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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 7:30 a.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

Independent Championships and Potato Bowls await!

West Jordan, Utah


I think your comments were spot on and very well written. You were able to look at both sides of the issue objectively. Boy, couldn't we all use that approach more? You being a BYU fan does not stop me from noticing your solid reasoning here. Good take.

BYU fans shouldn't worry about stars if they win. There are some challenges with the new mission age change and NCAA over signing reaction, but BYU fans should believe this can still work in their favor. The hard work in recruiting at BYU is based on finding the 'BYU guy type' not the star ranked guy. Sure Bronco would like both, but a Heaps media circus is not Bronco's style.

Pine Valley, UT

Most years as a BYU fan when it comes down to crunch time the opposing quarterback seems to throw lots of passes going in the direction of BYU's defensive backfield. I've always wondered why the Cougs cannot get someone who is fast, but also more height than the usual person. For years BYU has short defensive backs. This recruiting day is no exception. I noticed a top Hawaii defensive back signed today with BYU. Another big one......all of 5'10". Here we go again.


gdog3finally - Interesting post. In response I'd say the fact that we're splitting the hairs we are says a little about where both programs currently stand?

Serious question for anyone who wishes to answer (Chris, you're included if you can stick to the question) - Does "recruited by" mean the player held a scholareship offer? I ask because there are a lot of big names (Nebraska, etc.) listed by "recruited by" but, when I check some of these recruits are two and three stars. Obviously Kearsley could have played anywhere he wanted but, there are some others I'd have some serious questions about. Just curious, not looking to open a red / blue war...

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

The Utes know all about couch potato chip bowls!

As far as the Utes knowing about championships, not so much - no division titles, hardly any conference championships in the last 60 years, and not even a sniff at a national championship, ever.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

The star system may be flawed but it's not completely meaningless. You might as well say that the NFL Draft is meaningless and that there is no difference between a first round draft pick and a seventh round draft pick. This is somewhat true because everything is ultimately played out on the field, but to say there is no difference is simply not true.

Do you know where stars come from for the most part? They are there based on which schools offer you. The kids with the highest amount of stars, generally speaking, go to a lot of camps, and are well known as far as being evaluated by most of the schools that offered them. If a kids scholarship offers are Colorado State, Florida International, and Hawaii versus Florida, Texas, and Michigan, there is probably a reason for that. How big is the talent gap really? Hard to say, but you can't convince me that there isn't a talent difference between Michigan's recruiting class and UNLV's recruiting class.

Either way, I'm excited to see how it plays out on the field and it seems like BYU has landed some solid kids.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Why dont' you let me know how Utah will do in recruiting compared to BYU?


P.S. Kansas, Duke, and Kentucky beat you in recruiting.

Yes, a 1-11 Kansas team beat you.

I guess when recruits have to pick between a 1-11 BCS team and a who cares and who cares WAC team, the choice is clear.

I love BCS conferences!

West Jordan, Utah

@Marked it down

I have a sense of humor sometimes. Even as a Ute fan your first paragraph gave me a laugh.

I have a few comments on the second paragraph. The Utes have had a sniff. In 2008 there was a large movement around the country. This included some sports illustrated writers and even some of the voters (almost a fourth) who voted Utah #1.

Now as for the last 60 years. Of course BYU had had the better football program historically. Utah has made there long overdue strides in the last 20 years or so (mainly the last 10). The future is what matters most to all fans.

If we want to look at history, then Utah's basketball program shines. But BYU fans don't notice this when they trash Utah's athletic program. Utah is nowhere near honorable mention now in basketball though. However, in 2008, Sports Illustrated (agaian) did a piece on top basketball programs of all time and Utah was at #7.

BYU football has been solid. Where they are headed is the focus. Remembering your past has its' value. I remember Utah's past in basketball but want them to recapture that now.

River Falls, WI

RE: Won84

"Does "recruited by" mean the player held a scholareship offer?"

The recruiting services like scout and rivals will listed "recruited by" if a school showed interest, but that doesn't mean that they offered a scholarship. If they made an official offer it will say as much on their recruiting page.

Sandy, UT

Chris B

It's cute that you're still so obsessed with your big brother, but what you should really be asking yourself is "Why?"

BYU and Utah only play each other TWICE in the next four years.

Utah plays at least THIRTY-SIX games against PAC 10.2 foes in the same time period.

