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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 29 2013 7:35 p.m. MST

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one old man
Ogden, UT

Ned, so far as I know now, Reid's involvement is only on the word of Johnson. However, I'd agree with you that if more surfaces, Reid should also step aside.

It's becoming more and more apparent all the time that Johnson's word is worth absolutely not much.

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

Time to fish or cut bait. If this man was an organic milk producer , or provided organic cheeses or eggs his hide would of already been tanned and hung

But first like all court cases - lets collect as much taxpayer monies for our friends - lawyers , judges , and all supporting cast.

Ever wonder why a cold blooded killer can lay around for decades, filing appeal after appeal - well the real answer is some private conglomerate somewhere is collecting 70K plus a year just on his keep , all them appeals are just icing on the cake for the tax parasites

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Why hasn't the Governor of Utah called for an independent investigation? This should be separate from any criminal investigation being done by law enforcement. Its purpose would be to present an independent evaluation of the facts to the voters. It just seems like such an obvious step for Governor to take.

Spanish Fork, UT

I did not vote for Swallow for this very reason. He has and is behaving just like his former boss Mark Shurtleff. Shurtleff was constantly performing duties outside his elected job description so why should we expect anything different from Swallows. Its time for Utahns to stop blindly voting along party line and actually take the time to research the candidates. We have got to shake up the "good ol boys" club and bring sanity back into the equation when it comes to our elected officials. We can only hope that they will then get the message. Only then will they stop acting like they live under a different set of elitist rules than the rest of us. Only then will the start acting like the Servants of the public trust they were elected to be.

Kaysville, UT

With a majority of Republicans, there have been plenty who have fallen on their sword in the past 21 years and it won't stop, in either party in the future. What is the gain? A little lie isn't bad and no one will find out. Money does speak as evidenced by $275M being taken from people who thought they were going to make a very good deal of money themselves. Greed is a form of mismanagement and bites both hands, eventually.

Swallow has probably more than he can swallow and he is a marked person with this happening in his first week of office. Such timing for his "friend" Johnson in his fall.

Twin Sister

Johnson is the biggest rat of all in this whole thing. From all that I've read about his business dealings over the past year or so, I smell a sociopathic rat--a consciousless narcissist who, if he is going to go down, is going to go down with a media frenzy in a blaze of glory with big political names attached to his own. I thought it was nothing but a circus when I saw him on the news declaring that if he were to plead guilty to the charges that he had a list of those who didn't want prosecuted; namely, his family members and John Swallow. What smoke and mirrors Johnson created to make himself look "virtuous" and at the same time cast doubt in others' minds about the ethical and legal choices of John Swallow and his own family members. It is obvious that John Swallow has made some very unwise choices and has possibly broken the law. And, Harry Reid? Hopefully, time will tell in all of this and the truth will prevail.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Swallow's view with the felong comment is that he is scared of getting in legal trouble. A lot of people are being honest because they want to avoid trouble. That is OK, but there is a higher level: being honest because that is the right thing to do, being honest even if it will get you into trouble.

That would have helped Swallow a lot. Because then he would might have been doing the next thing on the honesty scale: Using the language of honesty. He would have been recorded saying, "Look, you have the right to legal representation. But at the end of the day, we need to be totally honest and transparent because that is the right thing to do even if we get into trouble."

He missed an opportunity.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why was Swallow meeting with Johnson in an "unofficial capacity"? I think Johnsons accusations have teeth....have some truth to them. We should all not care until the real story comes out. Either way he should have dealt with this before being elected. Knowing that John Swallow was a lobbyist for legal predatory check lenders (Check City) doesn't accentuate his character either. He needs to man up and resign.

midland, MI

"Johnson secretly recorded the April 20, 2012, conversation with Swallow at a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in Orem."

Sounds like a sticky situation to me.

New to Utah

Harry Reid maybe completely involved in the Jeremy Johnson situation but because his
press secretary says he's not were to just believe this nonsense. It is such a double standard placed on John Swallow as per Harry Reid. Fox 13 did a Swallow hit piece with Jeremy Johnson last night. Why do we give credibility to a liar and felon and hold judgment on our elected Attorney General? John Swallow is innocent until proven guilty that is the American way.

mountain man
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if the religion element is being skipped over here. JJ was active in his church. So was Mr. Swallow. Just as any member of any religious group will attest to: it is very easy to get the wool pulled over your eyes when you have so much uber trust in the other person and their values. It might be a better mantra to say if you belong to a religious group, do not do business with other members of that group. It is too easy to get conned. JJ was looking for blood at the donut meeting and he tried very hard to try to get mr. swallow to incriminate himself. Thank goodness Mr. Swallow seemed to hold his own. I believe swallow is innocent of all accusations. when it is proved so, I want you to remember you heard it from me first! Mountain man. Your source for ahead of the curve speculations.

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