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Published: Saturday, Feb. 2 2013 4:50 p.m. MST

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History Nut
Cedar Hills, UT

If they allow gay marriage, my wife and I will get a divorce since our traditional marriage will be meaningless, right?


John Chairty Spring
"Hopefully, the Supreme Court will follow the Constitution. The Founding Fathers knew that in order for the country they established to be strong, its people must have strong marriages." I'm curious. Where in the Constitution is marriage mentioned? Please help me find marriage in the Constitution, I can't.

"These poppycockish theories are decidedly anti-marriage..." I'm not sure these theories are anti-marriage. They are pro gay marriage. Nobody has ever said heterosexual people cannot get married or anybody else for that matter. That would be anti-marriage.

Why Would I?
"Marriage is between a man and a woman and involves the potential of off-spring." So if an elderly couple get "married" but there is no chance of off spring, is it not a legal marriage? What about a young couple who cannot concieve a child? Not a legal marriage?

History Nut
Yes your marriage would be meaningless. Just like my grandparents' 65 year marriage and my parents' 40 year marriage. So will Kim Kardashian's marriage. Wait a minute...

I will note that Mike Richards is suspiciously silent on this matter.

Castle Valley, Utah

John Swallow,

If you want to preserve and protect traditional marriage, then do something about. Denying one group isn't going to achieve that goal.

Park City, UT

You know what the number 1 cause of divorce is?


Kevin J. Kirkham
Salt Lake City, UT

Why would I?: Marriage is between a man and a woman and involves the potential of off-spring.

KJK: Then I guess that recent marriage between 2 senior citizens in my ward really isn't a marriage since there is no realistic potential for offspring. After my last kid was born 25 years ago, I got an operation to make sure that I couldn't have kids. If I ever got remarried, there isn't a realistic chance for me either of having kids. Should I be allowed to remarry?

Teague, TX

The Defense of Marriage Act preserves an essential building block of our society. If it is decided that marriage doesn't actually mean what it has for centuries--a contract between one man and one woman, then there will be nothing to prevent the term from meaning a contract between any number of variables. For example, if the term could be 'changed' to include a contract between two women, what's to say about the four people that have tenderly shared their lives, children and beds together for decades. Are they not also 'married' then? And don't forget about the woman who has lived 10 faithful years with the most intelligent canine companion--each looking after the other with unworldly affection and care. She demands that her relationship is 'marriage'. Hmmmm...a kind of 'Pandora's box' huh?
We must protect the DOMA because it supports the function and continuance of our society. We simply cannot base our contracts on 'alternative sexual orientations'.

Salt Lake valley, UT

These comments illustrate reasons why government of all types should cease its regulation of marriage. Let government focus on civil liberties and let social groups define marriage however they want.

Salt Lake valley, UT

@joseywales Marriage isn't a cause of divorce, but it is a necessary condition for divorce to occur, since divorce is the cessation of marriage.

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