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Published: Monday, Feb. 4 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

However, this isn't so much about same-sex attraction as it is about acting upon this attraction and living the lifestyle that Pagan and others promote. This is where many draw the line and which has kept or banned others from participating when they state I'm living with my partner who is of the same-sex. This is what President Obama and others are promoting the Boy Scouts to accept and that is not morally clean or correct. This is the problem which the Church of Jesus Christ will not bow down to. If the Church continues to hold to scouting it will be with complete exclusion of the scouts from certain aspects. This would mean only complete scout camps for LDS Troops and etc. No so called gay scout leaders who are actively living the lifestyle or engaging in other acts that the LDS Church finds immoral. It is this basic reason why the LDS Church doesn't support the Girl Scouts. So if anyone expects the LDS Church capitulate they will be waiting for a long time.

Woods Cross, UT

The LDS Church should just go independent with their YM's program. Walk away from Scouting, the Scouting house is on fire and there are no fire truck in sight. Develop a new program which develops Aaronic priesthood quorums... deacons, teachers and priests. They could serve their fellow human beings, engage in outdoor activities and without the scouting regalia, it would be MUCH less expensive for the Church and the parents. (We need the money for all of the missionaries!) It would also allow the YM's program to be a global program.

Provo, UT

When I was 12 years old and new member of our scout troop in our ward.....I was molested on a Klondike Derby by scout leader. The only person I have ever told this to is my wife. It has been and still is a difficult thing for me to overcome.......It makes me ill to think that the BSA is considering this move.

Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

The questions posed by the clueless are transparently silly. No one is saying anything negative about the value or contribution of gay people. It is when they, or heterosexuals, violate children that there are issues. There have been excellent gay leaders who remained quiet about their sexual orientation because their sex lives have nothing to do with scouting programs. DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) worked well in the military... until a violation occured.

Just who sneaked in and violated 1200 boy scouts? Pedophiles are predators from both orientations. Protection is the pre-eminent issue.

Why does the Catholic Church have such a huge problem with pedophile priests? No accountability, no consequences.
The issue here is about the private camping trips, not the public merit badge activities. Stop obfuscating the common sense issue of safey with liberal, amoral drama and topic switch.

BSA- Give up your funding and remain true to your original purpose.

American Fork, UT

Either way they are in trouble. If they don't change with the rest of the world they will be perceived as backwards, and become irrelevant. If they do change they will lose a lot of support from a large population of bigots (e.g. see previous comments).

Bristow, United States

If this is about the scouts, I don't see why people would be offended if a gay 15 year old wanted to learn 1st aid or how to tie knots...
In terms of leaders I dont blame anyone for not feeling comfortable sending their kid out camping with an adult who may be attracted to their child, whether it be a heterosexual female or a homosexual man. But openly gay kids should be allowed in scouting.

Provo, UT

Who says that any organization needs the BSA? Organizations can have/start their own Boy's programs. AARP is an example of something that went wrong. Start something of a program that works for you. Let the Gay community have their own organization. Let the non-Gay community have their own organization. Why must we mix apple and oranges? We don't need too!

Bountiful, UT

Kids that are of Scouting age, can't wait for another organization to form. For that reason my kids will continue attending a LDS or local troop no matter what they vote. My vote is for my child and he needs Scouting today not tomorrow. That logic is some of the logic that parents from either side of this debate feel.

Bottom line Scouting is a choice, a good choice from what the studies show. High 90's approval rating from those who participant and high 80's from their parents. There is no program like it, nor is there one that can could handle a influx of the number of boy's who's parents would make them leave. For sure there are not the same number of boys who would join if this passes. Same goes for the money. Although there will be many parents who send their boys to camp but refuse to help give money locally to help make the camps better. I don't get that?

Salt Lake City, UT

DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) worked well in the military... until a violation occured. - Filo Doughboy

Under DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) we lost $1.3 billion of our tax dollars.

For a x17 year policy...

that discharged over 32,000 troops.

What tangible benefit is there to that?

DADT worked?

That is an absurd claim.

Just like the claim we are concerned about the 'safety' of our children in the BSA with gays...

AFTER 1200 reported cases of abuse, with a ban on gays in place.

Independence, MO

Pushing back making a decision just kicks the "scouting membership cliff" further down the road. Make a decision and then make a decision that it is final. For goodness sake don't decide to decide later. It not only doesn't make sense but it is absolutely unfair to people who might donate time or money only to find out the organization isn't what it was when they donated.

