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Published: Saturday, Feb. 2 2013 5:10 p.m. MST

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My advice: celebrate Saturday and Sunday, then come back Monday working as if it were a loss. Gotta find a way to score late in the game when the opposition's D tightens up. Nearly the 4th time this year they've given up a double-digit lead in the second half. 10-11 record should be 13-8 with wins over two NCAA bubble teams (CU will probably make it, BYU not as likely). But in spite of what might have been, I'll take the win today.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Great rivalry win. This gives us 2 top 100 RPI wins, which is twice as many as any other team in the state!

I love being in the Pac 12!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Nice win for the Running Utes. Although, they nearly choked it away. They started out great. They just have to learn to finish better.

A win is a win. We'll take it.

Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

What do byu and Utah have in common:

Both of our rivals are in the Prestigious Pac 12 conference

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Thank goodness Utah managed to hold on. Letting another double digit lead slip away would have shattered any optimism left in this season. Lets go steal a couple W's in Oregon!

Poplar Grove, UT

@Chris B
Ha, I was at both those games. Colorado isn't a rivalry.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


We are in the Pac 12 now. You, Pepperdine, and San Francisco will have a great rivalry going forward. We'll be fighting the likes of USC, UCLA, and Colorado.

Good luck in the WCC! It's a great "third tier" conference. First tiers are the BCS conferences.

Second is the A10, Mountain West.

WCC is third tier

Salt Lake City, UT

Coach K is the one that lost the 22 point lead. His style of trying to run the clock out allowed Colorado back in the game. The Utes would pass up excellent shots (even an uncontested drive to the basket) in order to kick the ball out to the guards to kill more time. The clock would wind down leaving the Utes out of position to make a play. I understand the theory, but its not working. 22 point lead? Keep the gas pedal floored, Coach. That is not the time to sit one of your leading scorers for the rest of the game.

Rock Hill, SC

Was at the game to honor the greatest coach in Ute history. While I admire the job coach K has done so far - a loss today would have been all his. I have never seen a coach try so hard to lose a game and steal loss from the jaws of victory. Bachinsky and Olsen were playing tough the whole time they were in - Washburn proved himself to be the softest center ever at Utah, but he was in at the end and tried to give the game away - let's start playing for the future and let the tougher and younger bigs get some critical PT. By the way - did anyone miss Loveridge? Not me.


Correction: Make that 3 bubble teams. With a good win at ASU today, I still don't see Washington as a tourney team, but I would expect them to soon be back on the Next Four Out list next to BYU.


SCUte, why would you have not missed one of the best freshmen in the conference?


Since the Utes play a slow down style of game shouldn't they change their name from the Running Utes to something like the jogging Utes, Trotting Utes, Crawling Utes or whatever? Anyone else have a good suggestion.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

nice win for the Utes. Unless Colorado has a late slump, they are going to get into the NCAAs. That is definitely a great opportunity for the Utes to play in the Pac-12 and get so many chances for quality wins. But Chris B. was mistaken in that BYU also has 2 top 100 wins. BYU has 2 wins over Santa Clara which is about 85 in the rpi rankings. So Utah has more top 75 wins and more top 25 wins but the same amount of top 100 wins as byu has. Also in basketball this year I think the MWC is pretty equal to the Pac-12. But both are definitely better than the WCC.

Orem, UT


"Great rivalry win. This gives us 2 top 100 RPI wins, which is twice as many as any other team in the state!"


Didn't think you cared about basketball anymore.

Sorry to poor cold water on your delusional spin, but a closer inspection of reality reveals:

RPI 1-50/51-100/101-150/151-200/201+
BYU 0-4 / 2-2 / 3-0 / 6-0 / 5-0
Utah 0-3 / 2-3 / 0-1 / 2-3 / 3-1

You'll notice that all 6 of BYU's losses have come against Top 100 RPI teams, and while BYU and Utah are tied with two Top 100 RPI wins, Utah has FIVE losses to below 101 RPI teams.

Net RPI result:

#39 BYU
#182 Utah

"I love being in the Pac 12!"

Yes, finishing with 2 or 3 conference wins every year is soooo exciting.

West Jordan, UT

@SportsFan - playing in high school gyms with 2,000 spectators must be really exciting for you, too.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Chris B

"We are in the Pac 12 now... We'll be fighting the likes of USC(9-13), UCLA(16-6), and Colorado(14-7).

Fighting??? If being a punching bag for the rest of the conference is your definition of "fighting", knock yourself out.

"Good luck in the WCC! It's a great "third tier" conference. First tiers are the BCS conferences."

Now you're just making stuff up. There's no such thing as a "bcs" conference in basketball, and your "tiered" system is just plain goofy. The real conference power ratings shake out like this:

Rank / Conf / Avg. Index
1 B1G 61.86
2 Big East 57.98
3 MWC 56.19
4 Big 12 55.35
5 ACC 55.20
6 PAC 12 53.72
7 SEC 51.44
8 A-10 50.39
9 MVC 49.12
10 WCC 48.26

The MWC, PAC 12, and WCC are all ranked in the top third of the 32 NCAA D-1 conferences. The PAC 12's Average Index is actually much closer to the #10 WCC, than it is to the #1 B1G.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"playing in high school gyms with 2,000 spectators must be really exciting for you..."

You should know all about playing in front of 2,000 spectators, after all, you do that practically every night in the HC, despite the "reported" attendance.

Besides, it's better to play in a high school-like gym, than to play like a high school team.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Utah is no longer a rival of BYU, just an in-state punching bag. Utah is also not a rival of anyone in the mighty pac 10.2. When you are a cellar dweller no one considers you a rival.
How in the world does Utah have a 20 point lead in the 2nd half and only win by 3, at home? That's a laugher. Enjoy March Madness on the couch again, just like football. By the way BYU is also ranked #1 in volleyball. It's great to be a BYU fan right now.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes played a great game today. They fought hard and hustled for lose balls all of which they hadn't done the two previous games. I would love to see this Utah team play with that type of effort on a consistent basis. If they can do it, they might win a couple more games but even if hey don't win, it should keep them from getting blown out. Those blow out losses are tough for young kids to overcome. This team can use as many confidence building moments as it can get.

It was also great to see them honor coach Majerus by retiring his sweater. Very cool to see VanHorn and Andre Miller back up on he hill along with some of the other great players during Rick's time at the U. Majerus list of accomplishments at the U are amazing.

I'm not sure the Utes can ever get back to that level of play Majerus set the bar very high. I do believe that coach K is doing a good job with rebuilding the program. This team still needs some work, but hopefully wins like today shows them its possible.

Go Utes!

South Jordan, UT

Glad to see this article didn't include the "Runnin'" Utes moniker.

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