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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 8:05 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT


Dude, come on man ... you're better than this. Numbers ... straight numbers ... no bias.


"...but Wisconsin won the B1G and played in the Rose Bowl."

Let's don't get ahead of ourselves ... Wisconsin finished with the 6th best record in the Big 10 and 3rd in their division. They made the Big 10 Championship game by virtue of Penn St and Ohio St being on suspension.


Your comment was extremely reasonable and level-headed. I'm with you on the November schedule ... if the Y can get good road opponents lined up for November and play good opponents at home earlier in the season in better weather ... well, just makes good sense. I also like Nevada more than Hawaii on that schedule. Now it's time for both BYU and Utah to go prove they can get the big wins this year. Like you I have no predictions. However, I wouldn't book that trip to San Fran just yet ... there's still enough softees to feel fairly comfortable but one or two upsets could put things in jeopardy.

North Salt Lake, UT

What was Holmoe's comment about a conference scheduling alignment? Where can I find it?

Highland, UT


And we all read the delusional utah "fans" claiming pac12 championship, rose bowl, and possibly undefeated season before this last season began so what's your point? BYU fans saying 9-3, or even 10-2, is far more realistic than that claim was by utah "fans".

And no BYU did not have as bad a year as utah did. utah had a losing record and did not go to a bowl game. BYU had a winning record and did got to a bowl game. The schedules are irrelevent to anyone other than utah "fans" trying to justify their own bad season. Obviously you have no idea how BYU would have done with utah's schedule and we have no idea how BYU would have done with utah's. BYU was in all of their games against some pretty good oppnenets, it isn't so far fetched that they might have beaten some of the teams utah got absolutely smoked by.

The truth is the only thing utah has to say anything about was that they did beat BYU, there is nothing else of note or praise that occured for them last season. Just the facts.

Salt Lake City, UT

I smile at Spokane Ute's comments about a BYU fan talking about Utah football.

"I like how CougfaninTexas immediately compares it to Utah's. Paranoid, envy, jealsous? Maybe a little of all three."

I also smile because a devout Utah fan, Chris B, and others fit the very same mold. SUte couldn't have said it better for Chris and his constant badgering about BYU sports even to the point where he ignores his beloved Utes.

We all can learn from this. Probably won't, but should.

Santaquin, UT

For me the ideal scenario would be BYU beating Utah and Utah winning the PAC12 and the Rose Bowl.

Salt Lake City, UT

Highland, UT

In fact, Utah has beaten BYU 3 years in a row and 8 of the last 11.

You wouldn't know that since you were in Tulsa.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Remember UNLV (27 - 0 for the Rebels)"

Protip: when taunting Utah do try to select games that current students would have any knowledge of.

"Plus, which two BCS bowls did you win again?"

How could you forget? You remembered a 27-0 loss from sometime before at least one of those two BCS bowls.

Salt Lake City, UT

Virginia > Washington St
Texas = Stanford
Middle Tennessee < Arizona St
George Tech > USC
Utah State = Utah State
Houston > Colorado
Boise State > Oregon State
Wisconsin > UCLA
Idaho State = Weber State
Notre Dame = Oregon
Nevada = Arizona

Stanford is better than Texas. UCLA and Wisconsin are similar and Boise and Oregon States are similar.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Wishful thinking just like last year when I wished USU would win the WAC and the Aggies ended the season in the top 20. The Y has to play in Cache Valley this year against the best qb in the state and against an amazing D. It is far more likely that my teams will go 2 and 0 against the Y than 0 and 2. Vegas will show the Y as the underdog in both the Texas and USU games. Write it down.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Well, now this is better including this November 2013. Amazing how you guys predict how we will do for 2o13 which I don't believe in predictions. Well Cougars boys, get your warm up going which you guys got a lot of work to do. Well done Tom Holmoe. (better than playing at Wyo, CSU and NM.

Omaha, NE

You can tell Utah and USU fans are excited for BYU's season, or else why would they take the time to read and post? The whole state will follow BYU next season. It will be a really fun year!

I do think they will beat Utah (barely beat BYU with all those seniors and now they are gone and have no senior QB and BYU returns nearly all their star players) and USU (only really has their QB and lost their head coach).

Every week will be a fun week! Lots of comments will pile up BYU articles cuz no one will be able to stay away from BYU football. Thanks for the support all!!!!!!!

Anaheim, CA


Let's not kid ourselves about Wisconsin. The Badgers destroyed then #12 Nebraska 70-31 in the B1G championship game and Stanford only beat Wisconsin 20-14 in the Rose Bowl.

On the other hand, we all know that Utah fans would still be beating their chests incessantly about playing in the first PAC 12 championship game, IF the Utes hadn't stunk it up against Colorado, even though USC was on probation and none of the other teams in the PAC 12 South finished with a winning record.

The spin cycle on the hill never stops, does it?


Even with all of the self-hype BYU is putting out with their schedule for next year, Utah's schedule will still be tougher.

West Jordan, UT


You may or may not be right with your assessment of Utah and a BCS game. It may be a very, very long time. That said, UCLA was 6-3 in the PAC 12 this year and went to the PAC12 championship game. The margin for error with Utah is lot bigger than it is for BYU. If BYU remains independent and keeps a similar strength of schedule, it is a lot more likely that Utah see's a BCS game than BYU. All it takes is 1 loss for BYU and they are right back to the Poinsettia Bowl. I watch college football for entertainment and there is slim to no entertainment value in knowing where you will be at the end of the season regardless.

Utah almost was in the PAC12 championship game in its first year. They were a few plays away in 2012 from being bowl eligible. Give them some solid quarterback play this year and who knows what can happen, especially when you can lose 3 PAC12 games and still have a shot at the Rose Bowl.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Not exactly sure why you got a smile out of my comment; but I'm glad to help. Do you often smile for no apparent reason? What we should learn, I have no idea? Great riddle though. Maybe you can post the decoder information next.


The spin cycle stops when you hit the button. I know that won't happen anytime soon though.


They had to cancel the Hawaii game because the warriors might be in the MWC championship game? Really? They should have kept it open, another game wouldn't hurt anything - it would be extra practice time for the POSSIBLE bowl game.

Provo, UT

Strength of schedule doesn't matter, it's all about who can beat the most teams from Idaho!!

Wait what's that..?

Ok nevermind strength of schedule is important again now.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

"As both a Longhorn and an Aggie I love this schedule. What a great opportunity to beat the Y twice in one season! David Ash and Chuckie Keeton will be two of the best qbs the Cougars DEFENSE will face(plant) next season."

In all seriousness, they ARE two fine qb's and we'll be fortunate to beat them both, especially USU @ Cache Valley. Good luck to the Aggies in almost every game next year!

Herriman, UT

I am glad to see the season finale in Reno. I just got a job transfer back to Sacramento and will head up for the game providing the Donner Pass cooperates. I loved going out to see the Cougars play when I lived in Nor Cal before. We played at Stanford and we had almost twice as many fans there as the Cardinals did. BYU always travels well. Good luck to the team for this very tough schedule.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Even with all of the self-hype BYU is putting out with their schedule for next year, Utah's schedule will still be tougher."

The truth is, you couldn't possibly know which schedule will ultimately be tougher.

Did you predict last August that Utah State, San Jose State, and Oregon State would all finish in the Top 25, while USC would finish out of the rankings and lose to a team in their bowl game that BYU handled easily on the road?

Didn't think so.

Utah fans are fond of making lame predictions based on nothing but their own biased opinions.

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