Kick that can down the road and donations will go down the road too.

mountain man
Salt Lake City, UT

I predict the. Vote will end in allowing each council the right to determine its gay policy. This way they appease the left but still giv some bite to the right. They cant afford to offend the lds church who sponsors 1/3 of all scouts in the usa. Now the church will have a bigger problem on its hands. How to have a policy of no sexually active gays holding positions in scouting. I predict the church will avoid the tornado and drop scouting all together. They dont have scouting in foreign countries. Make it uniform to not have it in th usa.
Bsa loses 1/3 of its support and scales down to a much smaller organization that is more secular and less religious focused. Thats how i see it.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Boy Scout organization should not discriminate against boys, unless a Scout is advocating sexual activity (either homosexual or heterosexual) prior to marriage. Please note this is not practicing discrimination, only insisting on adherence to the moral elements of the Scout Law and Oath. How can any company object to this policy for Scouts?

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

If it ain't broke don't fix it. There is a difference between broke and and poor. I have no sympathy for the devil.

Kaysville, UT

I am glad they are going to wait until May to get the real input and not just the Presidential power to play in this process.

Kaysville, UT

This will be an extremely hard decision for the BSA. Churches are one of the largest area of support for chartered organizations throughout the BSA. The BSA rely on Churches of all denominations in chartering and supporting with donations from their members to meet their mission statement and goals. Even though some Churches may have support from their members prior to this decision potentially in May, now the various people and organizations have more time than the news announcement made it out to be. Maybe the President of the BSA will sign an executive order as the outgoing Secretaries in the Cabinet are doing to make it effective today. That would be a disaster as some of the executive orders will be also. We live in a time of declining morals at all levels of government and in the nation, as a whole. The BSA was founded and based on moral values in their oath and law, including motto. These are values are families and especially the young men need in their lives today. The Super Bowl designed for men and young men showed the decline in values just the other day during half-time, with entertainment for families.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "mountain man" they already have policies that would prevent a gay man who engages in homosexual activities from being a scout master.

A gay man who is married to a woman and is sexually active with her, and only her, theoretically could be a scout master.

If a gay man is involved in a sexual homosexual relationship, he would be at least disfellowshipped, possibly ex-communicated. Either one would prevent him from being called as the scout master.


Nampa, ID

"Proposing opening leadership positions to men with expressed same gender attraction in a morally straight young male exclusive organization flies in the face of logic."--JOnathan Eddy, first post on this string.

According to the Boy Scout Handbook, Morally Straight means: To be a person of strong character, your relationships with others should be honest and open. You should respect and defend the rights of all people. Be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your religious beliefs. The values you practice as a Scout will help you shape a life of virtue and self-reliance.

I dont think "morally straight" has anything to do with sexual orientation according to the Boy Scout Manual. But it does says "faithful in your religious beliefs." Even the Boy Scouts seem to recognize that we all don't have the same religious beliefs. But if this flies against your religious beliefs, by all means, leave the Boy Scouts. Otherwise, you can still run your scout org. the way you've always done it."


Salt Lake City, UT

I have concerns with the proposed change in policy. I think it unwise to permit those who suffer from same gender attraction to be placed in a position of leadership or influence over young men. As we mature we expand our circle of influential adults from parents and close kin to include others not related by blood. This expanding mix of people influence our choices and actions. I am not comfortable to have homosexual adults or peers placed where they could isolate and adversely influence or harm young men who do not suffer from same gender attraction. The gay agenda is not one I wish to follow nor wish to influence my kin.

The rise of the Liberal-Progressive-Humanist movement challenges the basic tenets of our society under various feel-good slogans and the homosexual movement is only one facet of the battle for control of American Society.

I fully expect BSA to cave in to the Politically Correct agenda. Lord Baden-Powell must be ashamed of the present Scouting standard bearers.

Bristow, United States

It's not an issue of "liberal" or "political correctness" PC gets a bad rap because proponents are nit- picky. This is a much deeper issue and is more about learning to be able to let people live their lives and accepting that some people have different views, on a variety of issues.

Cardston, Alberta

LDS Church DOES NOT allow gay and lesbian couples full fellowship in the Church. Full fellowship ONLY APPLIES to persons with SSA NOT involved with a partner.

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