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Published: Sunday, Feb. 3 2013 11:00 p.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

Too often I see bike riders riding where the road is narrow, forcing cars to come dangerously close to them. Or I see bike riders purposely ride out into the road, causing cars to come too close to them. I once wanted to ride a bike to work, but couldn't find what I considered to be a safe way to do this, so I didn't.


Unfortunately, the issue of bikes in the mission field boils down to finances. Automobiles are very expensive to maintain. With the increase of missionaries worldwide, especially sister missionaries being called stateside it will become increasingly more difficult to provide them with safe transportation. The lack of public transport outside of urban areas in the U.S. is a problem for all missionaries and their safety. Rural highways and bikes do not combine for a very safe environment for safety, regardless if the riders are male or female. So sad.

Lethbridge, 00

My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this beautiful young Missionary....God speed Sister Smith, God speed!!

Paris, TN

My Sincere Heartfelt Love and Prayer's go out to All The Family and Friend's of This Sweet Young Lady, I know what a Tragedy it is to Lose Your Child and I do Hope and Pray that You will find Peace and Comfort in The Gospel and from Other's....

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

Being a missionary for the Church is not a risk-free under taking. In the late-60s Mitt Romney was in an automobile accident that killed the French Mission President's wife and seriously injured the Mission President enough that Mitt as the AP was running the French Mission for awhile. There are tragic accidents like this and then there are stupid accidents like the recent case of the Missionary getting his picture taken in front of the Lion's cage - That Elder was lucky. Or the Elder's in Texas teaching the discussions to a yet unknown serial killer several years back. It didn't end well for the Elders. To all those out there or going out there. Be careful !!


My condolences to the Young lady's family. to SLCmom, I learned to ride a bicycle when I was 5 years old. My grandfather taught me. I also served a mission where the main mode of transportation was a bicycle, I just wonder how a child grows up to be 19 and not know how to ride a bike? btw, no criticism is intended


When I was on my mission we did splits in the evening with Ward missionaries and priests. The priests loved being able to drive their parents cars.

Taylorsville, UT

My son is serving in that mission and knew her and many of her companions. I was terrified when I heard a missionary was killed.My heart goes out to Sister Smith's family and the missionaries in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission. I pray for the Spirit to comfort all of them from President and Sister Taylor to the Sisters and Elders, the members and other people there that knew her.Shame to those critizisers for condeming biking. Pres & Sis Taylor has nothing but the utmost concerm and lovee for all missionaries in their mission. May the Lord comfort her family.

Beverly Hills, CA

It is terrible news that someone who was willing to serve has had their life cut short. We pray for the family. I hope they can find peace in the coming days and months.

Harwich, MA

Why do so many of you disparagingly turn this article into rant about bicycles? It just happened. Many things in life "just" happen. A young women has passed with grieving family and friends. My heart goes out to them.

Provo, UT

@ trentster

It is not just all about finances. The area I served my mission in, you could not drive a car because the streets were so bad. Bikes were more efficient. Let's not forget too people, way more people die in car crashes than bike accidents. As I said in my earlier post, the Lord knows when it is someone's time. In the eternal perspective, this young lady is in a better place, she died in the Lord's service.

In the Book of Mormon days, missionaries were serving people who wanted to kill them. Back in the Pioneer days, people left their family for years, traveling in not the best conditions. The Lord will have no question this young lady was on his side and she will be eternally rewarded.

That said, again, my prayers go out to her family. We never like to see someone we love go, but one day we will all depart from this earth and face our Creator, I can't think of a more honorable way to return to the Lord.

Sandy, UT


Why would they have you purchase a bike here and pay for shipping?
Pretty sure that is not the case.
I purchased my bike in England when I got there.
There are bike shops in every state and town.

more..Lights and relectors.

Zone leaders first responsibility is to the Sisters in their zone.
Being out publically after dark needs to be mitigated for the Sisters.

Rugeley, Staffs

As a convert to the Church, missionaries will always hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I hear of a missionary being killed, my heart aches, as I know what change their message brings into the lives of those who are blessed with their message. As a Return Missionary, and the parent of Return Missionaries, I know the worry that comes to those parents whose children serve. Statistically, those who serve though are less likely to lose their lives early.

God bless you, Sister Smith, and God bless your family. My guess is that your reward is assured, and that the Lord has a higher calling for you. My prayers are also with the person who was driving the truck. This must be a difficult time for them and their family also.

KC Mormon
Edgerton, KS

You are so right. Just last week I attended a funeral for Elder George Peter Solie who was serving in the Salt Lake City West Mission when he passed away in his sleep one year and a few days in to his mission. While it is truly sad when a missionary is lost, as with anyone, we must know that it is part of Heavenly Fathers plan for them. The most comforting words I heard came from his mother who, after so many people had called it a tragedy said "it is sad but not a tragedy. He was doing what his Heavenly Father wanted him to do."

The Bishop

I served a Mission and remember very well riding a bike. There were a few times drivers got a bit to close but for the most part it was ok. I always felt if it's my time to go, so be it. I was serving The Lord and wasn't worried. Prayers to the family of the deceased Sister Missionary. You will see her again.

Kaysville, UT

Death is a serious and somber moment in life, especially for our youth who put their life on the line everyday they are alive, and truly as missionaries of Faith. I definitely believe in safety and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has done a remarkable job in ensuring the safety and health for our Elders and Sisters throughout the years. With the very large number of missionaries and will be growing more, quickly, there is a lot of exposure daily for errors, mistakes, accidents and just sickness in many varied areas of the world. We don't want to see the loss of life of anyone.

Missionaries can do their best to be seen and take precautions and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and mission leaders do a great job to ensure missionaries are safe and protected as much as possible.

Hopefully, living in a world of negative news in the world, we have to be on guard of being negative even though the political world is nothing but negative, anymore. Crises happen and some are made.

This is a sad day but with faith and God's blessings we will endure.

Gregg Weber

"Killed" might have been the wrong word. How about "died" which doesn't have any intent connotations.

Virginia Beach, Va

This is tragic news. There is nothing wrong with folks suggesting a review of bikes. My take is if the area has no bike paths then no biking.


My Heart goes out to the family of theis Special Missionary! Just know she was in the service of her fellow man, which means, she was in the service of the LORD! She and this special family will be Blessed always.... You will see her again and will feel her spirit with you always. She is still doing the work of the LORD! Bless you all...!
'As Sisters in Zion!'


My name was Hermana Smith (like the girl in the story) serving in the Dominican Republic in 88 during my last week as a missionary when a drunk motorcycle driver ran into my back tire when I was turning onto a side street from a thoroughfare. I felt nothing but a nudge on my back tire and looked back to see a man on the ground and his motorcycle a few yards away from him. I was amazed that my back tire had been bent so profoundly that my wheel could not move to spin through the forks of the bike. I was grateful for this miracle. I now have a temple marriage and 7 kids, it is so great I survived that. This story makes me remember how fortunate I am. Thanks to the Lord!

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