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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 30 2013 6:25 p.m. MST

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Virginia Beach, VA

Tough Scedule! Could possibly have a losing season. Middle Tenn not a push over. I hope to see the Cougers when they visit UVA.

Anaheim, CA

A classic example of risk/reward.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT


Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Good schedule and great expectations.

Not sure why all the unfounded comments regarding MWC boycotts and teams that were never in the MWC with BYU, i.e. Hawaii, Boise St. SJSU, USU. And for the two of you who think SDSU decided to "schedule" BYU you get a flag for a false start. SDSU was invited to play BYU by a bowl committee.

Mission Viejo, CA

A+ to Holmoe. Nuff said.

As for the sturm and drang predictions of disaster, not so fast. All those teams are beatable. We're not playing Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, or LSU. I actually expect a good season next year because the D will still be tough, even without Ansah, Ogletree, and Hadley. Still have KVN and the fast secondary. Anae will fix the offense and QB play will be much much better. Undefeated? Nah, but only 2 or 3 losses? Sure.

I love independence. I'll be off to Virginia to see old friends (lived there for 7 years) and take in the UVA game in beautiful Charlottesville. Went to Ole Miss - awesome fun. Ga Tech? Atlanta rocks. Middle Tennessee State? If you haven't been to Nashville, you're missing a great great time!

Stuck in a conference?
PAC12? - well I live in LA (OC). SF is cool, but yawn. Seattle? Love Seattle. Corvallis, Eugene, Pullman? Naw. Big12? Nowhere - Austin is OK. Nowhere else, believe me.


Lyman, WY

He definitely gets an A for this schedule.

Lincoln City, OR

I have Blue Blood in my veins but Sports at BYU under the Holmoe Administration has suffered and suffered greatly...We should be in a Major Conference right now and the fact that we are not squarely rests on Holmoe's and Samuelson's back...(along with some of the Brethern who have had a voice in this matter in SLC... If BYU would have played it right, they would be a full member of the BIG XII but instead they played it "carefully" and we suffer today as a result with only hopes in the future.

We had a reputation of being High Maintenance in the MWC (we could have left the Conference a little smoother than we did and now other schools who have left the MWC tells anybody that will listen how difficult it was to deal with us... Now the world has this opinion... When we tell other conferences that we have to control TV, or that we can't or won't show them our Financials, the "difficult" reputation permiates even deeper...

For us to recruit best athletes and play the best competition we need to compromise on most every iaaue but Sunday Play.

Lindon, UT

Hey Poyman, simmer down.

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

A+ Holmoe should get props for this kind of schedule in year number 3 of independence. You can what you want about how important football is, but Utah, Mormons, and BYU will not get as much national respect until they play and compete evenly with the big schools and conferences. They need to become a top 15 team perennially. You have to have the right schedule and recruiting classes to start. Most of the recruiting classes that were signed when independence started are coming home from missions now. We'll watch how it goes- good luck

pocatello, ID

St George, Utah

Here is a good analogy for you to consider.
While Utah is winning the battle (Head to Head), BYU is winning the war (better overall records, higher rankings, more national exposure, ect.)


Here is a real analogy for you to accept as fact.
BYU has WAC padded its schedule for many years to get wins. Their record against ranked teams the past several years is awful. Their rankings have mostly been built upon lame scheduling. BYU has been exposed on national TV. Boise St., Utah, San Jose St.....Their national TV exposure has sub par ratings. USU had a higher bowl rating than BYU did!

Wireless Lawyer
Lehi, UT

Anyone know what the buy out $$$ were for the three teams that cancelled game contracts with the Y?

West Valley City, 00

I wish the Utes the best after this season. Its sad what money has done to politics, music and now geographical college rivalries. My cougars will be successful this year and in the future. We own our own destiny. It was scary jumping off the cliff in to the unknown, but seeing how many fans we can get at such different locations warms my heart. I went to the Notre Dame game at Notre Dame Stadium last year and am planning on going to it this year too. I encourage all cougar fans to go to at least one away game this year and show how much we support our school and independence. I'm excited for the future of cougar football and the schedule Tom Holmoe has put together. Go cougars!

Allen, TX

Sad there's no TCU game this year. Those are always fun to attend.

Las Vegas, NV

Holmoe is more than likely not even responsible for any of this schedule. The Athletic Director job at BYU is nothing more than a mouth piece/spokesmodel. He does not make any decision without approval from people above him. Whereas at most schools, the Athletic Director actually has power and is the person to make big time decisions. Holmoe has very little to do but wait for something to read to the press. So taking that into account, the schedule appears to be a step up from other years. But.....two years in a row by seasons end, BYU ends up with a #80 and higher strength of schedule. It looks like it could happen again. I can't stand that Harmon paints a picture that Provo has had it so rough in scheduling. Really? Join a conference like the rest of America and stop complaining. Oh, that's right, nobody wants Provo in their league. Finally, if the scheduling was so great, you'd think Provo would score higher in the recruiting rankings. But being ranked in the bottom third of college football for the past 2 years, while your rival has recruited two top 30 classes is really bad. Grade D

Bluffdale, UT

You need to do some better homework. Holmoe has everything to do with this schedule. From the very first phone call to reviewing and signing the contract. As for where they rank in recruiting; irrelevant. Notre dame is in the top ten in recruiting every year and all but the last couple of years they have hardly qualified to go to a bowl game. As for Utah, I bet they would rather be in the bottom 1/3rd and go bowling than to be in the top 1/3rd and stay home like this year. The way it looks, next year will be more of the same.

#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

This is a program that should either go back to the MWC or be dropped outright. Perhaps the latter would be best sicne it matches up best with the mission of the smaller religious based WCC schools. Senior church leaders would likewise be smart to use the mission-surge period to re-evaluate and perhaps cutback the enrollemnt ceiling at BYU. Church controlled schools have no business being involved in big time college football programs that contribute to Sunday play leagues (the NFL), nor be invloved in post graduate research programs or major professional programs (Law & MBA), should NOT be part of the offerings of a church school. All BYU does is detract from the missions of state owned and operated institutions such as Utah State University, and this has all BYU has done for the past half century. The LDS church does not need a big time football program to fulfill the mission of BYU.



Salt Lake City, UT

BYU schedule work = A
Getting Cal on NCAA probation while the coach = F"

Definite like if Holmoe actually got Cal in trouble. Give me a 9 on the Richter for Berkeley and Palo Alto!

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