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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 7:30 a.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

The state of Utah in general has always had a smalltime attitude toward recruiting rankings. It's an inexact science. Everyone gets that. Big recruits will always flop and unknown recruits will always come out of nowhere to be stars. And some programs will be more successful than others that perennially have higher-rated recruited classes. We know this. But just because there are instances of this being true, it doesn't mean that's the defining characteric of recruiting.

For every Boise St. that wins despite never having highly rated recruiting classes, there's 10 Idahos, Colorado States, Wyomings, etc. The shoe fits more often than not. And lest anyone miss the forest for the trees, Alabama is having the best run in modern college football history. And shocker, Nick Saban has never had a recruiting class outside the top-5 at Alabama. When you get the first pick of high school players in the country, you'll guess right more than you will wrong. And for those citing USC- #1 they have won a BCS title, #2 they had the longest run of consecutive BCS games in BCS history, and #3 they're alway highly rated in recruiting. The shoe usually fits...

Salt Lake, UT

All of these guys are 5 stars when it comes to giving firesides

Gilbert, AZ

Chris B

"Thank you for pointing out reality."

Unfortunately for U, you're not willing to accept reality that the Utes are clearly in over their heads when it comes to recruiting against the big boys of the PAC 10.2.

Utah will never out recruit USC, UCLA, or Oregon, and will only occasionally out recruit Stanford, Washington, Arizona, California or ASU in a particular year, so the chances of the Utes ever being anything more than an occasional one year flash-in-the-pan are nil.

Get used to cellar dweller status and playing in the couch potato bowl.

Provo, UT

Recruiting is completely subjective and varies from database to database. For example, ESPN has BYU QB recruit Billy Green as a higher rated QB prospect than either of Utah's QB commits, but Rivals and Scout have Utah's QB commits as 3 star prospects and they list Green as a 2 star.

So who's right?

I think BYU's average ranking in recruiting over the last 8 years (since Bronco's been coach) has been about #55. However, check out these stats that Bronco posted in his presser this afternoon:

BYU is one of only 16 programs to be ranked at season's end in the USA Today Coaches Poll in five of the last seven seasons.

BYU has a 74-29 record over the past 8 seasons. Only 12 teams have more wins over that time frame.

Bronco Mendenhall's .718 winning percentage ranks 12th nationally among active FBS coaches with at least 8 years of coaching experience.

BYU is tied for 9th among teams with the most 10-win seasons in the past eight years.

As always, it's a great time to be a Cougar.

Go Cougars!


It doesn't make sense to me to recruit a defensive back under six feet tall. It does seem like most receivers are taller, bigger, and probably just as fast. In fact six feet seems short without an astounding vertical leap.


As a Utah fan,

I'm sure there are a few smack talkers from my side of the holy war, for that I apologize. Good luck to the new Cougars

Cougar on The Hill
Midvale, UT

I'm happy with the Cougars recruiting class this season. I like seeing the juco transfers and I hope they can contribute immediately to the success of this BYU team. I kinda wish there was a field goal kicker in the mix, but maybe the coaches felt comfortable with their special teams players.
To Chris B, I like the shot at BYU not being able to perform in the WAC. BYU still to this day holds the record for most Conference Championships in the WAC (how long have they been out of the WAC?), but Utah had only 2 in their 38 years in that conference.
Back to a relevant comment in this thread, I wish these new recruits the best and I hope BYU will be able to coach these guys and make them the best they can be.
Go Cougars

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT


Defensive backs, particularly corners, need good lateral movement. To cover well, corners need incredibly quick footwork and hip movement to adjust to receiver routes while running backwards. That is why even the fastest corners often give receivers a 5+ yard cushion because they need to be as fast as a receiver running backwards. (Not just BYU does this, lots of DB's give cushions to receivers, it just depends on what the coverage call is on a given play).

When a corner starts to be taller than 6 feet, they don't necessarily sacrifice straight line speed but height like that starts to compromise the lateral quickness needed to cover well. That is why safties are often taller because they play the middle of the field against TEs and they aren't necessarily manned up on a receiver, even though on a given play they can give over the top cover help on a receiver depending on the play call. Every once in a while you get corners who are 6'2" or 6'3" that are freakishly quick and can be that tall while still having the needed quickness to cover well.

Hopefully that shed some light on the subject.

West Jordan, Utah

@Cougar Claws, I liked your comparison between recruiting and drafting.

@Stonewall, I agree except the coaching factor comes into play a lot in college football as well. Boise State out coaches the other smaller programs you mentioned and increases their recruiting from those teams. They also beat bigger schools with less. Also, the talent a lot of BSC schools still doesn't automatically produce wins. USC is loaded and Kiffen couldn't compete for the conference at all.

There are many examples but what I am saying is that I see your point on the value of high star recruits. Good coaching is just as important I say. I think most fans agree with. Maybe there is some "small time attitude towards recruiting rankings" here in Utah but much of that comes from some BYU fans who mostly understand they are in a unique position with LDS athletes and honor code stuff in recruiting, but feel the need to defend themselves in a way that sounds like stars are insignificant sometimes.

Lehi, UT

Gorum - regarding Shoaf's speed: It's highly likely that 4.76 IS his real speed as a 6-6 265 lineman. The difference between him and the linemen at the combine? They weigh 50-60 pounds more than he does as an 18-yo kid. 6-6 265 is not gonna cut it in the NFL - or the NCAA for that matter. If he's 6-6 315 of 6-6 325 and can still run a 4.76, it would be really impressive...

West Jordan, UT

Time will tell on all of these recruits. But one thing impresses me with this years class of kids from the state. The # of utah kids being recruited and landed by out of state schools is awesome. It will be an awesome adventure for all of these kids and I wish them all luck. As for the instate recruiting battles, I give a the edge to BYU especially on the offensive and defensive lines and in the linebacker positions, The skilled positions edge goes to the Utes. Except in the QB position where I think that is a toss up. Over all speed in this class is a tossup. The Utes may have a quicker return from this class because of the missionary issue at BYU. Over all I like the choices that The Cougars and the Utes have made. Utah State is still on the outside looking in as far as recruiting goes, however, I like the direction that they are heading in.

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