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Published: Saturday, Feb. 2 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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From what I've heard from a couple players, based on some of the winter workouts, Brandon Cox could have a very real possibility of dethroning Travis Wilson as the Utes' starting QB this season. Either way, the depth and skill set he's bringing in are a very welcome addition to the team.

Very complimentary article to all 3 teams. Let the BYU-Utah namecalling, statistic copy-pasting hate fest begin below.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Serious question here:

I'd love for someone to tell us how many recruits had offers to Utah and BYU?

And then, tell us how many picked Utah and how many picked byu.

I'm willing to bet that due to our BCS success, undefeated seasons, BCS quality coaches, and BCS quality athletes, the majority will have picked Utah.

Prove me wrong cougars?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I noticed on scouts ranking of all recruits, byu was behind some noteable programs such as Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, and Kansas.

That wouldnt be something to be ashamed of, were we talking about basketball.

Yes, thats right.

A 1-11 Kansas(with jake heaps) team beat you in recruiting.

A guess when recruits have to pick from a 1-11 BCS team and a whatever and whatever WAC team, the choice is clear.

I love my BCS membership!

Holladay, UT

Before the BYU-UTAH hatefest begins, do remember that only a few of these signees will be playing much next season. Many will be backups, some will redshirt, and some will go on missions. The majority of the impact players for next season are already on the teams. Recruits provide future potential and promise. In fact, if either team is so good, they shouldn't be playing any of these guys for two years. There is no point in arguing who has more 3 or 4 star recruits. It's results on the field that counts.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Serious question here:

I'd love for someone to tell us how many recruits had offers to Utah and BYU?"

Serious question? More like serious BYU obsession.

Gotta love the delusion of a fan who's constantly proclaiming her love for being a member of the PAC 10.2, while remaining completely obsessed with a team that's not even in the PAC 10.2.

Shouldn't you really be concerned about how the Utes stack up against the big boys of the PAC 10.2? After all, if you can't beat them, all you really are is a well-paid punching bag.

Once a little sister, always a little sister.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


There is no point arguing who has more 3 or 4 star recruits?

You're starting to sound like a certain coach who thinks he'll win a national championship with 1 star nobodies.

I guarantee that top coaches(Saban, Miles, Spurries, Whittingham) care very much about how many stars their recruits have. Its HUGE

La Grange, TN

I am happy for the Utah recruiting class. Maybe they will actually win a few games this year. So far the PAC 12 experience has been a bust except for the new revenue. Their ticket sales sure weren't getting the job done. The BYU schedule is a killer this year so I really hope that Broncos' "not caring about the rankings of his recruits" works out for him. There is so much hyperbole floating around from both BYU and Utah that no one really knows what to believe, especially the scouting rags that are out there trying to sell magazines. When the rubber hits the road on the field the truth will be known. The guy with the biggest heart and strongest desire to win will finish first 9 out of 10 times when banging heads on a football field is involved.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Ah, Chris, u've supposedly left us so far behind, and yet u just can't leave us alone.

This is a bad weekend for u to be talking recruiting smack. After all the stars and all the BCS hootch, an unheralded non-starred walk-on choir boy is the darling of the biggest game on the biggest stage in football.

How many Dennis Pitta's u got in there Chris?

Frisco, TX

Chris B - "I love my BCS membership!"

With a team that finished 2nd to last in FB, last in baseball, is last in men's BB and is last in women's BB; there's really not much to love other than your conference is there?

Frisco, TX

chrs b - I actually like my team more than the conference they are in. A FB team that went bowling again. A BB team that is competing to go back to the NCAA tourney. A volleyball team that is one of the best in the nation. A women's soccer team that made it to the great 8 and only lost to the NC.

It's great to be part of a school that has great teams instead of being part of a school that is in a great conference but there's really not much to cheer for right now, is there?