To any reasonable fan, comparing Utah's recruiting class against the teams Utah will be playing almost 75% its games against during the next four years would be far more relevant than worrying how U compare to an "irrelevant, independent, former rival."

Don't U have TWICE as many games against your new rival?

For somebody who supposedly "LOVEs" bcs conferences, you spend precious little time in them.

California Steve
Hanford, CA

All I want to know is who is going to kick the ball next season??


"Of the 32 5-star recruits in the entire country in 2002, how many of them eventually became first-round draft picks in the NFL?"


How about this, 'How many 5-star recruits participated in Super Bowl XLVII?"
Answer: Four

Both QBs were 3-star guys and Jacoby Jones and Dennis Pitta both were 0-star guys in high school.

Whether or not this is high-star class, I am impressed by how many all-state guys they got from the western United States.

Salt Lake City, UT

Don't know what is sadder, Chris B.'s comments or all the time Cougar "fan" spends rebutting them.

Letting him/her get under your skin is exactly what he/she wants to accomplish.

Wake up folks.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I love singing day. These kids sing and are future champions and all americas.

Atlanta, GA

gdog3finally, it is refreshing to read intelligent, fair observations from someone who is a Ute fan. Of course, there are plenty of Cougar fans who make dumb, biased statements. But if we could all cheer for our team while recognizing that just because we love to cheer for our team doesn't mean we have to denigrate our competition with silly, out-in-left-field statements, we could actually enjoy intense competition in a civil manner. Imagine that!!! People who make outlandish, boorish, or hateful remarks while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet really bug me. The internet has become a safe haven for cowards! I especially find it amusing that so many talk "smack" as if they were playing the game, when in fact, I venture to say that most of them would never dare step on to the gridiron to get "smacked" like football players do. And if they were to meet the players and coaches from the team they love to bash, I'll bet their language and attitude would undergo a serious adjustment!

Columbus, OH

To everyone saying stars don't matter, the stats simply don't back that up. While it's certainly not a perfect system, it is a pretty good indication. For example, yahoo sports analysis found the odds of becoming an all-American by star were:

5 star - 1 in 12
4 star - 1 in 32
3 star - 1 in 133
2 star - 1 in 1,218

Sure, you can point to 5 star players that didn't pan out. And the majority don't (11 out of 12 to be precise), but the odds are much higher for them than anyone else. The article has a lot more ways to basically support the same conclusion. Look up: "Star Power: Be they ever so humble, recruiting rankings still do the job"

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Seeing how BYU fans like Rockwell, Snack Pac and Ducky continously post on Utah threads; I fell compelled to return the favor. However, let's stay on topic and stick to facts and stats. Per Rivals:
Utah's class is ranked #37: TCU, Arizona and Oregon State just ahead: Michigan State, North Carolina and Indiana just behind.
BYU's class is ranked (scroll down) #69: Duke, Colorado and Toledo just ahead: SMU, Tulsa and Syracuse just behind. Holly Toledo! No one wants to go to a program knowing that whether you win 6; or 11 games, you will still end up in San Diego playing in the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Bowl. That's just the way it is! That's Karma!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Thank you for pointing out reality.

I'll take this opportunity to point out again that Utah won the recruiting battle. Again.

I'll happily take a 7th out of 12 in our 3rd year in the BCS Confernece of Champions

And that place is significantly better than any indepedent other than Notre Dame

I love my BCS team!

West Jordan, Utah


I don't even know where that came from. Maybe it was one of those rare mid sentence light bulb moments. Glad you liked it.

Heber City, UT

Dear Chris B. Tell me what did Utah struggle to win this year? Five out of 12 games. Doesn't look like they struggled very hard. Were they struggling to not be the absolute worst team in the pitiful 10+2 league. You really need to come up to date on your worn out cliche on the WAC. Most teams in the nation, Utah included would love to win the WAC over being a bottom dweller.

I loved the headlines when Utah accepted the bid to join the PAC 10. In the minds of most people they knew Utah would be an eternal bottom dweller. Chris you sit home and pound
your chest and talk about the mighty Utes. You have to be one of the first on here to diss other teams because your bubble burst and your Utes are water over the bridge.

You need to follow up on some of the lives these national BCS teams have and I would venture they are not quality lives. They may be quality players, but when it gets down to their private lives that is not a life Christ wants us to live.

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