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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2013 11:25 a.m. MST

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What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Hard to understand why Martian polar caps are melting too. Must be sun activity. I am all for alternatives, but it will take time. In the meantime we need to go to Natural gas power plants.

Newport Beach, CA

Anyone who tries to ascribe any particular weather event, or a dry or wet season, to global warming, is going far beyond what the scientific evidence justifies stating, and is acting just as unscientifically as an Intelligent Design person.

The earth is warmer than it was a century ago, and increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is responsible for a portion of that warming. That's as far as the genuine "consensus" goes. The hysteria about droughts, fires, storms, etc., is nothing resembling a scientific consensus.

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