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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2013 11:25 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

As much as it pains me to say it, this is not a team that deserves a tournament spot. They live and die by Carlino's play, who just happens to be as consistent as something entirely inconsistent. He has his moments, but the team suffers from his lack of ball handling ability and turnovers. The team needs a consistent third and fourth scorer and they don't have it, so they will at lose the games they're supposed to lose and maybe win the games that they're supposed to win. Same as football. Yet I will continue to hope and cheer them on.

Ogden, UT

Phew, guess it all evens out as far as last second shots to win or lose. Don't know which would have had more impact on the Cougars tournament hopes a win over St. Mary's or a loss at Pepperdine. Either way I agree with Ironhide, this is not a tournament team.

I do feel that this team has overachieved, thus far however. Even though they are only beating the teams they are supposed to, I expected them to have lost a couple of those games anyway. Still look like a 20 win team, possibly as high as 23.

Franklin, IN

Good post Ironhide. Realism is good.

Omaha, NE

When they cheer because they beat a 190 RPI team in the last few seconds they accept they are only mediocre a top team would have been angry with themselves


@Ironskin: Good thing you are not on the selection committee

Cinci Man

The went about as I expected. I'm glad they won. I have to wonder if there's much of a chance at a tournament spot for them. I hope they can win out, but 2 more losses with Gonzaga and St Mary's looms pretty big. Oh my, what an impact it would have if they were to only lose 1 more game! Their chances go way up. Winning the rest of their games makes the biggest statement ever! Go Cougars. PLEEEZ pull it together soon.

Morgan, UT

Who knows what you will get with this team. It would not surprise me if they lost their first tournament game next month in Las Vegas. It would also not surprise me if they win it all. Always an adventure when watching them.....

Alpine, UT

This BYU team is good enough to make double-digit-deficit 2nd half comebacks against RPI 100+ teams, but not good enough to beat RPI 1-100 teams, at least not very often.

There's still a slim chance BYU could make the NCAA's if the Cougars win out the regular season and advance to the finals of the conference tourney, but it's looking more and more like that BYU will have to win the conference tourney and get the auto-bid to play in the Big Dance this season.

It would be disappointining to see Davies finish his senior season in the NIT, but that's where BYU seems headed unless they start playing every game, all game, like they did the 2nd half at Pepperdine.

Go Cougs!

Idaho Falls, ID

Carlino is capable of clutch play and terrific passing, especially in transition. His clutch baskets have won a few games for BYU, including the Utah game. I still think he has tremendous potential, just needs to work on his patience and consistency.

At the beginning of the year, Rose said this would be a very good 3-point shooting team. They are 8th in the conference. That is a big weakness for them.

Agree that they won't be in the Tourney. They need 1 or 2 NBA caliber players and they don't have any.

Alexandria, VA

Honestly, I think the NIT is a great tournament for this team. Some extra home games, more experience playing for the younger players (since they'll be one and done if they make the NCAA tourney), and a possibility of going deep into a tourney. Yes, I know it's the NIT, but in my opinion, for this team, it's much better than being a bubble team playing an "in" game in the first round and losing.

Richmond, VA

I enjoy watching this team when they're on their game. On the other hand, it's been very disappointing when they're not consistent. If only they can maintain a high level of consistency in their play, they could very well make it to the NCAA again this year. As it stands right now, only a miracle and little bit of luck would help them. I'm doubtful they can beat Gonzaga and St. Marys at all this year. But here's hoping I'm wrong! I do believe in miracles though.

Go Cougars!!!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

"Right when it left my hands, I knew it was good," Carlino said of his last shot. - I can see what Matt C. would think in his head during his ball handling and the results, turn overs and his shooting woes. Put on your brake a little bit with better body control. Follow through along with your sholders square up. Better do better than that. I know he can do better and watch more of Jimmer replays and learn.

Man Brock Z. need to be bench more with his 0-3 FG and 0-3 3PFG. Seen enough with him of his no progress! Ever thought of jersey #13 compare to Reiley Nelsen but lucky him he hasn't any injury that we don't know?

