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Published: Friday, Feb. 1 2013 6:20 p.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

If schooling was the complete issue and Adam Swapp brought Utah into the homeschooling business then that isn't publicized much in the alternative schooling businesses. Maybe the educational professional found that the Swapps and Singers weren't really homeschooling their children in a way that would lead their children to a real education. Education, such as public, would help them in their lives, such as reading, writing, arithmetic, social behavior, seeing that there is more to life then just in the potential biased world they lived in. States are to ensure there is safety and look after the welfare of children in our state. Children are defenseless and parents and the state are helping them get to be on their own or as much as possible.

Legislators and Governors don't necessarily help with their comments toward public education in a state filled with administrators and teachers that have very high abilities, education and a desire to help students with parent's help to a higher level. Unfortunately, there are a few inappropriate teachers that make the headlines.

We just need to be more supportive to keep our education more mainstream and not diverted as this situation was.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Twenty-five years in prison is a long time for anyone behind bars. We don't know what has gone on in his life during that time or how he has changed. (Note: Prison changes everyone. The only question is whether the change is for good or evil.) For those of us whose religious beliefs include the idea that men can repent and change them selves, being forgiven in the process, we would do well to remember that we have little information about him and how he has changed other than a couple paragraphs in a news story. The Board of Pardons isn't given to letting people out of prison on a whim, and has access to a lot more information than we do, including his complete prison record and the people who have supervised and worked with him. Bottom line: Should he be released? I have no idea at all, but will defer to the judgment of those in a position to make such a decision.

south jordan, UT

The whole problem was not with the home schooling but with John Singer trying to impose his outlandish beliefs on the whole community.

Salt Lake City, UT

How delusional some people are to think this was about homeschooling, John Swapp. It is about a person that set of explosives in a church and then barricaded himself inside a house and would not respond to police orders.

I don't know what it is with some people that think they are above the law. Where do they get this idea? Nobody is above the law, not even little Adam Swapp. When the cops have a warrant, when the cops give you an order, you have to comply. Everyone has to. Everyone has to follow the law. Just because you fundemetilsts think you are above the law, your not. We don't get to pick and choose. You have four options if you don't agree with the law: do nothing; break the law and suffer the consequences; attempt to change the law; or leave the country. No one forces you to stay here.

But in case you can't figure it out, John Swapp, it is always going to be illegal to try to blow up a church, and not follow police officers lawful orders.

Salt Lake, UT

I never knew the guy but I've followed the story and I think he was a very confused man that thought he was in the right. He had some truly messed up beliefs that were wrong but he seems to know that now.

The result of Adams bad choices lead to the death of a police officer. Adam didn't kill Lt. House and never intended for him to be killed but it happened. So of course Adam Needed to be punished for these things and he was. But any Christian knows that those who repent will be forgiven and I believe that the man has repented.

We all make bad choices. In my youth my reckless driving could have resulted in a death but luckily it never caused any harm. I'm not saying that what Adam did is comparable to reckless driving but I'm saying "he who is without sin cast the first stone". Worry about the beam in your own eye and let this man move past his sin. His heart is in the right place now; he wants to make things right and he should be allowed that chance.

Denver, CO

Addam should be released. Most of you do not know him. I do know him. He has changed and even Mrs. House has forgiven him. Ask yourself, what would Christ think and do? All of you so-called Christians need to remember that forgiveness is one of the primary teachings of Christ. So how can you call yourself a Christian if you cannot forgive? It is entirely hypocritical to do otherwise.

The man has served over 25 years for events he set in motion, directly and indirectly. He has paid the price. He has been a model prisoner and I would expect him to be a model citizen once he is released. Again, knowing him, his family, and other friends, I could not expect anything less from him. One ting I can tell you is that he is a man of his word, unlike many of the trolls who espouse opinions on here that truly know nothing about the entire case and what led to it.

Denver, CO

To: John Swapp, it will happen brother, just be patient. Addam will do the right thing and the State of Utah will do the right thing. It is time for this to settle out, none of us can change the past, only the future matters.

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