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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 3:10 p.m. MST

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broomfield, CO

I didn't think I would be so emotional about this, but I cried like a baby, especially since two of these kids were called to serve in the Romania, Moldova mission. I am originally from Moldova and because of dedicated missionaries, I was able to join the church 10 years ago. These two missionaries will absolutely love it there; the work is fruitful and the food is amazing!

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

That was a little hard to watch, a lot of emotions.
My sons are currently serving in:
The Tonga Nukualofa Mission
The Florida Jacksonville Mission.

Congratulations to all Elders and Sisters... Gods Speed

Cedar Hills, UT

The gold rush is on! I suspect the missionary count is going to almost double within two years with nearly half being girls. Big changes will be needed with the youth programs in the Church to get these kids ready a year earlier now from a maturity standpoint and spiritual standpoint. The MIA program is going to have to change AND the seminary program at the senior year must have a Preach My Gospel section. I actually think getting rid of BSA is a MUST now for the Church since much more emphasis is going to have to be put on the Duty To God side of things for Boys and much less on the merit badge and camping side. Also parents are going to have to shoulder a greater burden financially for missions especially for their student / athlete kids. There isn't time for kids to work if they are ball players in high school since most sports require year round dedication and there isn't the traditional year after graduation to work for kids like there used to be. Interesting to see how this all works itself out.

Mike S
Idaho Falls, ID

Congradulations to all who are called. It is great to see that many may see familiar faces from home in their Missions. We are especially jealous of the Elder that was called to Rochester Mission since that is where I lived for over twenty years. One other thing, the spelling of Pittsburg in the video is actuallly in Kansas... the proper spelling is Pittsburgh for Pennsylvanis. The natives are very particular about thi... believe me!

Chocolate lover

I just bawled watching this video. What a powerful clip!!

Cedar Hills, UT


sorry you lost your way. The CORE of your "new" beliefs are based on the The Athanasian Creed. The Athanasian Creed does NOT contain the New Testament teaching of The Savior and is in fact a complete falsification of the basic teachings of Jesus and the apostles including the very nature of God. It would do you good to review the creed and it's erroneous origins especially since the core of false concepts such as the holy trinity form the foundation of both Protestant and Catholic belief.

Missionary Posters
Kirkland, WA

This was great. Congratulations and thanks to all the Elders and Sisters who serve as missionaries worldwide. We love and respect you. Thanks to your families for their love and support of you as well. God bless!

Clearfield, UT

Brought me to tears!!! This really brings back such fond, powerful memories of my own mission call!

Special congratulations to those called to the Sweden Stockholm mission...my own mission and the greatest mission in the world!!!

Aldste Barney - Sweden, Stockholm, '89-91.

Kennewick, WA

I loved this! Thanks for compiling it! It's an exciting time to be alive in God's Kingdom!

Murfreesboro, TN

That was so powerful watching those young people about to embark on an experience that will change them forever. We had the Elders over for dinner last night and as one of them taught us a short message before leaving on Prayer I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful foundation missionary service is to build the rest of their lives upon. The young people will have a place that will stay in their hearts forever as their 'real home'.

Only sad thing about the video,was that none of them were called to the 'true' mission of Japan Fukuoka. But I'm sure theirs are nice too!!!

Las Vegas, NV

Was tipped off by family member to watch this video.....AMAZING!!!! It made me smile and brought back LOADS of memories and a tear or two. I served in the Germany Hamburg Mission. I am SO glad I served a mission. It's great to see the willingness and excitement to serve. These young missionaries have an INCREDIBLE experience ahead of them. I wish them all success and happiness during thier mission. Be obedient and work hard....and watch what happens. GOOD LUCK!!! Thanks for this video.

Sandy, UT

Very cool! I'm very happy for all of these young missionaries. Our daughter just arrived in the California Fresno mission and is loving it. Her little sister is waiting on her call. Both are Jordan Beetdiggers.

Logan, UT

Wow. Sister Chard thank you so much. I went to school with your older sister and Graduated in 2009. I am so proud to be part of this incredible legacy and I thank all of you for your desire and willingness to serve! Go fly the flag! I also want to express thanks and love to all of those Titans who, for whatever reason, may not have had the opportunity to serve full-time missions and yet continue to serve The Lord with all of your hearts. God bless you brothers and sisters. I'm so grateful for the Olympus community that helped to shape me into the man that I am today. Thank you, and this video is a testament to me of the kinds of families that bless the lives of thousands each day throughout the Holladay area. Just giving a little shout out to the kid that called to New York, New York! Best mission in the church! New York City South Mission baby! Congrats again Elders and Sisters, give em Heaven!

Simi Valley, CA

Elder Greg Watts,
Welcome to the best mission in the Church.


Fantastic video!! Made me cry. My son is leaving the MTC on Tuesday to serve in Reno, NE until he receives his visa to go to Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is so excited to be a missionary where ever he serves. I would love to know what music they are using for the video; it enhanced the feeling of the message of these neat young men and women. Good luck on your missions! You are always in the prayers of the Saints throughout the world.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Oh, my goodness, I cried for joy through everyone of these choice young men and women who read their location for a mission. My heart swells with love and joy for everyone of them and their desire to serve their Heavenly Father. I know the Lord will watch over them and give them the strength to serve and make a difference in many lives. They will be in my prayers and thoughts as the months go by. So proud of your choice to serve.


Fantastic video! It made me cry. My son is leaving the MTC next week to serve his mission in Reno, Nevada until his visa arrives for him to go to Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is so excited and ready to get out into the mission field. Good luck to each of the missionaries in this video. It is an exciting time for the youth of the church; we had three youth in our ward receive their calls this past week. I wish you well on your missions; you will always be in the prayers of the Saints throughout the world.

Can anyone tell me what music was used in this video? It greatly enhanced the message and I would love to purchase the CD.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Who did the music for the video with Olympus HS Mission Callings?

Cedar Park, TX

Great video. To Sister Simonsen, hurry on over here. There's work to git done!

West Jordan, UT

I don't know any of these kids, but I cheered for all of them. This video gave me goosebumps!

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