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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 5 2013 6:30 p.m. MST

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Allen, TX


Nice ax to grind.

The Corporation of the LDS Church already pays millions in taxes on profits from its for-profit businesses.

Fort Worth, TX

"The Corporation of the LDS Church already pays millions in taxes on profits from its for-profit businesses."

I can't speak for anyone else (snowyphile is specifically mentioned) but my concern is that the Corporation isn't the entity filing the legal brief and even if it were it is still a subsidiary of a religious organization. The intent behind my comment is to bring forth the idea that I don't believe that any religious organization (beliefs irrelevant) should involve themselves in any legal matter not concerning their rights as guaranteed under the Constitution and subsequent federal law. My objection isn't based on the stance taken just the appropriateness of the organization taking the action.

Salt Lake City, UT

"As the church does believe in following the, "...laws of the land" and where more and more states support gay marriage, how is the church preparing now for potential, perhaps inevitable, cascading lawsuits by gay members demanding temple marriage? "

The courts would throw out those lawsuits as a violation of the first amendment. Remember churches can discriminate however they want to with regards to marriage (consider the requirements to get married in the LDS temple now). As a strong supporter of gay rights/marriage myself I would oppose any attempt to force a church by law to marry same-sex couples in their churches or temples.

Of course... any protests people have against those churches... that's a free speech matter and the church will have to figure out what to do about that. Though really, it's usually only people inside a church that protest internal church policies. Granted, the last time I said that I used women holding the priesthood as an example that a lot of people disagree with but nobody really protests and less than a week later there was that controversy about women wearing pants to church.

Castle Valley, Utah

"I believe in the church. I believe in what's right. Homosexuality is wrong." Comments like these are not arguments. They are meaningless statements. No court should care what you believe. Is there a rational argument for denying the right to marry to gays? No, there isn't. Your rights - and your life - remain unchanged..... Oh, perhaps I misspoke. Your life might change, after all. You might have to recognize that the law of the land includes gay marriage. I see now. Yeah, that's going to require a mental adjustment. I see. Let's not upset that.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

As I recall --

Utah wasn't allowed to become a State until it changed it's position on the definition of marriage.

Many hard-core "Conservative" Mormons called the Prophet a fallen prophet and left the LDS church when the change happened.

Same situation when "Blacks" could hold the Priesthood during the civil rights moevements,
and Women could start giving prayers in Sacrament meetings only after the Equal Rights Ammendment proposals.

Things can and will change.
Just be open-minded enough to accept it when it does.

Bob Pomeroy
Bisbee, AZ

The LDS Church has made about as formal and official a statement as possible, everything it can do, about its relationship with the propositions stated. The question presented is whether that should be the law governing everyone.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I married for Love, not for sex.
Too many of you think you get married to have sex - which is wrong.

Furthermore - We are well past having anymore children of our own.

So - I want I want is someone to answer;
Do we marry for Love or for Sex?

BTW - Can we stay married, or must we now divorce and stop having sex because we are beyond our child bearing years?

Answer me that - and we can have a discussion.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Why aren't the Amish filing a law-suit?

I'm beginning to think the Amish have it right, and as Mormns, we're getting it all wrong.

Lay-low, practice our own religion, and minding our own business...

Everytime we've tried getting involved,
we've either been run out, had our property confisgated or had 2/3 of the Federal Army come after us.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

@Lady Moon and those who responded to her posting:

As a gay man, I can assure you that your anxiety about lawsuits directed at churches which won't perform gay marriages is unfounded.

First, it's been written into gay marriage legislation that no church will be required to perform a gay marriage against its beliefs. Second, the overwhelming majority of us have no desire to celebrate our marriage at any venue which disapproves of us.

Yes, there are overzealous activists among us (as there are in any group) who'll protest anything. But they're in the very small minority. And if they protest the right of churches to *not* perform gay marriages, I and my friends will be first in line on the side of the churches.

As gays, we know full well how onerous it is for anyone to tell us: "You *should* be attracted to, and marry, your opposite gender, not your own gender."

I hope my fellow gays will never tell a church, "You *should* approve gay marriage, not disapprove it." The loss of the churches' rights is the loss of our own rights.

Leesburg, VA


Would you ask for the blessing of marriage from a church that doesn't believe you should be marrying in the first place?

