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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 30 2013 12:50 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

The government cycle:

* exaggerate a crisis
* display great concern
* propose new research based programs
* create a need for added funding
* pass new laws, taxes, and requirements

Wait a few years, and start the cycle again.

Soon the infrastructure, gun control, discrimination, healthcare, poor people, and environmental protection cycle will resurface, and plunge us further in debt.

I don't understand why the Americans keep falling for this.


Thanks to Senators Hatch and Lee for their eloquence expressed in this article standing for the constitution and the rights of the state and people of Utah.

Park City, UT

MarkB- the government shouldn't be responsible for teaching morality. Parents should. I think this is part of the fundamental problem here. MOST gun crime comes from inner city, urban areas where there are high numbers of broken homes, unemployment, drug use, gangs, so on. Most of these kids get their guns on the street from criminals, or the guys they're selling drugs for. None of them go to gun shows or Cabelas, because they know they wouldn't pass a check. They are so many shootings in this type of setting that they actually get little news anymore. But when a suburban kid or a middle class guy shoots some people, like in a theater or office building, or school, it takes on a whole new look. These types of shootings are rare compared to everyday gun violence within urban areas and gangs. But they get the most press because it sells better, and helps the leftist agenda against guns. My point is, 99.9% of gun owners in this country never shoot at a human, the problem isn't guns, it's the criminal mindset of some and they will do it with or without a gun.

American Fork, UT

Lee thinks the government is overreaching by simply existing. Yet he is part of it.


Orrin Hatch "doesn't trust the Federal Government"? Newsflash Senator:" You are the federal government!

Saint George, UT

If you want to actually make a difference in this debate, strengthen the unalienable God given rights. It is certain that every one of those involved in these mass shootings had no conception, understanding, belief, or desire to follow God. Encourage everyone to own, operate, and understand their God given right to own a gun, as well as defending and understanding all of the other unalienable rights and obligations from God, and a peaceful society is possible. Take them away, or sever those rights from God, and you put government in charge of what is right and wrong, a scary position at best. I would encourage everyone to stand up for God, who gave those rights to man for a reason, notwithstanding the Godless intent of those who commit these horrible atrocities.

Clearfield, UT

bandersen A child psychiatrist did extensive research on Columbine and determined both shooters were mentally ill. Adam Lanza's mother was in the process of having him committed to a mental institution. How is teaching morality to our children going to solve the problem of gun violence committed by menally ill individuals? How is keeping firearms away from criminals and mentally ill people infringing on the second amendment? The problem is you can't committ someone unless you can prove they are a danger to themselves or others. A standard almost impossible to meet.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

The Govt' is worried about protecting us from guns -- Yet they were running guns to Mexico, and now sending F-16s and tanks to Egypt to a regime who is led by Muslim Brotherhood who wants to kill Americans and any one else who oppose them.when will the stupidity end?

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

re: GZE

I love it!

Every politician in Washington "distrusts the gov't".... they, as you put so well, forget that they are the government.

It's always comforting to me to know we send the richest people to Washington, not the smartest. Ha, Ha...

Sandy, UT

Why is everyone all so excited about enacting new laws when we do not enforce the ones we have. If a felon tries to by a gun and is stupid enough to get caught, his odds of prosecution are less than 1/1000. At those odds, anyone who really wants a gun will keep trying until they get one.

Why don't we just pass a law making murder illegal - oh we already did that. How many of the murders would have been prevented with additional background checks - not many. Even if you had a fool-proof background check, criminals can still steal the guns. Thanks to one New York newspaper, all the criminals in New York know where to get them. There have even been numerous instances of guns being stolen out of police cars. If you are scared of guns, please do not buy one. Likewise, please do not infringe on my rights just to make youself feel better.

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