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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 8:05 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

@motorbike - nice job trying to "spin" to schedule comparison. The problem is you are trying to compare next years schedule with last years results by using sagarin. Try adding a little of your own insight and you'll have a more accurate comparison. With all the players and coaches moving on, 2013 will be completely different than 2012.

My prediction is that Stanford will be the toughest team U play and Texas will be the toughest team we play.

With the coaching change, Oregon is probably not a Top 10 team next year. USC lost a lot of players.

Notre Dame will be stronger on offense, but weaker on defense. Boise State will be improved with more experience. Come on . . . do U really think that ASU could beat Boise next year?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Theirs no reason we cant be non defeated and number 1 on that schedule. We have Kyle Van coming back and a #1QB coming in.
Should be awesome like 1984 again.

Mesa, AZ

Hawaii will miss out on its biggest stadium revenue of the season, next to the USC game. They really took a hit from their new conference..

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Motorbike: Did you make up that quote on your own? very original..
Great Schedule for BYU minus Idaho State...

Orem, UT


You're a little too fixated on Sagarin rankings without considering the broader picture in your comparisons.

How do you rate ASU, a team that was unranked, over #14/#18 Boise State?
#20/#19 OSU did finish in the Top 25, but Wisconsin won the B1G and played in the Rose Bowl.
Who cares whether Idaho State 225 < 179 Weber State, they're both gimme games?
You chose to compare Ga Tech to UCLA, but why not to USC, whom Ga Tech stomped in the Sun Bowl?
Texas could easily be better than Stanford next season.
Notre Dame could easily be better than Oregon.
Not to mention, you didn't account for home/road differences in the schedules.
BYU's 12 opponents have a combined record of 88-64. Utah's opponents 90-64.
Of course, BYU improves Utah's schedule, while Utah drags down BYU's schedule.

Bottom line:

Both BYU and Utah have very good schedules for next season, but team by team comparisons are meaningless because there's absolutely no way of knowing which teams will be better and which teams will be worse in 2013.

Highland, UT

Replacing hawaii with nevada is an upgrade, I like that. Overall the schedule is very good, excellent opponents all through the schedule. Timely bye weeks, nice home and away mix, I like having the home schedule front loaded, better weather around here in Sept/Oct than in November, I'd rather watch the games on tv in November than sit in the cold stadium, I must be getting old.

Now they just need to improve their performance. No predictions from me other than they will be bowl eligible as usual so I'll more than likely spend some time in SF in December which will be fun, one of my favorite cities to visit.

I like everything about it, now go get some wins.

Danbury, CT

@Spokane Ute,

Sure, we're going to get the same group of immature people on both sides. But take a look at the articles on Utah vs. the articles on BYU over time and you will see more BYU-haters on the BYU articles than Utah-haters on the Utah stories. I would love to see more Utes show up on their blogs and be FOR their team. The blog count is so low for Utah articles. There should be more sheer numbers given the size of the U and its alums.

I personally think 'hating' another school or group of people is silly and sad (teasing is another thing) and both schools represent the state I grew up in, so I like to see them BOTH succeed. That they are going in different directions (not in the same conference) is a plus in my POV.

West of I15, UT

@Trueblue..."Both BYU and Utah have very good schedules for next season, but team by team comparisons are meaningless because there's absolutely no way of knowing which teams will be better and which teams will be worse in 2013."

Yet in your post right before you write this paragraph you go through and compare the two schedules.... LOL typical cougie fan

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Eastcoastcoug

I would call it a tie, but who's counting? I have a feeling that many of the negative comments come from the same individual(s), using 3 different screen names. Oh well, we can't control others, only support our teams. I like both Utah and BYU's schedules; like others have said though; it's time to do something with those schedules/opportunities, like win some games. It's nice to have civil dialogue for a change. I will remember your screen name and we will talk in the future. Thanks for the response; and take care Guy!

Sandy, UT

Aug. 31 at Virginia = Toss up, but I will be nice. W

Sept. 7 Texas = L

Sept. 14 Bye

Sept. 21 Utah = L (I'm not trying to be biased, yes I'm a Ute fan I'm going with history here, 3 in a row 8 of 11...)

Sept. 27 Middle Tennessee State = W

Oct. 4 at Utah State = W

Oct. 12 Georgia Tech = Not sure, toss up really.

Oct. 19 at Houston = Lost their coach, toss up.

Oct. 26 Boise State = L

Nov. 2 Bye

Nov. 9 at Wisconsin = L

Nov. 16 Idaho State = W

Nov. 23 at Notre Dame = L

Nov. 30 at Nevada = W

I'm being pretty nice, its different playing good teams every week. Hopefully this schedule will humble you a little bit. It isn't tougher than Utah's schedule either...