Lincoln Coug
Lincoln, NE

What kind of a highlight video was that? It was all Pepperdine. Let's post some BYU highlights.

Columbia, MO

My how things can change in the world of college basketball. There's still a lot of basketball to be played before the tournament. All the commentators here who are predicting an NIT bid are simply premature. If BYU wins out, they'll be in the Big Dance. If they win the WCC tournament, they get the automatic bid. If they don't win the conference tourney, but beat Gonzaga at home and do well in the conference tourney (like beating St. Mary's) they'll more than likely be in the Big Dance. It's too soon to predict doom.

Murray, utah

This team needs more Winder, less Zylstra, and more Davies passing out of the post instead of forcing up shots while being triple teamed. Seems like when they figured that out somewhat last night they were much more successful. I agree that an NIT invitation at this point would be an accomplishment for this team. If the Cougs could consistantly hit on all cylinders they should have a good shot at St. Mary's. Gonzaga is just too good a team to expect a win against them.

Orem, UT

BYU shows flashes of brilliance, but the thing this team really lacks is consistency. For some reason, they just don't seem to be able to stay focused for an entire game. Davies makes a brilliant spin move on one possession, and on the other end of the court commits a silly foul. Haws cans two consecutive three-pointers, and then misses two free throws. Carlino makes a great assist, and then catches himself in midair with no place to go and throws the ball away. Zilstra has all but disappeared during conference play. Sharp is a monster at rebounding one game, then disappears for most of the first half the next game.

If BYU could play like they are capable of playing for 40 minutes every game, they could be a really good team.


Why wasn't Sharp playing last night? He seems to make a huge difference and really helps on the offensive boards. I'm a huge BYU fan but have to admit that if they were in a major conference they would be lucky to be a .500 team. I really don't want to see them go to the NCAA tourney and lose in the first game. I also think they would be lucky to win more than two games in the NIT.

Frisco, TX

@OCoug - 20 win season? Come on, 22 is worst case scenario, 23 is most likely, and 24 is possible.

Win every game, except the Zags in Provo and the WCC tourney and we're in the NCAA.

Loose to th Gaels in the regular season, but beat them in the WCC tourney to make it to the championship game and we're a bubble team.

Lose to the Gaels in regular season and the WCC tourney and we're NIT bound.

We played we'll enough to beat the Gaels in Provo but lost on an unlikely buzzer beater.

We played poorly enough to lose to the Waves in Malibu but won on a very difficult three pointer by Carlino.

I guess it all evens out.

Lyman, WY

Tyler Haws was right. That Pepperdine player left the lane before his team mate shot the free throw, that is how he beat Davies to the ball. I have said for the two year since we left the MWC. I thought MWC refs were bad, but WCC refs are so horrible, that it makes the MWC refs look great. I actually think they get these guys from the California high school ranks. I know it is late in the game, but you cannot let a guy leave the lane before the free throw is shot, in a close game. That play could have tied the game and sent it into overtime. once again poorly officiated game WCC. Having said that, if BYU wouldn't have been asleep in the first half it wouldn't have had to come down to a ref missing a call.

Salt Lake City, Utah


I agree with CougFaninTX that 20 wins is an extremely low prediction.

At 17-6, with 8 regular-season games remaining, including Utah State at home:

Worst case scenario would be losing to SMC and Gonzaga in the final two games to finish the regular season at 23-8; one win and one loss in the WCC tourney, and a win and a loss in the NIT, to finish 25-10.

Best case scenario would be beating SMC and losing to Gonzaga to finish the regular season at 24-7; two wins and a loss to Gonzaga in the WCC tourney, and a first-round win and a loss in the NCAA/NIT tourney, to finish 27-9.

Interesting stats from last night's box score. Both teams had only 5 players score, but not all scorers were starters. Davies, Carlino and Haws scored 53 of BYU's 63 points. Zylstra and Sharp were practically no-shows. Sharp had 2 defensive rebounds in 10 min. Zylstra had 2 defensive rebounds, 1 ast, 2 T/O and 2 fouls in 25 min. Kaufusi in only 5 min. had 3 rebounds (2 Oreb) and an assist.

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