myself repeatedly with my stapler.

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