LGBT people have plenty of religious options if they want to have a marriage sanctioned by God.

Entrance to the temple is not a right it is a privilege authorized by a LDS Bishop. Has the Church received a lawsuit from a member who was considered not worthy of a temple recommendation?

How many LGBT people are still active mormons that they would like to receive a marriage blessing
from the Mormon Church?

LadyMoon the LDS or any other church have nothing to worry about LGBT people. You see, we would like for you to be free to worship and live your life in the most conducive way to happiness. We do not interfere with your life style and /or desires.

Please stop trying to make your religious belief the law of the land, your actions are hurting your gay children, and millions of others around the world. Even if we are icky to you. Please let us be. We promise we will not invade your church. Scouts honor!! Oops! we're not allowed there either.

Ventura, CA

This is so sad and unfair, and not in keeping of having an inclusive society. It's a real pity.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

LDS Liberal: I think you need to take a look at a video on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints main website. In it the talk is about an eternal perspective. Also, go back and reread President George Albert Smith's lesson on staying on the Lord's side of the line. What is evil will stay evil no matter what you think society should be. What is good is still good regardless what society thinks.

The Bible and the Book of Mormon and all modern revelation reveals that marriage is defined completely and entirely by God. Some need to go back and listen to talks by many of the Apostles during CES Talks. Latter Day Saints who have attended the temple should be followers of the Apostles and President of the Church. Failure to do so, you do at your own peril. You will be held accountable for not taking steps to prevent same-sex marriage. Whether it becomes law in this land or not, it will have implications on the eternal perspective. The acts of homosexuality are not condoned by the Lord Jesus Christ nor by our Heavenly Father.

Springville, UT

LDS Liberal posted:

=So - I want I want is someone to answer;
=Do we marry for Love or for Sex?
=BTW - Can we stay married, or must we now divorce and stop having sex because
=we are beyond our child bearing years?
=Answer me that - and we can have a discussion.

I personally married for Love. Intelligent people marry for love; I suspect that people who marry for sex are going to end up unhappy in the end. LDS Liberal, you can stay married. What's your point?

Huntsville, UT

The bigotry in the majority of comments on this thread is disgusting.

You can believe whatever you wish, but don't scream when your own religious freedom is infringed as you're doing to ours. We believe that God doesn't care who marrys whom and we also believe that discrimination is immoral.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

D&C 134:9 states; "We do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government, whereby one religious society is fostered and another proscribed in its spiritual privileges, and the individual rights of its members, as citizens, denied."

Why aren't LDS following their own scriptures?

Please follow your own scriptures and stop mingling your religious influence with civil government whereby YOUR beliefs and marital society is being fostered but the marital society of same sex couples is being proscribed and denied.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

As a foster Parent for 25+ years what we need are loving traditional normal families (Married Man and Women) for our children. This is the key
- Not a father and or mother on drugs and or abusing the kids
- Not single parents who do not care
- Not 2 men or women pretending to be a normal family
- Not a father and mother who work all the time and have no time for kids and let the day cares of the world raise their children
- Families that can not take care of the kids for any reason.

Marriage is between a man and a women. 90% or more of all the many children we have had and or adopted came from single messed up parents. Most on drugs or have abused and or neglected them. Can not think of any that came from a traditional family of a loving man and women who respected the rights of the children.

I understand some kids are raised with one parent. But if that parent is loving and does their best it too can work.

Please do not confuse these children of ours. We need real families just as God has prescribed.

kearns, UT

I am sad to see many of my good neighbors on the wrong side of history on this matter.

Bigotry is unacceptable.

Springville, Ut

Re: very concerned

Thanks for your observation; but please apply it to yourself next time rather than the rest of us. Your observation certainly doesn't describe me.

Also, you claim civil rights struck a "universal note." Try telling that to southerners, including the LDS members down there, who still can't stand that blacks are allowed equality. Universal must, by definition, be universal. Clearly then, your claim is false.

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

Let your voice be heard. The ones who say nothing can not be heard. Stand for something or sit through everything. The Church has a voice .l am glad i can hear them. People are told far to much now days to just hush. You do not have to agree. But you can not deny one the right to speek.

layton, UT

RE: Bill in Nebraska, The Bible and the Book of Mormon and all modern revelation reveals that marriage is defined completely and entirely by God.
And the priesthood implications as well?

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