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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 5 2013 9:00 a.m. MST

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Oceanside, CA

Seems like a nice kid and sure wish him the best with his recovery. However, from seeing him play he's another all run- no throw QB; and now there's a question about the running part. Comparing him to Kapernick is too funny to address.


@Riddles in the Dark

Hill's numbers from high school do not compare favorably to the numbers of his predecessor Riley Nelson. Nelson completed a higher percentage of passes, for more yards, and more than double the number of TDs. Nelson had a similar yards per carry average and made it into the endzone 5 more times than Taysom. Your high school numbers mean nothing for your collegiate success if you don't have the right coaches, the right frame, or a big (enough) arm.

Having Anae should help, but you may recall that the run game was as unproductive as it was predictable. Were it not for the special talent that was Harvey Unga, the offense would have been pass-only instead of pass-first. Anae's offense is not going to call for a lot of QB draw or option run (thank goodness), but Hill has (or had, depending on his recovery) the jets if the opportunity arises. I hope the coaches leave it wide open for their players to prove they deserve it and let the best man win.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ CougFaninTX

Utah is playing zero WAC schools in 2014. Fresno is a MWC school. However if that's the road you want to go down: In 2014 BYU plays Houston, Nevada, Middle Tennessee St. (on the road), Southern Miss, and UNLV. I can guarantee you that Utah won't be lining up against mid-majors during those weeks. Especially the last three, which are scheduled for November...

Anaheim, CA


Comparing Hill to Kapernick would only be "funny" to a jealous Utah fan. With better protection from a vastly improved offensive line, Hill could have an outstanding career at BYU. From what I've heard, the injury shouldn't affect Taysom's running ability at all. He's much better runner AND passer than Travis Wilson.

Washington, UT

Hill's injury came on the bonehead play call of the century. Still, next time, I'll bet Hill will also be experienced enough to audible out of that dumb call. And if Tujague can create a D1 offensive line out of the guys he has this year, BYU could be a very, very good team--they better be or they will lose more than they win this year. But this is the kind of schedule that will allow BYU to make a case for a BCS bowl if they can defeat the teams on their schedule.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Y's little brother

Bro that was low. Funny, but low.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

U grad pumping Lenny's gas

What does "just like Wynn and Hays should have never happened at the U" mean?

The Utes should never have had to rely on an injury-prone starting QB coming off shoulder surgery because Whitless had left the Utah QB cupboard so bare that Utah's only half decent backup was a D-II transfer who was only available because his school had dropped football.

Your hyperbole notwithstanding, Anae and Mendenhall have been FAR MORE SUCCESSFUL as a team than Johnson and Whittingham's dismal 5-7 record.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Two For Flinching

"Utah is playing zero WAC schools in 2014."

You need to talk to your girl friend christy. She's apparently operating under the delusion that the WAC still plays football. One of you is obviously mistaken.

btw, since BYU's schedule for 2014 isn't close to complete, it's silly to be comparing schedules that far ahead. But don't kid yourself, the Utes line up against mid-major Colorado every season.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Riddles in the Dark:

"Hill has a much better arm than Travis Wilson....He shows good touch on the deep ball and is accurate underneath, but his accuracy breaks down on the intermediate passes."

Hill started in 2 games in 2012. He averaging 173.5 ypg passing, a completed 63.2% of his passes, and finished his season with a 122.4 QB rating. By way of comparison, Wilson started in 7 games, averaging averaged 173.3 ypg passing, completing 61.9% of his passes, and finished his season with a 122.2 QB rating.

Sooo...MUCH better?

I'd also like to point out that Hill's longest completions of his short season were only 28, 24, 21, and 18 (twice) yds. Wilson's deep completions were 42, 41, 37, 35, 24, 20, and 18. Ergo, if there's something wrong with Wilson's accuracy, you'd have to admit Hill's really can't be really that impressive either.

The numbers tell a different story than the frantic and emotional one you authored. The only big differences between these 2 QBs is Wilson has more starts (experience) under his belt, and played a "big boy" schedule.

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

I don't think it should be assumed that Hill will be the starting QB or even presumed favorite going into spring ball. Hill was fun to watch running the ball, but his throwing accuracy and decision making weren't all that impressive in the Boise State and Utah State games. Plus, Anae will definitely try to establish his own offense and whoever can complete the most short passes and make good decisions under pressure will win the job. Maybe that'll be Hill, maybe someone else.

