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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 29 2013 11:15 a.m. MST

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CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

There was a stretch during the 80s when the team that had the most BYU grads won the Super Bowl. I think every 49er team that won the Super Bowl met that criteria. Unfortunately, the only BYU grad in this game, that I know of, is Dennis Pitta. As a Niner fan I am getting a bad feeling about this game!

Maybe the returned missionary D-lineman from Oregon on the 49ers, whose name I remember but cannot spell, can offset the Pitta/BYU influence.

May the team that plays the best win.

West Jordan, Utah

Pitta keeps on keepin' on. His success is grinding it out with hard work. He is having a solid career thus far in the NFL. And he still might have some peaking left to do.

Provo, UT

Search on Google for "Deseret News Alex Smith" and you get 111,000 results. Is that good enough for you Utes? You guys keep telling us that we're the whiners, but...

Cedar Hills, UT

No question, Deseret News get twice the readership from a BYU article over a Utah article. Not only do they get the BYU fans, but also the Utah fans. It's good business. Deseret News knows exactly what they are doing. Same story over at the SLTrib.

Ogden, UT

Go Pitta from college Walk-on to Super-Bowl Tight End. Sweet.

Lehi, UT

walk on, no stars

Salt Lake City, UT

As a public service, maybe the D-News could provide a link from BYU articles to Utah articles like "Former Utah defenders make big impact for Baltimore Ravens" so Utah fans like JayTee and Chrissy won't have so much trouble finding them.

What's really happening is our Utah friends are still sore that the Utes were so focused on Max Hall's favorite receiver, Pitta, in that overtime loss to BYU, that they forgot all about George.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Serious??? You're sure? Pitta, no stars, walk on, only becomes one of the best recievers in BYU history? Given little respect and no chance in the NFL? That Dennis Pitta?

I gotta quit reading (some) Ute fan comments...

Okay, sorry, got carried away. Just ironic that the debate about recruiting choir boys with few stars is still warm and there he is - the poster boy for BYU athletes.

Bet he never ran over to the other side to trash talk an opponent either. Call me weird, but I LIKE as many athletes like him playing for BYU as we can get.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Dennis Pitta is Football Houdini , a guy that you know is getting the ball, running patterns accross the busy 10-15 yrs out, middle part of the field, and everyone knows the ball is coming to him, yet somehow he makes the catch and keeps it. In the AFC championship game, he gets laid out like a dead man after a 5 yrd gain, in a hit that will make the NFL season in review. Magically he held onto the ball to everyone's suprise. The second act was on the next play, he's in his home territory the middle of the field, catching a TD pass to put the Ravens in the lead. The hit kept him out of practice for three days, he shouldn't have been able to take another hit after bruising several ribs yet he played another half. Don't count him out

Richmond, VA

@ Y Grad/Y DAD and LL, Ha!ha! You guys have just put a big smile on my face! Your comments about Pita as one of "... the choir boys with few stars" who has become "Football Houdini" and the "poster boy for BYU athletes" in the NFL is just priceless! I thought your comments were brilliant!

Go Cougars! And may the best team win! I love both the Niners and the Ravens. Both Pitta and Smith are great players and representatives of their schools in the NFL and we fans should be proud of that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Great story about a great young man. Thanks DN. Too bad the ute whine merchants didn't like it.

Park City, UT

Whoa! Not all of us Ute fans are the devil! Although I am rabid in my love of all things Ute, and want the Y to lose always of course, I still respect the talent of many of their current and former players. I don't like comparing this and that about U and Y players. Jimmy Mac and Steve Young, although disdained while at the Y, were a couple of my favorite pro QB's. Hard to deny what they did! Really didn't like (strongly) Collie, however, he was very gritty and although he must have a soft head or something, has been very good for Indy (when he plays). Pitta plays very tough, I can't believe he was a walk on. Wasn't Lewis a walk on too? I follow the Ravens a little to watch Kruger eat QB's and have said many times that Pitta is one tough dude!

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