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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 10:05 a.m. MST

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Cedar Park, Texas

I think that giving the process more time makes sense. However, I also believe that the BSA proposal is fundamentally the correct choice. Allowing individual units to make their own choice on this matter is a good compromise. The Boy Scouts of America is such a large and perceived public organization that it needs to be as inclusive as possible. Barring a significant portion of the population damages the BSA's reputation of fairness and non-discrimination. I hope the Church supports this proposal. It has come a long way in its effort to build bridges with the gay community. It does not need to give them another reason to criticize the church.

Salt Lake City, UT

From the article--Jay L. Lenrow, the former national chairman of the Jewish Committee on Scouting, told the Wall Street Journal continuing the ban violates the Scouts' pluralistic mission. Continuing the ban is "absolutely allowing the teachings of certain religious groups to trump the teachings of other religious groups," he said. "These are not our principles."

Well, Jay, by the same token, DIScontinuing the ban is "absolutely allowing the teachings of certain religious groups to trump the teachings of other religious groups" And your point is? No matter how your slice it, somebody's principles are going to be ignored, eh?

Most Truthful and Patriotic
Layton, UT

Ya know what, folks.

While you're all so worried about "gays", you're not paying attention to your own families or what's really going on.

Have any of you read about the young "good church boy" from Provo, who has been arrested for sexual abuse of 15 youngsters? Girls, boys, an infant. At a Boy Scout camp, at the Inn across the street from the Manti Temple, on a trip to Southern Utah. A gigantic predator in your midst!

He is not gay. He is a pedophile, a predator to ANY child.

Just MAYBE you should start worrying about your own children? One parent, when their two girls told them that Butcher had abused them, just told him not to do it again! Wow!

AGAIN: learn about pedophiles and protect your children.

Bountiful, UT

I've said it before and I'll say it again...why does sexuality come up in the first place. I am heterosexual but I don't run around telling people I am intimate with women. Why must a person even talk about their sexual orientation? Just keep private things private. A gay scout leader is not any more likely to hurt a young man than a straight leader. Gay does not equal pedophile. My children have had straight mentors and gay mentors...some were great, some not so much. None hurt my children and I never felt like I needed to know who they shared their bed with.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

Erin Burnett (CNN) earlier this week stated that 15% of all BSA memberships are tied to the LDS faith (largest of any "demographic" block).

Isn't interesting that the BSA has decided to delay their decision?

rexburg, ID

If Scouts allow gay people, then I'm resigning my calling as a scoutmaster. The BSA has a right to their choices and no public official or hypocrite should bully them into changing it.

St Louis, MO

Some day, when I'm old and gray, my grandsons will enjoy their hikes, their Klondike Derbies, and their Philmont weeks without giving a passing thought to which scouts and/o leaders are gay and which are straight. They will look at me with puzzlement as I tell them that a lot of bigoted . . oops, I mean "righteous" LDS folk threw a conniption when it became apparent the BSA was going to stop excluding people because of sexual orientation. They'll wonder why people back in grandpa's day were so mixed up. I'll tell them "I have no idea" and be glad I was ahead of the curve.

If (when) this rule-change passes, it will become the new normal and the self-righteous bigots will eventually die off and be forgotten. I imagine if the internet were available back in the 70's when the priesthood was extended to all worthy males, the same chords would have been struck, and the same scriptural rationale would have been used to claim the sky was falling. You're losing and will continue to lose.

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