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Published: Monday, Feb. 4 2013 9:00 p.m. MST

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

It's all just a huge waste of time, why waste 4 hours of your life?


How about this. Watch the game and early on rewind and watch a few minutes over so you can bypass the commercials and the halftime. Problem solved. Ain't technology wonderful.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Agree that the Gross daddy commercial was sick and wrong. I saw about four seconds of the half-time show, literally four seconds, as I happened to be passing through the room. I knew ahead of time that watching an overweight, half-dressed woman, beyouncing around a stage, would not be pleasant. Actually, I have absolutely no interest in that type of music or performer. Go daddy was better than beyouncer. I can't think of one Super Bowl halt-time show that I would care to watch. And while I'm at it, they need to improve on the national anthem. That singer thought she was more than she really is. Get someone who loves the anthem more than their self.


The Sunday game of football and halftime shows have been scientifically-crafted to break down the moral fabric (Christianity) of society to bring on the collectivist mentality of having big government control us since we can't control ourselves.
"keep them distracted, confused, disengaged, uneducated, undisciplined, disorganized and drugged"

"Give them what WE make them THINK they want."

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Boo hoo

Welcome to the real world. You can't live in the bubble 24/7

Mount Pleasant, UT

To: John Charity Spring...perfectly expressed. I totally agree with you and my husband would to. He was taken back by the crudeness of Beyonce..I used to think she was pretty great - but no more. She joined the rest of the wannabes. Pretty sad. It's too bad we can't go back to the uplifting and good feeling entertainment we used to have.

Mount Pleasant, UT

To: Whoa Nellie...I so agree with you about the anthem. I think it is a disgrace and it's disrespectful to not sing it the way it was written. It was demeaned and I know you and I were not the only ones that felt that way. I've never been a Super Bowl watcher except for their half-time entertainment. But no more...it's degrading.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Dude, its football.

Burley, ID

It's amazing what passes for talent these days.

I will never forget how Whitney Houston brought down the house when she sang "The Star Spangled Banner" and all she had to do was stand there and sing.

Kaysville, UT

Since Michael Jackson in 1993, I believe, it has not been the marching band type of show.

American Fork, UT

Once a huge fan of pro sports, between the money, Sunday play, and the dancing females(for lack of a more deragotory term), not so much of a fan now at all. Very discouraging and frustrating that you can't watch a game without objectionable material popping up everywhere.

not here

Oh my word and how soon are you going to start putting up the fence around Utah to keep your kids from learning there is a world out there? And as far as Beyonces outfit you can see more on TV commercials and allso when are you getting rid of all TV? And is there a chance that all the cheerleaders in the state are going to start wearing ther cheer outfit from neck to ground? So as no little kids will see there legs or are you going to band all kids from football games?

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

To those who don't want to watch TV on Sunday, that's fine. But you don't speak for all of us, including all LDS folks. Super Bowl Sunday is FAMILY tradition virtually since the first one was staged 47 years ago... a tradition that marks the end of the holiday season that begins the day after Halloween.

As to all the Puritanical posturing of this article and the comments here, as pointed out by a few, cheerleaders have been donning this garb for several generations, people been sunning themselves at beach and elsewhere in less... yeah, I'm generally conditioned to ignore it. The halftime show was just boring.

And the most talked about commercial? Go Daddy. Yeah everyone is knocking it... but it is EVERYONE doing so and they know it's Go Daddy. That makes it an effective ad. And it was clever and actually fun to watch. Still I give the nod to the Farmer (Chrysler) ad and the Prom ad (Audi)... and Oreo cookies in the library.

Great game, too.

St Louis, MO

All the pious hand-wringing is hilarious. Reaction to he halftime show and the GoDaddy nerd-on-model spot combined with the few shrill voices reacting to the supposedly racist VW commercial and grumpy objections to Alicia Keys' national anthem is more fun to observe than the commercials or the game itself.

My takeaway from all this is that our national pastime is not baseball, football, or any other sport; it's taking offense and complaining online. This is what the internet has given us . . the ability to type furiously and/or righteously about minor things we've blown way out of proportion in our own minds for anywhere from dozens to hundreds of thousands of people to read. Play on, pious sports fans.

Cedar Hills, UT

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...not anymore. Vegas-style entertainment ended up everywhere, thanks to the Super Bowl. Not surprising.

John Reading

Sorry - hard to resist my story. I was 8 years old when the first Super Bowl was to be played. Although my family rarely watched TV and even more rarely watched sports, for some reason I was enthralled with the build up. Then I learned that the game was to be played on Sunday. I remember thinking, "Oh well, I will wait until next year."

Mcallen, TX

Our society is losing its ability to think, and choose right from wrong. Every day we're hit with deceit, and become like a leaf on a tree--going in whatever direction the wind blows.

How many people will believe:

* it's truck month
* political lies
* standardized testing in schools will improve learning
* a testimonial on television is a reason to buy a product, or form an opinion.

Seems our people are easily sold with little opposition from self thought.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Yes, we're a nation of ten year olds that need to have the world filter everything thru rose colored lenses.

Grow up!

Mcallen, TX

Ten year olds? Yep!

People will purchase a new vehicle because of a testimonial from a ten year.

Look at the car commercials. A ten year old, declaring truck month is very effective.

Using an attractive woman is even more effective, and you can sell anything.

On a whole, people are sheep, rather then self thinkers.


The only thing this article proves is that these experts are looking for anything to jump on. This was the tamest Super Bowl (commercials, halftime show, and overall content) I think I've seen in seven or eight years. The people criticizing all this actually want to make an impact? Try doing something before the game comes around. Beyonce Knowles was not just discovered on Sunday, everyone knew who she was and the physical attributes she's famous for. Someone else said it, too, that GoDaddy's prior Super Bowl commercials were much more suggestive than a fully clothed model awkwardly making out with an overweight guy. Yet every year I hear little to no protest in January and earlier, but always such a big stink is made as soon as the game's over. I suggest finding something more positive and constructive in life than watching things just to complain about them.

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