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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 30 2013 6:25 p.m. MST

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Given the ever changing landscape of football conferences, I'm impressed with what Holmoe has been able to accomplish in only the 3rd season as an independent. I believe Holmoe took a lot of criticism for the last two seasons of home games and there was little he could do about it with the sudden move to indy status.
As a Ute fan I wish Chris Hill could realize his mistake of not scheduling the rivalry game for the next two years and find a way to make this happen. I don't know of any fan who wants to see a game with Fresno State instead of the rivalry with the Cougs.

Go Utes.

St. George, UT

Some Utah fans may think that their schedule is A+++. However, since their schedule will represent a losing season most years then how do you factor that in? Is it that the schedule is too hard or that the Utes are too bad?

You might have to schedule your Idaho States, New Mexico States, and more. I guess that's why you dropped your old travel partner, BYU, so that you wouldn't lose one more game that could be critical to being 50-50.

West Jordan, Utah

I love BYU's schedule. It puts an end to trash talk about patsies from guys like me. As Ute fans, while we wait for losses to pile up to validate our position of what a real schedule can do, I think Holmoe balanced it out just right.

Independence has its' down side. Scheduling can be a problem , but it's also nice to choose opponents rather than being locked in if you can line up good schools to play. I don't have a problem with BYU playing two patsies, one or two is par for the course for many quality programs. I just was bothered the last two years when BYU fans put stock into four automatic wins.

Utah plays one patsy next year, that being Weber State. USU might be, but I think they are still decent after Gary Anderson. It doesn't matter because BYU plays them as well.

The problem BYU has is that although it's okay playing Middle Tennessee State and Idaho, it would be better if those were tune up games early in the year. November has its' scheduling challenges. BYU does have a bye week before Utah (good move Holmoe).

West Jordan, Utah

Playing Nevada is much better than Hawaii. A good MWC team is the equivalent to a bad PAC 12 team, and the PAC 12 has those. Although I hope not, I think that BYU could win 10 games next year. I don't think they will, but I see them better than 6-6. I think 7-5 or 8-4 makes sense. The schedule is tougher this year but the record might still be about the same as the QB play should be better and Anae will be an upgrade.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU should have stayed in the MWC. Only big markets effect national appreciation. And Provo/Orem isn't exactly a big market. Never has been. The more populated east and west with their big-headed big-money big-market supremacy (along with the bcs) will always skew teams who belong "to the club"...in their favor.

Considering all the health issues football players face, and the fact that hundred sustain life-altering and brain-altering injuries, BYU should just shut down their football program.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Cons- too slow in insisting that needed changes regarding the football staff be made. He was in essence forced by the paying customers to get involved
The man needs to be screaming like a Banchee to get the admin to hire outside help to lobby the Big XII for membership. West Virginia did and they are 1 1/2 times as far away as BYU from B12 cities with a tiny TV market, no national following, smaller attendance, Louisville, Pitt did with the ACC. BYU officials think the B12 will come begging wont happen.
Pro- Listened to the fans but long after the football program had fallen badly. FWIW- Holmoe is the head of the football program, Socrates is his underling.
Initiated changes in the Marriiott to change out bench seats and improve the odd color scheme. Mustard yellow, who thought that one up?

Sandy, UT


If BYU has contracts with Utah State, Boise State, Nevada and UNLV, then how is the Mtn. West Conference Boycotting BYU?

Dumping Hawaii was a blessing..... SDSU..."Never" again....New Mexico, Wyoming, Fresno, San Jose...who cares?

The only other teams worth playing from the Mtn West would be Air Force or Colorado State.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

An "A" for sure; that's a really nice, well rounded schedule.

Iowa City, IA

I shocked too see ute fans not give him high scores. Would have never seen that coming.

The Watch Dog
tumwater, WA

It seemed that BYU had the chance to schedule Missouri before they scheduled Idaho State but did not act on the opportunity. I still like the schedule but wish we were still playing WSU and Hawaii.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I can't wait to see how BYU's offense does this year. I hope for great improvement while the defense keeps up the good work. Also I hope the kicking game improves. If we can maintain the defense while improving the offense and kicking, I believe BYU will surprise a lot of big name schoos we a re playing this year.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

I do not think anyone else could do better with the cards dealt. Hawaii had nothing to do with the MWC scheduling the game the same day. As for the other teams there are reasons and I do not think it is because they hate BYU. Maybe a bit scared but hate no. If you have a good prospect that you may lose another game you think twice. I like this schedule because we may lose several games. But if we do it is to quality teams. If we win we get respect. I would like to see all hard games. Then we would really grow and be the team we all want. I think BYU would schedule all better teams if they were available. You do the best you can. Even ND has a few cup cakes as they too have a hard time during the final weeks. And they too need a few extra wins.

As for all please respect the topic. Not every BYU article is a Hate BYU or Hate Utah forum. Again we are not in Kindergarten seeing whose brother can beat up the other. 2 great programs with different paths. Respect this please.

The Watch Dog
tumwater, WA

I'm really glad that BYU and the U decided to part ways for a while. That rivalry was very unhealthy.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

A for awesome and R for totally rad.

Boise, ID

A. Interesting games and well placed games. If this type of schedule can be maintained, no need for a conference.

Cedar Hills, UT


"San Jose...who cares?"

True, I guess it doesn't really matter if you lose to San Jose, Boise St or Nevada. Bottom of the WAC either way.

Gilbert, AZ

Chris B-
I'm not one of those BYU fans that hates the U. Quite to the contrary. But you can't give Hall an A+ until the Utes start to beat some of those teams. Same for the Y. Great schedule, but you have to beat some of the tough teams you schedule.

Columbia, MO

The 3 cases of coaches with BYU ties who aided in canceling games with BYU should have been expanded to 4 cases, because Whittingham also has BYU ties and he assisted in getting BYU off the schedule for the next two years. There is some typical oligopoly behavior going on from the western conferences who want to get BYU out of the marketplace, but Holmoe has done a good job in fighting back and he has been aided by the four best programs in the MWC (SDSU, Boise St, Utah State and Nevada).

The PAC12 is despicably and unjustifiably arrogant. gdog12 is correct that these 4 good teams in the MWC are as good (or much better) than the bad teams in the PAC12, and they have already proven it in head-to-head competition.

O-town, UT

I think this might be their toughest schedule yet. The MWC boycotting BYU...highly dubious Dick: UNLV, Nevada, Hawaii, USU, SDSU (bowl). Ehh, what are facts though--stop the presses and go with it.

It will be interesting to see if BYU can keep future schedules up to this level. If BYU wants to compete for a possible BCS bowl or championship (and I don't know that they do) they need to try and join the Big 12. Winning that conference would put BYU in an instant spotlight, just like Kansas State this year, but that might involve a couple of losing seasons and hard work, so that's off.

If BYU is playing three or four "boycotted" MWC teams a year, might as well join it and try to win it. With the Big East as weak as it is, the MWC is essentially the new AQ for a BCS bowl. It's a pretty tough conference--BYU went 2-2 in it last year. I don't think going .500 against a conference makes you better than it, but I am sure many will enlighten me on this point.

Y's Guy
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT
"Chris hill's job of getting us USC, ucla, Stanford, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, etc.?

Whit's job of beating USC, ucla, Stanford, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, etc.?


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