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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 8:05 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

In year 3 of independence this is the caliber of schedule fans were promised.

Congrats to Tom Holmoe and company for delivering! This is great!

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Looks like a good schedule to me. If they manage to go 6-6 with this they deserve to go to a bowl game.

On that note; has BYU made a deal with bowl yet for this year?

Orem, UT

Couldn't ask for a better schedule if you're a BYU fan. Tough, challenging games throughout the season with a good mix of home and away. We even have a Jimmer-like Glens Falls tribute to KVN in his home town to end the season.

Well Done Tom!

Farmington, UT

Looking forward to it. Go Cougars!

newhall, CA

6 and 6, and that's being generous. I think they will win no less than 4 and won't be going to a bowl game.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

2 weeks to prepare for Utah still won't be enough.

Salt Lake City, UT

Like many fans I'm sure, I'm disappointed with the addition of Idaho State, and it shouldn't count in any way shape or for with respects to bowl eligiability. Even worse than the other in-gem-state school Idaho. Not the way to keep the home fans happy, not to mention Southern Mississippi wants out of the 2014-15 home & home deal...which could result in more FCS cupcakes rotating into Provo for paydays.

But this all could come to an end since all bets are BYU will be rejoining the MWC in time for the 2016 season as a completely new TV deal kicks in, or if the real miricle for the Cougars comes through would be for the Big 12 to add Florida State to defect from the ACC, and BYU is invited to even the number. With Utah State securely in a strengthened MWC, word is there will be less opposition from the BYU Board of Trustees on such a move by BYU if it opens up this time, and a 12 team league can work around the "no Sunday play" rule easier than 10 teams. GO COUGARS!!!

Logan, UT

I bet the Cougars finish 7-5 or 6-6 next season.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

You guys have had great success against good teams the past few years like Texas, Tucson, Utah, Boise, notre dame, Florida state.

So Utah, Boise, notre dame, Texas, Wisconsin might as well be forfeits. I said last year if you beat Utah or went better than 1-3 against notre dame, Boise, Oregon state, and Utah state I wouldn't post all year

What happened? You lost to Utah and went 1-3 against those others

I say again. If you do better than 1-4 against Texas, Boise, notre dame, Utah, and Wisconsin I will sing the byu fight song and post it on YouTube. If you don't do better than 1-4, and in all honesty if you can't do at least 3-2 against those schools you once again have proven to be a nobody in college football. Just a gimme game for big name schools who actually know how I have bcs success.

Mark that down.

Columbia, MO

BYU is going to surprise some people this year. This schedule is smarter and tougher than BYU has had for a long time, but I think the Cougars will be up for some upsets.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

This is similar to an SEC or PAC 12 schedule.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Not a bad schedule at all. Now lets see if the cougs can deliver one of those top 25 finishes their fans like to brag about while playing a real schedule. I smell some humble pie baking in the oven.

Salt Lake, UT

Home and home with Middle Tennessee State.
Can't wait until 2014 when BYU plays at Middle Tennessee STate.


I hope most Cougar fans would much rather see a schedule like this than a MWC schedule and the chance at a better bowl game. As far as I'm concerned the Cougars have 6 or so games that are more exciting than any Las Vegas Bowl.
Cougar fans should gladly give up a chance at a good bowl game and replace it with a regular season packed with talented teams. It's a difficult regular season and terrible bowl game much better than a cupcake regular season and a marginal bowl game?

Malad City, ID

Christina... against Texas, Boise, notre dame, and Wisconsin, Utah wouldn't win a game. Not one!!!!!

This is a very tough BYU schedule, but I'm feeling that BYU will make some big upsets, in a break-through year, and insure that lovely but mouthy Christina does not darken the door of BYU articles for a year. Now that will be sweet silence.

Cedar City, Utah

Don't predict anything Sambone. You and your team are in no position to predict anything for the 2013 season.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"I smell some humble pie baking in the oven."

That's what spilled over from the end of Utah's last season. You forgot to clean your oven.

Farmington, UT

Utah fans having nothing about which to talk.

Remember UNLV (27 - 0 for the Rebels), Utah State (Utah lost in over-time in Logan) and Colorado (kept Utah from playing in the inagural PAC 12 Championship game as Utah lost to the absolute worst road team in America in SLC)? What about going to the Rose Bowl? That's a laugher for sure.

And now they're bagging on BYU and whatever bowl game they might play, whereas Utah hasn't won a total of 10 PAC 12 conference games yet. They need a 3RD YEAR to accomplish that, and there's no guarantee they will do it in 3 instead of four.

Plus, which two BCS bowls did you win again? I think the country has forgotten.

And yes, BYU won their bowl game at the conclusion of last season, one of two who did from the State of Utah, the other being Utah State. Oh, that's right, Ute partisans, you went "bowling" at Orchard Lanes.

Frisco, TX

What a great schedule. Suddenly all the naysayers have disappeared. For an Indy to put together a schedule that is comparable in every way to an AQ schedule is very impressive. For those who say it is not comparable, I ask you to draw your own comparisons from the comparison below.

Virginia > Washington St
Texas = Stanford
Middle Tennessee < Arizona St
George Tech > USC
Utah State = Utah State
Houston > Colorado
Boise State > Oregon State
Wisconsin > UCLA
Idaho State = Weber State
Notre Dame = Oregon
Nevada = Arizona

There's no way that BYU comes out with double digit wins, but I'm willing to bet we'll be bowling and Utah will be home for the holidays again.

Holmoe's comment about a scheduling alignment with a conference was pretty interesting. It has to be with either the MWC or Big12. I would not mind seeing 5 games with either conference. It sounds like Boise State and Utah State are long term. It sounds like Notre Dame has no intention to cancel any of their 6 games with BYU. It sounds like Hawaii won't happen. And it sounds like more games against Texas.

Salt Lake City, UT


There's no reason for BYU fans to be disappointed with scheduling Idaho State; practically every Top 25 team has at least D1-AA patsy on their schedule. Idaho State will give BYU a nice break between Notre Dame and Wisconsin.

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