Munns, Ammon, Green....hmmmm. OK, Hill will win the starting job.

Orem, UT

You are not the real Ernest T. Bass.

I hope they don't take away his opportunity...Nothing is solid at BYU anymore. Not winning, not coaches, not expectations of the fans.

Cache county, USA

I love how Domans name is mentioned.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Naval Vet

Talk about frantic and emotional!

You obviously don't understand that there's absolutely no correlation between length of pass completion and passing accuracy. A 50-yard pass completion could simply be heaving a pass down field with enough air under it to allow the receiver time to run under it or it could be a 5-yard dump off catch and run, whereas a 20-yard pass completion could a bullet to the sidelines that arrives just as the receiver turns to look for it.

Hill played half the game against #18 Boise State, accounting for BYU only TD against the Broncos, and started against Hawaii and #16 Utah State.

Wilson only started against one Top 25 team, #20 Oregon State, and three of his other 6 starts came against California(3-9), Washington State(3-9), and Colorado(1-11). Wilson's pretend "big boy" schedule included three patsies.

Hill's real big boy schedule included one patsy and two Top 25 teams, as many Top 25 teams in three games, as Utah played during the entire season.

U 90
Corona, CA

CougFanTx, Utah plays Oregon the same week BYU plays Idaho State. What's your point?

Riddles, next fall on a Friday night drive your Benz from Oly Cove to Eastern Idaho and watch the Highland High school football team beat up on Idaho Falls HS. Then on the following Friday drive your BMW to Orange County and watch San Clemente play Mission Viejo and ask yourself if the talent level in Idaho and California are comparable. Your post is nice, but you can't compare apples to oranges.

Sandy, UT

U 90

Having seen both Wilson and Hill play, it's obvious, Hill is the better QB, it's not even close.

There's a reason Stanford went all the way to Idaho to recruit Hill, while completely ignoring instate Travis Wilson, playing just down the I-5. Don't bother even trying to argue that Stanford doesn't recruit Southern California. The Cardinal signed two 4-star recruits from San Diego in the same 2009 recruiting class as Taysom Hill.

U 90
Corona, CA


Keep in mind I'm not saying Wilson is a Heisman candidate, like we were old Jake Heaps would be. What I'm saying is that it's NOT obvious Hill is a better QB. In the Boise State game Hill demonstrated how far he still has to go when the majority of his passes landed in the turf 2 feet in front of his WR. But opinion are subjective, right?

So lets look at QB ratings. Hill's was 122.4, Wilson's 122.2. You're right, it obvious that Hill is so much better.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"There's a reason Stanford went all the way to Idaho to recruit Hill, while completely ignoring instate Travis Wilson, playing just down the I-5."

Yes, but that reason was because Stanford had already stockpiled a deep bench of 4-star QB recruits...which would most likely be the reason why Hill chose not to return to Stanford. If you want to make a case that Hill was a better recruit than Wilson, let's see your justification. Frantic emotion doesn't count. You need evidence. Such as when Hill was recruited out of high school, Rivals rated him as the #30 Pro-style QB. Conversely, when Wilson was being recruited out of high school, Rivals rated him the #11 Pro-style QB. Edge Wilson.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Two of the dumbest plays ever made at BYU were OC's not calling taking a knee at critical times. The first when Robert Anae chose to run it out against UCLA deep inside thier own 5 yd line with only 7 seconds left in the first half and already leading by 10 points. That play nearly cost BYU the game when it was fumbled and recovered by UCLA for a touchdown. The game came down to a final fieldgoal try for the win by UCLA that BYU was lucky enough to block. Ironically Doman didn't learn anything from that ill fated play and chose to try and run up the score and loses his best quarterback to a serious season ending injury. Now for 2013 we are stuck with Bronco rehiring Anae back. All I can say is that he better have picked up a lot of new material for offensive plays under Stoops and Rodriguez while at Arizona...otherwise his limited and highly predictable play calling will again be easily picked apart.

Baltimore, MD

re: "There's a reason Stanford went all the way to Idaho to recruit Hill,..."

Naval Vet said:

"reason was because Stanford had already stockpiled a deep bench of 4-star QB recruits..."

LOL at your delusional spin.

Why would Stanford waste a scholarship on a 3-star QB from Idaho if they already had a deep bench stockpiled with 4-star QB recruits?

West Jordan, Utah

The injury to Hill is adversity big time. Hill looks to be a mature kid and I think BYU is optimistic in his recovery and future.

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