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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 9:45 p.m. MST

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

I'd bump USU down to the C-/D+ range. They finished ranked 103 in the recruiting rankings. Keeton won't be there forever and the Aggies will need more than what they signed to compete in the MWC.

That being said, hopefully the kids signed today (by all three teams) represent the state well and enjoy injury-free careers.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

I give these grades an "F." Utah's class was packed full of three star athletes vs. two stars for BYU. The Cougars should've gotten a C at best, yet BYU got pretty much the same grade as the Utes.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

A b- is a very high grade f

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

A b- for a byu team that got beaten in recruiting by a1-11 Kansas team? Try d-.

I guess when recruits see a 1-11 bcs team and a mediocre WAC team the choice is clear.

And yes , Utah beat you too. Again.

Provo, UT

Utah fans = BYU fans.

I remember Ute fans making fun of BYU's "February championships" every year we had a higher ranked recruiting class. Now we have Chris B claiming the difference between 47 and 57 (per Scout) is a "B" versus an "F".

Congrats to the Utes on their good recruiting year. I really believe they'll keep getting better. And thats good for the state of Utah. In the mean time Chris B, be cool, stay in school.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Let's see if I get this straight. BYU gets a grade of B- for a recruiting class that is ranked somewhere near the 70th place. Utah gets a B for a recruiting class that is ranked somewhere near the 40th place. Does that mean the 10th ranked team would get a B+ and the last 10 teams might get a A-? Let's hope the rankings do not hold true as Utah was about the 9th place team in the PAC-12 and BYU would be somewhere near the midd to bottom of the MWC.

Las Vegas, NV

While Bronco only signed three D-Lineman, I noticed he grabbed a 6-6-260 kid from Indiana that runs a sub 4.8 40. While that isn't necessarily Bronson Kaufusi or Ziggy Ansa speed, it is extremely fast for a potential lineman. While I can see the advantage of using him in a PG spot on the O-Line, it would not surprise me if Bronco gives Thomas Shoef a look-see at Defensive End. He seems to have enough "nasty" on the O-Line. With some training up I believe he may end up on the other side of the line. But don't discount the possibility that he'll get a shot at TE either. Perhaps he has no hands but he certainly has the right kind of speed and body to play there as well, especially in 2 TE and 2TE+HB sets for running between the tackles in short yard situations. Again, this kid has the size, speed and feet to play in a lot of places.

Bristow, United States

@two for... We got what we needed. We got a stretch the field receiver, some corners, and got deeper in other positions.. I'd put it at an A because we have great players all over the field, and where we lost the most production was the secondary and recievers. We will be fine, and compete for a MWC trophy...

Salt Lake City, UT

Gurney gets an F

West Jordan, Utah

I may not necessarily agree with Gurney's grades either people. Still, he isn't just grading on the talent comparisons between the three schools (and all others), but rather the parameters these schools deal with individually.

I mean BYU goes for a certain type player who fits into mission of the school. They want guys that make up for talent with passion for representing BYU.

Next, USU has disadvantages in recruiting vs. other bigger schools from the get go. They are targeting more local guys and persuading them with better opportunities to play right away (not ride the pine). They aren't graded equally with bigger programs. How will their players do against the MWC?

You could say Utah did well but suffered from a poor season last year. Utah didn't get the big splash recruits. They have a lot of three star guys that have a chance to be solid and provide more PAC 12 depth. That is not bad, but the odds of those guys being really good are not as great. So for them, you could grade lower as a whole (counting the bad year last year) or just base grading on the recruiting season.

kaysville, UT

Keep the information coming. This is an exciting time of year that gets us through til next season.

I appreciate your effort here and I think you have many interesting points and information. It seems that you are giving more weight to the national ranking of the recruits rather than your purpose of filling needs. "My grades are in for the schools regarding how they addressed current needs and how the prospects were regarded by national recruiting services."

This would usually mean that Utah (Pac-12) should always have a hiring ranking than other Utah schools. And we all need that to make the competition better in the state.

Another angle, and probably more time consuming on your part, would be to give them a rank/grade compared to last year's class and compared to their conference recruitment rankings. You touched on that in your remarks and I think you could use more of that for your weighting. Looking at the recruits it seems that they all fill the big holes and needs that they have and it should help all our teams improve.

Best of luck to the entire state this year!

River Falls, WI

RE: Chris B.

"A b- for a byu team that got beaten in recruiting by a1-11 Kansas team? Try d-."

I hope that you don't seriously believe that stars are the only factor in recruiting... if so we're in trouble here in Badger country. Wisconsin consistently has a team ranking (according to stars given) in the 30-60 range. According to your logic, then, teams like Utah, North Carolina, and Kansas are better than Wisconsin. Gee, I wonder how we made it to the Rose bowl... THREE years in a row. Last years recruiting class was #63.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"last years recruting class was 63"

And your Wisconsin team last year got to the rose bowl, because a better team wasn't eligible.

Weren't you like 7-6 last year?

Probably not related to the 63 ranking though. LOL

Columbia, MO

It's hilarious how much credence people give to the star rankings coming from folks who have little experience with the on the field game. Lavell Edwards proved that you can create championship teams with players who don't get the stars from the pundits. All three programs (Utah, BYU, and USU) have proven the same, over and over.

cedar city, UT


You make a VERY good point. We can gawk at 'stars' all we want but it means nothing. Everyone that got signed yesterday has some sort of talent that stood out. We're going to have no idea what that is until we see them in spring ball and possibly some of the recruits in August/Sept. Calm down, guys we've got a long way to go, a whopping 6 months :(

Provo, UT

@Chris B "And your Wisconsin team last year got to the rose bowl, because a better team wasn't eligible. Weren't you like 7-6 last year? Probably not related to the 63 ranking though."

Lol, even if OSU had been eligible last year, Wisconsin still would have gone bowling, which is more than Utah can say.

Per Rivals, last year Utah's recruiting class was ranked #28. Weren't U like 5-7 last year and had to watch everyone else play in a bowl game from your trailer park football facilities? Probably not related to the #28 ranking, though.

This year, Rivals has Utah's recruiting class ranked #41...uh oh. That doesn't bode well, Chris. Thirteen spots lower than last year. And we thought last year was bad...

This year, there's no Reggie Dunn to return two KO's for TD's that proves the difference in a squeaker at the mighty 1-11 CU Buffs and no Riley Nelson with a broken back/Blair Tushaus combo that botches a snap that Utah returns for the winning TD against BYU.

Things are looking bleak indeed.

Go Cougars!

Highland, UT

LOL at utah "fans" and their fragile ego's based on something as subjective, and ridiculous, as recruiting rankings.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You didnt beat us last year.

Or the year before

Or the year before.

I'm guessing in the next 20 times we play you guys will win 5, at most.

We had to drop you from our schedule because it was a gimme win, but not respectable.

Fresno State provides a more legit win than byu does

Good luck in your "quest" next year. We'll be happy to personally end your season, like we did last year.

Evanston, WY

hey TrueCoug: and what was the score again last year? I love the way cougar fan blast the Utes when their team,apparantly, can't find a way to beat them. Why don't you run your mouth when the mighty cougs find a way to do something like beat the Utes, or not pad their way into a bowl game by beating mediocre WAC team. Yes, they played, and lost to, a couple of good teams but try beating someone better than Utah State (no offense to a good Aggie team) before you flap your gums

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Gurney isn't being fair to BYU. Their grade should be an A because of the guys they got.

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