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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 2:10 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

chris b - I know being in the PAC makes you feel good, like you're eating with the cool kids at lunch. But I wouldn't be so happy with my team if the football team was 2nd to last, the men's basketball team was in last place, the women's basketball team was in last place, and the baseball team was in last place.

I kind of like cheering for a football team that's gone to a bowl game 7 years in a row and won 6 of them finishing in the Top 25 five of the last seven years, a basketball team that has gone to the NCAA six years in a row, a women's basketball team that will make another run in the tourney, a volleyball team that may be the best in the nation, and a women's soccer team that took the NC to overtime before losing in the great eight.

I cheer for my team not my conference. It's a tough time to be a Ute. It's a great time to be a Coug!

Danbury, CT

Wow, 5 (count 'em) comments from Chris B. about BYU recruiting. We know what you're really best at, Chris...

Lot's of first person references, too. I wasn't aware the U let girls play on their football team.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

I have a question for Anae...

If the cougars won't be playing in the WAC anymore, why are they still signing WAC-worthy recruiting classes? Rivals currently lists the Y's class at #75!


Wow! Each year, your recruiting classes just keep getting ranked lower and lower. 77% of your recruits were 2-star talent...the last few were graded at the lowest possible Rivals rating of 5.2.

Nephi, UT

Yo Chris,
Here's some food for thought for you and your obsession with star ratings. The only PAC school with a lower average star rating per player was Colorado. Which, I guess means in your line of thinking Utah will just barely be eleventh in the PAC. Maybe a tad optimistic but probably about right. Congratulations on "your" bottom feeding BCS membership.

West Jordan, Utah

Is it just me, or did Robert Anae have some fire in the belly in front of the microphone yesterday. He appears to be hungry to wake up the offense.


Ship ahoy Naval Vet!

"Wow! Each year, your recruiting classes just keep getting ranked lower and lower. 77% of your recruits were 2-star talent

Your knowledge of the Y's recruiting strategy is obviously at a Seaman Recruit level. Unlike other ego driven schools, Bronco has stated that "star" ratings are of no importance to him. Rivals reports are meaningless too. Bronco's criteria for recruiting are:

1. Must be able to play at a D1 level (no star ratings required or relevant)
2. Must be a young man of character that can uphold the standards of BYU
3. Must want to be @ BYU more than any other school
4. Must be willing to work hard

Considering most young men in college couldn't uphold the standards at BYU, Bronco is doing an excellent job being so competitive each year with what you call "2-star talent." You should be singing his praises for doing what he does with "both hands tied behind his back." No other school in the country comes close to the standards BYU has and is still this competitive in D1 football. Many who can't meet the strict academic or honor code standards go elsewhere out of necessity (Utah??)

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Bronco has stated that 'star' ratings are of no importance to him..."

That's probably why you wound up with 2-star Riley Nelson.

If "star ratings" are of no importance, why was 4-star Brayden Kearsley's house Anae's FIRST stop, and his last stops were to JUCO O-Linemen Josh Carter and Edward Fusi...both of whom were ZERO star recruits until AFTER signing with the cougs, and neither of whom had any other FBS offers.

Cougar coaches only stress the "unimportance" of star ratings when they know they aren't going to get many, and don't want to have to answer to the fans over it. This is just a classic case of the "emperor's clothes" coupled with the cognitive dissonance of hopeless failure.

Just as a point of reference...prior to the 2013 class, the U out-recruited the Y in 8 of the last 11 recruiting classes. Does the ratio "8 of the last 11" look familiar to you? You're not playing a weak WAC schedule this year, yet you're still signing weak-WACish recruits.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"As far as recruiting goes, if you will check, you will find that the vast majority of BYU's new recruits were also recruited by Utah, but chose BYU. That's a solid fact."

Here's a solid fact for you: The ONLY cougar recruits who signed with the Y that had also been offered by the U were Kearsley, Peoples, Shumway, and Trammell. Wesley's offer was pulled by Utah before he took a recruiting trip to ASU, and the when the Devils decided to not offer Wesley, and with Utah already having filled his spot with another committed recruit, Wesley did not choose the Y over the U. He chose the Y over Colorado St.

So with only 4 recruits choosing the Y over the U, you had GROSSLY overstated the number of Y athletes that had been pursued by the U. Four is NOT a "vast majority". How frantic and emotional of you.

Highland, UT

Hey lint, I posted this once for christina's benefit but it looks like you need to read it as well. From the trib.

"While the Utes didn’t land any so called four-star athletes, which might cause some fans to be concerned, Whittingham isn’t.

"We don’t pay attention to all that," he said. "We recruit with our eyes and our ears and do our own evaluations and assessments."



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