Salt Lake City, Utah


Two words: Reading Comprehension

TrueBlue didn't make a team-by-team comparison at all; in fact, he gave several examples of why a straight team by team comparison could be completely invalid.

Magna, UT


You posted "Hopefully this schedule will humble you a little bit."

I haven't heard any thing that resembles pride or arrogance in any of the comments or in the article. I hear/read excitement, enthusiasm and even some realistic worry from most BYU posters and several Utah fans have been positive.

I think your own post exposes who you really are and what you really feel. You're trying to have it both ways but it's not working.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Hopefully this schedule will humble you a little bit."

BYU played FIVE Top 25 teams in 2012; Utah only played TWO.

Who really needs to be "humbled" here?

The team that actually finished with the better overall season, but was disappointed that they didn't do even better?


The team that finished with the poorer overall season, but still wants to pretend that they were better?

One game does not a season make.

Salt Lake City, UT

Finally, a good schedule for the boys in blue.

Now go win a few games against good competition.


"I say again. If you do better than 1-4 against Texas, Boise, notre dame, Utah, and Wisconsin I will sing the byu fight song and post it on YouTube. If you don't do better than 1-4, and in all honesty if you can't do at least 3-2 against those schools you once again have proven to be a nobody in college football. Just a gimme game for big name schools who actually know how I have bcs success.

Mark that down."

Chris B - Will you really do it if BYU goes 2-3 in that stretch? I'm not expecting BYU to compete for a BCS bowl or anything but,

1. Texas is not Texas of old
2. Boise barely won in Boise; game is in Provo
3. ND beat Riley Nelson by 3
4. Utah has owned it as of late but, given where the teams tend to finish I don't see any reason Utah comes in a big favorite

Oh, and to all of you: GO ROCKETS

West Jordan, UT

Finally it looks like BYU has put together a schedule comparable to a PAC12 schedule. We'll see how their record looks at the end of the season with a challenging, BCS type schedule. Gone are the days of the gimmie wins, so BYU will actually have to play well against good teams to win.

The sad part of BYU's schedule is the fact that we all KNOW where BYU will be playing in a bowl next year. They won't go undefeated. They should get 6 wins. So that leaves them out of a BCS game but in a bowl game....which has already been decided. That is one of the good things about being in a BCS league...you don't have to be undefeated to play in a BCS game. There's always hope, albeit a sliver of hope.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

CougFanin TX...

Thanks for the laugh. Nice job trying to "compare" schedules in such a very selective manner. And you didn't even get that right. Stanford is better than Texas. Oregon is better than Notre Dame. Arizona is better than Nevada.

Nice try though.

How bout this instead?


Highland, UT


Let's be honest, IF utah goes to a bowl game next year it won't be anything better than what BYU will go to. We already know utah will not be going to any bcs bowls, or one of the 2-3 bowls with pac12 affiliation that's maybe a little better than the one BYU will be in. Despite all of the rhetoric about this utah "fans" are not really in much better of a position when it comes to those bowls because their odds of winning enough games to qualify for one of them is extremely slim.

There's a pretty good chance utah may never get to a bcs caliber bowl ever again and that isn't just me trying to be provocative. I do think they will some day but honestly it might be a long time and it will never be with anything resembling regularity.

From a fans perspective going to SF or SD for a bowl game is definately superior to going to el paso.

Sandy, UT


You're kidding, right? You haven't seen the many BYU fan posts of saying 10-2, 9-3? If you win more than 6 games on that would be an amazing accomplishment. Especially going in with a new QB.

BYU is going into the same situation almost, new OC with a new QB. You're going to see the same growing pains we did, just hope your O-line is better.


We played more than 2 ranked teams, it doesn't matter what they were when you played them.

I understand Utah's season was bad last year, but BYU was ranked when they played us and lost. It's easy to sit here and say BYU had a better season, but they didn't its equally as bad as Utah, given their schedule. If it the same outcome would to happen this year then you have a point, but with WAC the majority of the schedule and having a better record than Utah last year floats your boat.. then congrats buddy!


Congratulations to the BYU staff. It's a good schedule with a mix of easy and tough opponents.
Other "powerhouse" schools always have a patsy schedule for the beginning of their season (eg Nebraska, Florida, USC, Ohio State, etc.) I glad to see BYU hitting the ground running this year. If everything goes right, they could find themselves in the mix of a BCS Bowl game at seasons end.

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