Kaysville, UT

@Chris B

The Utes went 8-5 in their first year in the Pac-12 and went 5-7 with out a Bowl appearance this year. Explain to me how that equals success in the BCS. Stars honestly dont mean much. look at Cody Hoffman, he was a 2 star prospect that turned out to be a stud. and Jake Heaps, a 4 star prospect that crumbled under pressure (and a lousy OC in Doman). just those 2 examples show that the stars might be a guideline but dont mean much in the end.

West Jordan, UT

This is one of the more underwhelming classes BYU has ever put together. When the majority of you guys are low 2 stars or don't have any stars, that has to be concerning. Even for BYU who makes a living off no-namers, this is an all time low. When there aren't any other teams recruiting a kid, it's got to be a sign of the kids ability.

Highland, UT

@chris b

"guarantee that top coaches(Saban, Miles, Spurries, Whittingham) care very much about how many stars their recruits have. Its HUGE"

Any other "guarantees" for us? Here is a quote directly from whittingham in todays trib.

"While the Utes didn’t land any so called four-star athletes, which might cause some fans to be concerned, Whittingham isn’t.

"We don’t pay attention to all that," he said. "We recruit with our eyes and our ears and do our own evaluations and assessments."

So I guess whittingham isn't one of those "top coaches" afterall.


midvale, UT

As a fan I would really like to see an article ,this time of year, that recaps the previous 2 or 3 recruiting classes for each school. Those are the guys that are going to be most directly responsible for changing the course of both Utah and BYU football.For Utah, guys like LB Rashawn Hooker, OLmen like Marc Povave, Carlos Lozano and Hiva Lutui. Speedy slot reciever Delshawn Mcllelon. And I'm sure there are many on BYU's side as well. Lets face it both teams have disappointrd in their 1st 2 years of this new world.Utah is only 7-11 in the only games that matter. And BYU is 0-7(Texas,Utah and TCU in 2011. Utah,BSU,OSU,and Notre Dame in 2012). Neither fan base should be bragging about anything at this point in each respective programs growth.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I know Bronco doesn't care about how many stars a kid has. Why would you when you recruite kids that have none

St George, Utah

Chris B.

The number of stars a recruit has does not translate to success of a program or of a player. There are examples everywhere.
Johnny Football broke almost every SEC QB record and won the Heisman as a Freshman, and guess how many stars he had. 3. He was ranked #39 QB in the 2011 class and yet he has had more success than any of the 38 ranked ahead of him.

Here are a list of Heisman Trophy winners over the past 5 years and their rankings.
Johnny Manziel- 3 star #39QB
Robert Griffin III- 4 star #12QB
Cam Newton- 4 Star #14QB
Mark Ingram- 3 star #58RB
Sam Bradford- 4 Star #17QB

No 5 stars?

The rankings serve a good purpose in getting good recruits noticed by top programs. But it is not a crystal ball to the future. Countless 5 star athletes never make an impact in College football. In both of Utah's undefeated seasons and BCS victories, I doubt you will find one 5 star recruit on the roster.

How do you explain this Christina?
Maybe coaching is more important than the number of stars a recruit is given?

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I'm excited about this deep recruiting class for the Utes. I'm looking forward to seeing what they will do on the field.

Please don't feed the trolls. (I don't think most Ute fans claim Chris B.)


Yeah I guess Nick Saban doesn't like 4 star and 5 star recruits...he just win championships! Yeah you guuys that think the star stuff doesn't matter need to loo at he top recruiting classes and the top 10, etc.

Ogden, UT

Here's to hoping that the Y, Aggies and U have success in the coming year. Utah State was the best team in the state this last year and probably had lower "rated" classes than both the Utes and the Cougs for the last several recruiting years.


Your initial quote was prophetic.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"So far the PAC 12 experience has been a bust...Their ticket sales sure weren't getting the job done."

Not so little brother. Utah had sold out EVERY Home game since joining the Pac-12. Try to not confuse YOUR failures at the ticket office with ours. Since joining the Indy-WACs 2-yrs ago, the only sold out games you've experienced was when your big Pac-12 brother on the Hill came to town.

...and SMASHED you 54-10.

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