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Published: Friday, Feb. 1 2013 4:20 p.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

You could easily help yourself here if you read the article somewhat carefully. Mr. Niederhauser fired at the burglars AFTER they began to drive/run away from him. Holding them at gunpoint on his property was legal. Firing shots once when they were fleeing the scene is not.

Saint George, UT

People are buying weapons...lots of weapons.

Even though...

This citizen had a CWP.

Went to his vehicle.

Secured his weapon.

Steadied his weapon.

Fired his weapon at the perps as they were driving away from the scene.

Two rounds scattered around the neighborhood.

Luckily, no unarmed innocents were wounded or killed.

The nra would have you think that all you have to do is buy a weapon, practice at the range and than viola, you're Clint Eastwood.

The nra has a financial interest in the public buying as many weapons as possible.

The central purpose of the nra is to run cover for those who manufacture and/or sell weapons.


The Judge
Kaysville, UT

It speaks volumes about our society that the debate on this page is about whether a man has a right to protect his property rather than the fact that a career criminal is allowed to roam the streets.

Salt Lake City, UT

Too Smart For You,

First of all, that is a really silly title for your posting name.

Second, you have no idea what he was feeling. If that man had gotten away, which he was about to, he could have easily come back and harmed Clare at a later time. I suggest that you think through and put yourself in the shoes of a 60plus year old man who came home to face criminals in his home and on his property, tried to contain at least one of them from fleeing, and felt he was in harms way as the criminal started fleeing the scene.

If and when Clare goes to any trial, he'll be represented by the best there is in this town and he'll be in good shape with the outcome.

Perhaps it would be well to put yourself in Clare's shoes rather than piping up with your brilliant pseudo legal insights. Remember, the scale of Lady Justice could easily go in a direction you don't want it to at some point in own your life.

Murray, Utah

I thought the White House just said there was no need for imminent threat before killing an American citizen?

salt lake city, UT

In a situation such as this there is a high amount of adrenalin and from my view it seems that Mr. Niederhauser was more in control than out of control. Intentionally firing away from people and property. That isn't to say something unforeseen couldn't happen. I agree it was a bad choice to fire at a car. However I do disagree with the term "deadly force" That shouldn't be used in this discussion because that implies knowing with intent to cause harm. He has stated he was intentionally away from the individuals. Its hard to second guess but if I was between a man with a crowbar and a getaway car I may have considered myself in imminent danger.

"Deadly force, as defined by the United States Armed Forces, is the force which a person uses, causing—or that a person knows, or should know, would create a substantial risk of causing—death or serious bodily harm."

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