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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 4:55 p.m. MST

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This new plan is a joke and does not accomplish what they say. Moving the main bus stop to 900 east makes students walk a lot farther. It also will create more congestion during football and basketball games and graduation.

This change will also frustrate a lot of residential people who use that road to get through BYU. This will not make BYU more popular.

BYU is becoming the neighbor that only thinks of themselves.

Cache county, USA

Now lets build 3 more BYU's

Cache county, USA

And drop the entrance GPA to 3.0


BYU likes to find different ways to aggravate the residents that live permanently around it's campus. The church tries to be a good neighbor everywhere around the world except in Provo. Whatever they can do to make the lives of the residents who live here more difficult they will do it.

I went to BYU and it is harder to give my loyalty to a school that ignores the residents and the problems created by their decisions. They teach the principles of being a good neighbor but forget to practice those same principles.

Orem, UT

Not sure how 9th East isn't going to become MUCH more of a nightmare...it already is. I'd like to see some real details about what they are going to do to alleviate the 900 East problem, that already exists, before they route even more traffic around the neighborhoods there. I think the public deserves some input sometimes, and not just, "hey, guess what people...we're going to......" This is not how most cities work. What happens in the middle of campus, not a big concern, but when it affects public roads around campus, then, a different story. Can we get some insight before approvals and plans are set in concrete? They likely already are.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

without BYU, Provo has a lot less going for it, so although its smart for BYU to consider how their changes effect the outlying community it would be silly for them to elevate the opinions of a few vocal opponents up to be a primary consideration.

Danbury, CT

We have two entities here: BYU campus and Provo City. BYU is not obligated to provide a high-speed thru-way for commuters. That's the point of the project - make people slow down or go around the campus so students and visitors can walk places more safely. Europe shut down major parts of its city centers and created pedestrian zones. It increased foot traffic and made those places more liveable. It's not all about the cars, people. Go look at most campuses around the country and they do the same.

My kids go to BYU and we visit throughout the year. I'm pleased to see more consideration for pedestrians. My loyalty is not based, however, on traffic patterns. I love the place for how well it lives up to its mission. I will never change that.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

I love those old pics of the BYU campus when there are no houses to be seen for quite a distance. Those who own homes near BYU likely enjoy a higher market value due to its proximity. Change is a constant (Deseret Towers???) and there should be little surprise when it occurs. However, NIMBY is a real issue and there will always be those who complain about anything they perceive to have a negative impact on them. Fortunately, boards like this exist to provide the complainers a place to vent...which is what I am doing about those folks who are complaining about BYU. So there!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

why not underground traffice to only pedestrians which would be less people at current above ground location which would make sense and less expensive. I hardly see very many people go over the sky bridge unless they are all law students, so yes take it down. Many students travel through Wilkensen Center from weather and it would do good to have undergrand pedestrians traffic. This is too expensive.


While at BYU I was dangered more by the campus trucks that drive on campus than any of the bikes or cars that commute around it.

Lincoln, NE

This is exciting. I work on BYU campus and I am excited about their efforts to constantly improve the campus and beautify it. These will be nice changes.

Provo, UT

Those of us who live east of BYU campus are increasingly sequestered by the University's non-porous traffic strategy. As Provo residents, that means that we increasingly foot the bill for BYU's traffic and congestion. Our city representatives must be asleep at the switch.


Boo!! Worst idea ever! How can they close down Campus Drive? 9th East is congested enough. Not to mention the UTA bus route that will have to be completely changed. Why does BYU think walking everywhere is what people want?! Newsflash: We don't want to walk places! We want to be able to drive up next to the buildings, get out of our cars, and go directly inside. We already have to walk far enough! They should be building more roads, not closing the few ones we have down.

Heidi T.
Farmington, Utah

I doubt BYU planning professionals and the General Authorities take time in their day to "do whatever they can do to make the lives of the residents who live here more difficult they will do it." Really? They aren't good neighbors? Maybe residents who don't like living in a college town could move to a more valuable, isolated property.


Two thoughts:

I was chagrined when I first saw the plan. It kind of split commuters to campus into two halves on the east and west of campus. But then I walked down from the Harmon Building (about 700 E. University Parkway) to the Wilkinson Center in just nine minutes! That means most of the main campus will be accessible in five minutes or even less. Not bad really for the beauty it will create.

Still, there are no cross walks or ways to cross University Parkway between the Marriott Center and 900 E. It is already dangerous and will become more so for pedestrians and cars trying to cross the road.. And the intersection at 900 E. and University Parkway will need a major rethink. It already gets jammed (especially turning left from Univ. Parkway to 900 E.) big time during peak times. The city engineers better get busy figuring it out, because it will be a mess.

Mike Rose
Provo, UT

UTA tried to buy Campus Drive for their Bus Rapid Transit(BRT). BYU refused. My guess is that someone in UTA threatened eminent domain, to which BYU told UTA to get lost, and BYU started this plan to close Campus Drive.

These roads around campus will need to be widened for additional lanes quicker then originally planned.
-9th east from Uni. Parkway to State Street UTA proably won't get exclusive right of way for their BRT anymore)
-University Parkway
-University Avenues
-22nd North
-8th North
-7th North
-Center Street may be restriped to its previous 4 lanes.
-Possibly extend Canyon Road to 8th North

All of theses projects which are accelerated by closing Campus Drive will probably cost
$100 - 200 million which will be paid for by taxpayers in Provo, Utah County, and the state of Utah for state roads. Perhaps BYU grew tired of Campus Drive being used as an arterial highway for Provo with all the resulting accidents and fatalities, and other maintenance costs. This plan will certainly move those off campus onto the neighboring arterials and residential streets.

Orem, UT

I love how those who live "somewhere else, and do not have to work, drive and digest this place love to comment on how we should not voice our concerns. Especially Mr. Danbury CT, who is surrounded by freeways, and who also enjoys no bill boards because they outlawed them. Mr CT, how about you let Provoans legislate your city?

Harwich, MA

Putting a couple of "roundabouts" on campus is "BIG" news. And someone took the time to actually write this story?

Dulles, VA


You read it . . . and commented on it.

Danbury, CT


My kids go to BYU and I have tons of family living there, including just off 9th East where the traffic would be impacted by this change. Chill a little.

I just crack up hearing you all act like you have such major traffic issues. I've driven down 9th East during "Rush Hour" and it's maybe a few extra minutes at each light. At least you have 4 driving lanes and turning lanes. I guess if you grow up in Provo and see the incremental change it is a big deal. For those of us in or near cities with real traffic problems, we can't understand the fuss. You are welcome to come here and help us out with your ideas on our traffic. I think you will gain an appreciation for how good you have it.

I just think it's silly to act like BYU is acting purely out of selfish interests (which they have a right to do) and have an obligation to provide a thru way for Provo City traffic. I don't want my kids or elderly parents (who frequent the campus) run down by some late-to-work commuter cutting through.

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