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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 10:40 p.m. MST

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B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Corbin. What a joke. Who's brite idea was it to give this fellow an extension? Haven't we seen enough of this already? Changes need to be made, soon!

Ivins, UT

Well,I will say that every team will have a game or two where it's just not their night and this was certainly true for the Jazz tonight. The team has been playing better recently and hopefully they can get back on track. That said however, I'm with B Russ and feel like coaching is a long term problem for the Jazz. Players can have off nights like tonight but poor coaching has a compounding effect and holds a team back from their potential. I think Corbin is a good guy but I wonder what will it take for management to make a necessary change.

Ivins, UT

Energy Solutions !! There is a solution, get a coach who can inspire this group, and, our starters did not start tonight. We need a new starting lineup badly...begin with trading our two lead men....and the coach. Millsap and Big Al have peaked, maybe sometime back. Do your duty Jazz Management. Out there among our readers solutions have been offered and we are in verse four of the song. Get a new coach and rebuild the starting lineup. This game was so slow I fell asleep during the first quarter and missed most of the mahem.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT

Why do people think they know what goes on in the jazz locker room ands that they are so much more knowledgeable than coach Corbin? He's doing well with what he has. The jazz need to make some major changes to their players, not coach. In my mind there are only four jazz players who should be off limits to trades Favors, Kanter, Hayward, and Carroll.

Mount Beauty, VIC

I tend to agree with other comments

Would Stan VanGundy be a better option for us?

at least he has finals experience and might attract a free agent or two

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

I realize Salt Lake City is a one trick pony when it comes to pro franchises, but fans you don't have to put up with this, vote with your feet. The formula seems to be pick up as many castoffs that at one point had a name or might have been well known lottery picks, throw them together and hope to finish 8th in the west. You get trumped in the first round of the playoffs, everyone says shucks wait til next year, we'll be real good. The high draft picks have been wasted completely, yes even the Butler Boy. Tyrone seems to be a great guy, but not all assistant coaches work out in the hot seat, a change couldn't hurt. This one is extremely embarrassing, I wonder how many college teams could play within 15 points of Hpuston.

Provo, UT

@ B Russ

Corbin may not be the best coach, but he's certainly not the worst. The Jazz did not cut, they did not run, they did not play with one ounce of energy. Blame Corbin if you want, he shares some blame in it, but the players have control over how hard they play and they mailed it in last night.

In the grand scheme of things, it's one game. It was ugly, but no need to panic. We all know the Jazz are a 7th or 8th seed at best, and probably a 9th or 10th at worst. The real question is what direction does the front office want to go? Do they let the players play out their contracts and have a ton of cap room in the off season and a chance to really change up the roster around the young guys, or do they find a deal that works before the trade deadline? I am with you in the sense that last night was unacceptable, and from Corbin down to the 12th man on the bench everyone is accountable.

Saint Louis, MO

Holy Smoke! There are no excuses in a 50 point loss. This should answer the questions of whether or not to aim for the salary cap and whether to start Favors and Kanter. You would then have plenty to go after a high visibility point guard. It would appear that Corbin is now "on the clock".

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Whats this talk of removing Ty Corbin?

You kidding me? Name another coach better to replace him. He has done a great job and continues to move the team forward. Anybody who has actually played a game knows this sort of things happens. Good Grief folks, get a life!

Lindon, UT

Rockets vs. WNBA. Nice.

Lindon, UT

@ Uncle Rico

Stan Van Gundy

Ivins, UT

@ uncle Rico
You ask us to name a coach to replace Corbin, I'll turn the tables and ask you how he's doing a great job and "moving this team forward"? The team snuck into the playoffs last year and if they"re lucky they might get the 8th spot again this year only to be bounced out in the first round. That's not moving anything forward. Corbin has top lottery picks that are showing they have great potential but they are not getting the minutes to develop as fast as they could. Explain to me why Marvin Williams continues to start and gets starters minutes when Corbin has players on the bench willing to give 100% every game. AJ and Sap are decent players but are in the last year of their contract and will both demand inflated salaries next year while the young guns are ready to increase their roles on the team but Corbin is not allowing them greater roles. I'm not satisfied to stay where we are and go over the salary cap with AJ and Millsap next year with hungry lottery picks sitting on the bench.

Morgan, UT

Solution...Utah should draft Lone Peak, they would have done alot better...at least they play with urgent icy and are not paid millions.

Also, I understand there is a run on brown paper sacks to wear at the next game.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT


There's so much about running a pro team you're not taking into account. First, Jefferson is the highest paid player on the team and as a general rule must start. Millsap has been seeing his minutes go down and Favors minutes go up. It doesn't really matter who starts there, it matters who finishes the game. Hayward is our sixth man and is perfect in that role. Burks hasn't earned anything. Free Burks to a new team. Williams is definitely mediocre, I'll agree with that. But honestly, Corbin is managing minutes pretty well. It's up to Lindsey to make the right trades now for this team to grow.

Ivins, UT

Take these petitions to Jazz Management with your feet folks. We have been bored with this inconsistent play long enough. Changes have to be made. This is not working out. Lets hear from Management about the future of this club. We deserve better.

Provo, UT


Yeah go get Lone Peak. They wouldn't cross mid court the whole game. Gimme a break. What does playing with urgent icy mean anyway?


Jefferson has to go. The wave and shake your head at the pick and roll has cost far to many games for this team. And Kevin Mchale letting his guys shoot threes when they are up by forty points in the fourth is a little like LaVel Edwards letting his team throw bombs in the fourth when up by fifty.

Provo, UT

LOL Everyone continues to think Favors would be a star ifhe played 35+ minutes a game. Favors will be good but never be a star great defensively, but below average offensively. Sorry he needs to develope a midrange game before he can be declared a star. Utan's believe everything local sports show talk show hosts tell them. If Favors plays over 30 minutes a game every game Jazz don't come close to making playoffs.

Hyrum, UT

NBA coaches are paid $millions per year. In return, management and fans expect their coach to bring out the best in his players... both individually and as a team. Some consistency is not too much to ask for that kind of pay, either. What the Jazz seem to lack more than anything lately is consistency. They've shown they are talented. They can play like world-beaters one night, but like a high school team a few nights later. It's the coach's job to keep his team at least somewhat consistent. The Jazz currently are not. Not at all! It truly is hard to know what to expect when you buy a ticket to a Jazz game. It's impossible to feel like you got your money's worth of entertainment after watching a game like last night's debacle.
For the life of me, I can not figure out why the Jazz front office decided to give Corbin a contract extension before proving himself as a head coach. He still has not. Not by a long shot. He might be a nice guy, but that's not good enough in his line of work.

South Salt Lake, utah

Milsap and Jefferson have been in the same system for how many years now? Have we shown any improvement what so ever? I think we have gotten worse while the talent and depth has gotten better yet Corbin insist on giving them minutes. I don't get that logic. We're basically the same team as last year, but Hayward is improved, Kanter has improved, Favors has improved, and Burks has improved, and sprinkle in a Demarre Carrol who has developed a jump shot.

Now I understand these guys still are making young guy mistakes, but that is only because they are not playing. It's impossible to magically get in tune and find yourself coming off the bench. We insist on playing the same guys that are past their prime, and not get any better. We insist on losing by 45 points that way. We insist on wasting four lottery picks for mediocrity and Al Jefferson who is the softest player in NBA history.

All you saying be nice to Corbin, but he is the one making these decisions. These decisions hadusonalosing streak not too long ago, and has since reared it'shead up in 2 out of the last threegames.

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