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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 5 2013 9:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if he sees is former Stanford teammates winning rose bowls, enjoying unbelievable success, all while getting a top notch eductation, and regrets that mission-impacted decision to switch?

Nah, dreaming of a WAC championship on a 7-6 byu team is probably his dream.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Will this turn into Riley Nelson part 2?

In all actuality I see Anae going a different direction altogether with his starting QB. Guessing he'll take a better passing QB versus the run first style of Taysom Hill. We'll see though, perhaps not.

Morgan, UT

I supported coach Doman until that play. That was the single worst decision I ever saw at coach make. I certainly am glad Hill will be able to continue his career at BYU and that the injury is not as bad as initially diagnosed.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

His injury should never have happened.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Taysom is simply thrilled that he's playing for Quarterback U rather than that wannabe big boy program on the hill whose only dream is to have enough dip to go with their couch potato chips while they're watching their big brother play in another bowl.

Poinsettia Bowl Winner > Couch Potato Chip Bowl Loser


AS a BYU fan I am really excited to see Taysom next year. I am excited about the quarterbacks in the pipeline with Tanner Mangum and Ammon Olsen. I think the future looks bright.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


You may see some option plays with Taysom Hill, but unlike Riley Nelson, Taysom can also throw with accuracy. Hill has a much better arm than Travis Wilson.

Taysom was named 5A All-Idaho Player of the Year as a senior after quarterbacking Highland to its first state title since 2002...completed 166-of-258 passes (64.3 percent) and threw for 2,269 yards and 18 touchdowns as a senior...also rushed for 1,491 yards and 24 TDs, averaging 10.2 yards per carry and 124.3 rushing yards per game...holds school single-season and career records for total offense...led Highland to the Idaho State 5A championship as a senior...Idaho's Gatorade High School Player of the Year as a senior.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

"Hill was injured on a questionable play call near the end of BYU's game against Utah State." Ryan, please stop reminding us! We've tried to forget about the call! :o) Looking forward to a healthy Taysom starting Fall practice as the #1. Can't wait to see what Anae can do with Taysom and the offense.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Travis Wilson, for comparison, passed for 2,289 yards and 24 touchdowns and rushed for 467 yards and nine TDs his senior year. Travis has a terrific frame and he gets rid of the ball quickly, but his sidearm delivery negates some of his size advantage. He is a good athlete who put up decent rushing numbers at the high school level, but isn't much of a running threat on the college level. He shows good touch on the deep ball and is accurate underneath, but his accuracy breaks down on the intermediate passes.

Salt Lake City, UT

I understand if Doman were to hand the ball off to the running back or something to kill time, but given the amount of time on the clock, anything other than a knee is risking potential injury. What I don't understand is why of all things they decided to run a draw. Hill is supposed to be the QB of the future so why give the D a chance to lay a clean hard hit on him? Hopefully this injury doesn't come back to haunt the Cougs.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Once again Bronco takes 0 responsibility.
Why is everyone blaming Doman?

Yes, Doman deserves some of the blame.
Bronco also deserves blame.

Sandy, UT

Y grad wannabe U grad pumping gas

"His injury should never have happened."

True, just like Wynn and Hays should have never happened at the U, but that's all water under the bridge now. Moving forward, the only thing that matters is getting back to basics and re-establishing the BYU offense that has been so dominant in years past.

Provo, UT

Worst Coaching decision in BYU History ?

And it Cost the Offensive coordinator his Job !

Sandy, UT

Mount Olympus

"Once again Bronco takes 0 responsibility.
Why is everyone blaming Doman?"

More negative spin from the kids on the hill. If you'd paid any attention to the articles published right after the game, you'd know that Bronco took full responsibility for Taysom's injury, even though it was Doman who was responsible for the mixed signals that led to Hill running a dive play instead the victory formation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck with the recovery and best wishes for a successful career.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I like how he drops back to pass then runs for 4 yards.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dude is a stud. Let's put him in a situation to succeed.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT


"His injury should never have happened." Just stating the obvious, everyone watching was probably yelling at their TV, "NO."

You said; "True, just like Wynn and Hays should have never happened at the U" What in the world does that mean?

So, Whatsnu? obvious nothing at the Y. Coach Anae new? No, he's an old coach, I remember when the Cougar Nation wanted his head on a plater. Bronco new? No, still doing Lavelle impersonations, he's actually our best player. BYU beating the U new? No same old story. Cant wait for September.

Correction; Whatsnu? yes there is going to be something new, a T-shirt slogan, cant wait for the unveiling.

Farmington, UT

@ Chris B

Glad to see you following your obsession with BYU and posting first again. Glad to also see that your comments about playing in the Rose Bowl reflect the reality that Utah isn't the team you mentioned. At least maybe you've finally realized that U don't belong in the elite of the PAC 12 but are just fodder to fight with CU and WSU for the bottom slot.

On the brighter things: I see this QB as being a great improvement and a sure-fire recipie for playing in a bowl game next fall. (Along with USU there will again be two teams representing our pretty, great state.)

Frisco, TX

Hill's style reminds me of Colin Kaepernick. Sure he's got a long way to go to reach Colin's level, but he has the arm and legs to be a real dual threat QB. To compare him to Nelson is ignorant. They are completely different QBs.

chris b - At least BYU can win the WAC championship, unlike U who couldn't beat a WAC team. U may also want to look at the 2014 schedule where U play more WAC teams than BYU. Good luck against Fresno State. BYU will be playing Texas that weekend.

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