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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 29 2013 11:30 a.m. MST

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Highland, UT

I can't blame him a bit. I just doubt he'll find more than moderate success anywhere else since he is such a mediocre talent. But I don't blame him for wanting to try. Good luck.

Park City, UT

While not a "mediocre" talent, it's hard to argue with his last two years success, I wouldn't exactly say he's in the Brady, Manning (both) Rogers or Brees categories either. Depends on the team he ends up on. I wouldn't say he's the type you could hitch your wagon to and say lead us home, but KC would work because of Charles and his run ability, also, Reid would help as a coach. Jets would be a disaster, and so would Jags. Cards or Browns maybe. But playing in the league for as long as he has under 5 years of horrible coaching, and possibly playing 2-5 more years? That's a pretty decent career by NFL standards, far better than mediocre, and only behind Jimmy Mac and Steve Young as guys with local connections.

West Valley, UT

Wooo, according to other BYU articles, all they talk about is BYU, why is there a Alex Smith article, he is from Utah.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I hope Alex is released and gets to a decent team. I think he will turn out to be a very good QB in the NFL if he is given the chance. He had some good coaching for only 2 years and see what he was able to do? Even though I am a BYU alum and fan, I am an Alex Smith fan!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Yet Jimmer on another team will be an All-Star?

I agree Alex was medicore in his frist 6 years but then again so were the 49ers. The last two years he's showen he's a decent NFL QB. He'll get the chance to prove it next year.

Cowboy Dude

I have felt so bad for Alex this year until I read this article. He's crying all the way to the bank. I hope he lands on a team in the west so we can watch him. Arizona?

Syracuse, UT


Your obsession with everything BYU is almost insane. You should really see a professional about your problem!

Salt Lake City, UT

It is hard to build a case to protect players who get concussions when there whole world implodes when they play it safe and sit out.

Clearly the incentive is to play with the concussion.

Anyone who has watched the documentary "Head Games" knows how serious the concussion issue is.

I'm not sure what the best solution is, but it is better to sit and lose out on the superbowl etc. than to damage your brain.

Alex, you made the right choice. Hopefully someone will pick you up and you can keep dominating. I was hoping to watch you win the SB.


I am a BYU fan, but have been impressed with Smith both on and off the football field (he is one smart cookie). I also used to be a 49ers fan, but what Harbaugh has done to Smith is unconscionable. Nothing against Kaepernick, but it was Smith’s early leadership that helped pull the team together. Go Ravens!!


To okeesmokee - I agree 100%.

I've been a 49ers fan since Steve Young's first day on the job. Alex to San Francisco was a dream come true, but Coach Singletary was the nightmare.

Now, I've had it. I would love to see Paul Kruger and the Ravens finish them off.

Highland, UT


We'll have to disagree about his talent level but I will agree he might have some level of succes if he is signed by the right team, but it is a very limited pool. I think he could have success with Reid but I'm not sure why any utah fans want him to go to Phoenix, that will not lead to any success.

As for your comparisons to other qb's, he has not done any more than several other BYU qb's, Detmer, 14 year career, Neilson, on and off starter just like smith, wilson, on and off starter just like smith.

My personal non biased completely honest opinion of smith is that he is an average talent whose failures have been exaggerated because he was so woefully overdrafted by the 49ers. It created unrealistic expectations for him from both 49ers and ute fans. ute fans have continued to support him because he wasn't losing games for them, 49ers fans couldn't care less about him.

If he gets on the right team he might start and he might have moderate success IMO. I feel confident saying he will never be a star.

Orem, UT

Another Cougar who is a fan of Alex Smith. I hope he lands on a team that fits his skills and he will shine. Go Ravens! That from another former 49ers fan.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Such a mediocre talent, with the best QB rating an all.

Columbus, OH


Smith has absolutely nothing to be upset with Harbaugh about. It was Harbaugh's shrewd coaching that led to Smith being re-signed, and it was under his leadership that Smith finally became a legitimate qb. None of the other coaches could do that for him. Were it not for Harbaugh, Smith would be sitting at home watching the game Sunday, or 3rd string on another team. Now, after sitting half a season on the bench, he will end up on another team with a chance to start, and a new contract worth a few more years in the league, at the very least. It was Harbaugh's coaching that revived his career, and it was his coaching that helped him understand the Kaepernick was the best qb on the team. Smith understands this well.

All that being said, Smith has been a class act through this whole ordeal, and I respect the heck out of that. As a longtime 9er fan, I wish him nothing but the best, except when he's playing SanFran.

Columbus, OH

I love how all the Alex Smith supporters are vowing to root against him this weekend. He's been working really hard with Kaepernick to win this game. Even though he's not the starter, I guarantee Smith would much rather have a ring, than some kind of smug self-satisfaction that they couldn't get it done without him. Now, if you're rooting for the Ravens because of Pitta or Kruger, by all means. But if you're doing it for Smith's sake, I'm sure he'd tell you he'd rather you not.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Duckhunter: "As for your comparisons to other qb's, he has not done any more than several other BYU qb's, Detmer, 14 year career, Neilson, on and off starter just like smith, wilson, on and off starter just like smith."

Now lets do an anti-Duck comparison (aka real stats):

Detemer in 14 years: 34 TDS, 35 INT, 6,351 YDS, 74.7 Rating

Smith in 8 years: 81 TDS, 61 INT, 14,000 YDS, 79.1 Rating

Ducky: "49ers fans couldn't care less about him."

And that would explain why WE, 49er fans, gave him a standing ovation in the final game of the season?

Cowboy Dude

OHBU "It was Harbaugh's shrewd coaching that led to Smith being re-signed, and it was under his leadership that Smith finally became a legitimate qb."

I can't disagree more. It was the removal of coach Singletary that brought the talent of the Niners to life. Harbaugh was so lucky to walk into this team.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Time for you to move along. Uteology brought out the official stats, and ate your lunch. You just got PONED! Nowhere for left for you to go. Haha!

Walla Walla, WA

Sure it wasn't the 49ers looking for a release?

Naval Vet: Poned? Really?

I'd stick around concussion boy and take the money coming to you. No one is going to pony up that kind of cash for your glass jaw.

Raymond, 00

I wish the best to Alex, he has been one of my favorite players in the last couple years. Hopefully he gets a good amount of plays in the Super Bowl. You only have so many chances to make it to the big game. Hopefully He'll find a team with a good fit (Chiefs) and keep improving his game!

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