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Published: Monday, Feb. 4 2013 9:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I turned off the tv at half time. Should have done the same for the rewards show.

Wally West

Wow. 3rd post in & JCS is back beating a drum that has got to be beyond worn out.

People. Its entertainment, escape, etc... treat it as such. No one is twisting your arm to watch. Though, I suspect some watch just to have something to whine about.

They need to stop catering to the casual fan with all the hoopla, hype, & musical genres that don't correlate to football. But, it can't just be clever beer commercials and Metallica; can it?

ny, NY

It is appalling that the owners of the biggest game allow content unacceptable to all families. Singers like Madonna, Beyonce, Minaj, and others built their careers selling themselves as sex objects, sleaze, vulgar, lowering the standards for what talent that sings has to do to compete and earn a living. They are porn stars and their content is offensive from the outfits to the sexual gyrations that accompany them. I didn't expect to go to Las Vegas when turning on to watch the annual super bowl. This is a disgrace to the history of the Super Bowl and the families who make their lives possible. We make the profits for all and you waste it on vulgar women who earn a lot for what gain?

to blatantly ignore our requests, LISTEN TO US MEDIA, to ignore our needs mean you LOSE AUDIENCE

I hope media and gov't are listening to their public pleaing for change or some limit imposed on what singers can do in shows that are part of super bowl. Certainly, we don't need to breed more voyeurs and sex attackers. Which is not on the decline.

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