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Published: Saturday, Feb. 2 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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Gilbert, AZ

naval vet

"Utah had sold out EVERY Home game since joining the Pac-12."

It's not difficult to fill a crackerbox. A sellout at RES is still less than the attendance at LES BEFORE the stadium was expanded in 1982. Since then, a "disappointing" crowd at LES is 10,000+ fans more than RES holds.



"There is no point arguing who has more 3 or 4 star recruits?"

True, but not for the reason you suggest.

The 2012 all-PAC-12 FIRST team had ZERO 5-star prospects; more proof that correlation between stars and on-field performance is nebulous at best. Star Lutolelei was only a 3-star recruit.

Dennis Pitta, a 0 star, walkon, "choir boy" becoming one of BYU's all-time best receivers, and a starter and significant contributor for the Super Bowl winning Ravens is proof enough of just how meaningless stars really are.

NOBODY knows how well any of these high school kids will actually perform in college.

River Falls, WI

RE: Chris B.

"Serious question here: I'd love for someone to tell us how many recruits had offers to Utah and BYU? And then, tell us how many picked Utah and how many picked byu."

In 2012 Utah won the offers battle 5-4 (Utah: Dimick, Hansen, Lindsay, Palepoi, York; BYU: Hinds, Hoyt, Mangum, Williams), in 2013 the Utes won 7-4 (Utah: Masina, Ophoy, Handley, Lotulelei, Tanoai, Tevi, Vaenuku; BYU: Kearsley, Peoples, Shumway, Trammell).

Your point? Wait, don't tell me, I can probably guess... you wanted to know if fans from BYU could do internet research. We can. If you'd like a tutorial on how to do research let me know, I can give you a few pointers. I doubt making informed posts will make you obsess any less over BYU but it could be a good start.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"It's not difficult to fill a crackerbox."

And ESPECIALLY not when a school plays a season of Pac-12 opponents rather than WAC opponents. That said, you seem to have fallen behind in the discussion here, so let me help you with your comprehension...

ItrustNo1 said, "So far the PAC 12 experience has been a bust...Their ticket sales sure weren't getting the job done," to which I countered that our ticket office had recorded sell-out games for both our seasons in the Pac-12 (and truth be told, we also sold out every game during our final season in the MWC). And if we sold out every game for each of the past 2 years, then we HAD been "getting the job done" in ticket sales...ergo, ItrustNo1 was WRONG!

Now if you have some information to refute RES being wildly SUCCESSFUL at the box office, then let's hear it. Otherwise, you have no argument, and look desperate, frantic and emotional for attempt to reprove an irrefutable position.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Update to your list:

6-7, 300 pound OT De'Ondre Wesley had been offered by BYU and has committed. Wesley said the visit to BYU was much different than his official to Utah. He talks about the environment differences.

Wesley is a 3-star recruit who had offers from Arizona State, Colorado State, and Utah. Wesley originally committed to Utah on 09/09/2012.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Naval Vet

30 years after LES expanded to 65,000, our little brothers up north still haven't drummed up enough fan interest to warrant expanding RES to big boy size.

The truth is Chris Hill is dragging his feet on expanding RES because he doesn't want to gamble millions on expanding RES only to watch it become just like the HC, a vast sea of empty red seats.

2012 Football Bowl Subdivision Average Attendance

#26 BYU - 61,161 - +1% increase
#51 Utah - 45,347 - minor increase

Even with a less than stellar home schedule, BYU still averaged almost 16,000 fans per game more than the kids on the hill.

Provo, UT

Did you know Jimmer Fredette had a whole 2 stars coming out of high school? We obviously know what hard work and coaching can do to a kid. The star argument of a recruit is a silly debate. Utah and BYU recruit from the same pool of kids, granted there's some exception to this fact. But when we consider the overall quality of kids they are both recruited from BYU and Utah it just depends on how much potential these kids have.

Utah get off your high horse and check back into reality. You had two undefeated seasons, but more recently failed to be play in a bowl.

Arlington, VA

Naval Vet

How many years of losing seasons and no bowls will Utah fans endure before the same Utah fans who abandoned the Utes at the Huntsman, disappear from RES?

Like basketball season ticket holders who now only infrequently attend games in the HC, announced attendance at RES could remain near sold out stadium levels even though an ever-increasing number of season ticket holders begin showing up disguised as empty red chairs.

Highcountry Ghost
Herriman, UT

Riddles in the dark

First of all, you are uninformed.
Wesley did have an offer to Utah which he accepted, however he decided that he wanted to get the dream offer he had always wanted which was ASU. However Utah informed him if he wanted to look around that they would also. While he was at ASU, Utah had someone else commit who took his spot, which left Wesley without a scholarship to Utah, or ASU who never offered.
Therefore, he is at BYU because he couldn't go to to 1st choice ASU, and 2nd choice Utah. Not because he chose BYU over either school.
Hopefully it works out for all parties.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Highcountry Ghost

Nice spin, but it really doesn't change the fact that BYU is getting a player that Utah wanted. Just because he lost interest in Utah, doesn't mean that De'Ondre suddenly lost the talent he had while Utah was heavily recruiting him.

Highcountry Ghost
Herriman, UT


I wasn't trying to spin it, all I was stating were the facts.
His dream was to play at ASU, which is great. But they didn't offer and his scholly at the U was gone. He didn't lose interest in Utah, he rolled the dice and lost. It was a matter of numbers, and Utah went another direction. Is the kid that took his place better, only time will tell.
The fact is had ASU offered he would be a Sun Devil, and if Utah had room for him he would be a Ute. Byu was never in the picture until he was out of options.
Hopefully, it was the best thing for Wesley and for the Cougs.

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

Highcontry, isn't that kind of like when the PAC offered a spot to 5 big 12 teams and when they didn't want anything to do with the PAC they made an offer to Utah?

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