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Published: Monday, Feb. 4 2013 9:00 p.m. MST

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Barstow, CA

My 13 year old son was looking forward to the halftime show, because he like Beyonce. He walked outside after 5 seconds to shoot hoops in the driveway and asked me to call him when the game was back on. I didn't even have to say anything and switched to the APL for the Puppy Bowl.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Here's Beyonce, who has such a powerful voice, and yet she falls back on sex appeal so often," - Article

Hard to criticize Beyonce...

when the football teams themselves have cheerleaders.

Tell me are cheerleaders at football games wearing ankle length dresses?

I did not think so.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

This article is absolutely correct. This year's Super Bowl presentation was little more than a promotion of wanton, uncontrolled sexuality.

The halftime show was abominable. The so-called music was simply an excuse for Beyonce to parade around in skimpy clothing and perform sexually suggestive gyrations. Indeed, it was clearly designed to appeal to the prurient interest, rather than artistic instincts.

As for the commercials, they were largely just exercises in the objectification of women. Indeed, the women in the commercials were displayed as sex objects with no intellectual ability or personality.

The most shameful thing here is that millions of impressionable young people were exposed to this amoral exhibition. Sadly, many of these young people will believe that immorality is not only acceptable, it is desirable.

Shame on the NFL for supporting sleaze. Caring parents now have no choice but to boycott the game entirely.

American Fork, UT

Offense for its' own sake just enables people who want to complain. The halftime show was not worth watching, not because it was offensive but because it was bad.

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

I think we knew even before the show that Beyonce would be over the top.

At least the game was worth watching until the end.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's amazing how many overlook the elephant in the room - the sex and violence involved in the sport of football in the U.S. As one poster noted, you've got cheerleaders showcasing their bodies on the sidelines and the cameras love to zoom in on that. And, football is a war-like sport where injuries are common and the contestants are cheered on like gladiators with brutal hits getting a roar of crowd approval.

West Jordan, Utah

Of course Beyonce was going to be over the top. When is she not? She has sold out to be exploited by her own husband and all of his connections to the dark side of the force.

Beverly Hills, CA

You guys seriously tuned into an NFL Superbowl to look for something spiritually and morally uplifting? It is like going into and NRA meeting and expecting them to talk about increasing gun control.

E & EE
Ann arbor, MI

What's even more sad is that 110 million Americans are violating the Sabbath to watch the entire spectacle.

Taylorsville, UT

Since I stopped watching football and the Superbowl more than ten years ago I haven't missed it one bit. Parties are drag and so are most of the people at them who don't even know anything about the game or the teams. Its just an event to get drunk and disorderly and dumber.

It's not just the Superbowl that has gone bad its become the same ritual for all sports which has become boring and intrusive and obnoxious as entertainment. Superbowl game should be played earlier in the day like it always has been but there is too much profit to be made by stretching the game to an all day ritual and excessive advertizing, drunk drivers on the road in the wee dark hours of the night where visibility and judgment are impaired. A drunk drinking half a day is better than one being on a binge for 8-10 hours.

The thrill of sports is no longer entertaining or cute, its all mind altering madness. Even the olympics where entertainment and spirit should be a profound attribute of sports has been disqualified as entertaining.

Idaho Dad
Pocatello, ID

"I think, unfortunately, we're rapidly getting to a point where parents are going to be forced to write off the Super Bowl as an event to watch as a family."

Henson is about 20 years behind our family in this conclusion. In addition, that's about how long we have had a no-TV Sabbath, a choice that has yielded great benefits. I recommend it highly.

If a program is not important enough to time-shift it (record and watch it later), you won't miss it.

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

The Super Bowl game was notable for the 35 minute power outage that stopped the game, and the much heralded half-time show that reflected the culture of the day,”special effects” that mirrored a football-field sized video game featuring a famous lip syncher and a lip-locking kiss that if nothing else,was distasteful and a turn-off.

Provo, UT

What's funny is that the godaddy commercial was a mild one for them.

Durham, NC

Ok.... I am not debating the fact that sexualization is a factor in the Superbowl, but common folks... have you not watched any NFL games all year long? This is a game that has cheerleaders on the sidelines every single week wearing not much more than Beyonce's half time outfit.

Are you kidding me this is something newer or more extreme?

Again, I am not saying I approve of any of this. Buy eye candy has been part for Pro football. When I was a kid, the Dallas Cheerleaders were far better known than most NFL players of the day. And trust me, that was a LONG time ago.

So yes, lets keep striving for decency. But lets also not make headlines over a single event when the problem extends for the other 19 weeks of the season.

West Jordan, UT

Didn't watch for all the reasons above, but viewed the Dodge commercial this morning on you tube.
Oh how that touched my heart. My Daddy was an Idaho farmer for 83 years. He was all that and more. And he drove a Dodge.

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

We quit watching TV on Sundays years ago, and our neighbors marvel that we willingly miss the Super Bowl.

I'm amazed they buy into the entire over-hyped spectacle.

We do appreciate the commercials, though, and appreciate more the reviews online the next day that tell us what ones to watch, and which ones to skip.

Kaysville, UT

The power outage was one way to impact on a game that had a half-time of less than moral values for children. A super-hyped game as the Super Bowl had marching bands until Michael Jackson's big moment, which his sister used a couple of years later as a moment of fame. Ratings are important for an industry such as television. They make money from advertising and they get big money for that when the ratings are high. It is a circuitous route where the money drives advertising and ratings come from people who buy the product. The entertainment keeps people looking for what is next, either as the entertainment or the commercials that may drive someone to buy their product. Even the advertisements had the similar display of morality issues.

BYU will endure and stand for it's principles on and off the field. Players may not have that same motivation but at least have standards they agreed to uphold while attending such a great place and that includes Hawaii and Idaho.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Football should be sports stuff not the cheerleaders and not about beauty contest like I have seen couple of those SEC games (Georgia vs Alabama and the NC Game). We all knew good commercials would be showing every superbowl games. I sure missed some of those funny commercials like the one on the airplane where they threw their beer out of the plane and seeing a pilot going after them. What happened to those things? The half time need to show many of those contest stuff for charity and winners field goal - I careless about those trash shows which are getting worse everytime. No, I don't expect to see Mortab doing this either.

Last several years I have only been watching those commercials but this time my 49ers were playing (almost won it, but glad Dennis Pitta got the TD and the win).

Sandy, UT

Hopefully most families felt the same way and turned off the half-time show. It was disgusting and so scary to see how our society has degenerated.

I hope the head injuries and dementia caused by this offensive sport will prove its demise as ex-NFL players sue the NFL for hiding the evidence for years that they were destroying their lives by playing. I can't wait until football is outlawed for children as parents sue for the injuries their children sustain that people don't tell them are likely to occur.

The state of Utah recently passed a requirement that all schools train their staff in concussion awareness and response - as they get the information on how life-altering concussions are in the long-term, teachers and parents ask - how is it possible then that football remains a school-sanctioned sport when it is so dangerous and harmful to students?

Happy day. The people are becoming informed. Let's say goodbye to football and find better ways to raise our youth.

Old Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

Raunchy halftime show. Totally wrong for kids to be watching. Poor role models all around in the NFL. Only a small handful are good guys and even then not worth idolizing.

Go live your own dreams instead of watching this garbage.

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