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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 6:30 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Spokane Ute

"Texas A&M was better then [sic] Bama."

Really, so all of the Coaches and Sportswriters who voted Alabama #1 and Texas A&M #5 were wrong, as well as the supposedly infallible "bcs" rankings, which didn't include Texas A&M in the Top 2?

Proceeding down the list:

2. Colorado(3-10) was better than Utah(8-5) in 2011. FACT
3. UNLV(2-10) was better than Utah(9-4) in 2007. FACT
4. New Mexico(6-7) was better than Utah(8-5) in 2006. FACT
5. SDSU(5-7) was better than Utah(7-5) in 2005. FACT
6. Texas A&M(4-8) was better than Utah(10-2) in 2003. FACT
7. BYU(2-5) was better than Conference Champion Utah(6-2) in 1942. FACT

I wonder how UNLV feels about the Utes stealing their spot in the 2007 Poinsettia Bowl, since the Rebels were BETTER than the Utes. Since Utah wasn't even as good as a 2-10 team, should Utah's win over Navy still count, since the Utes obviously didn't deserve to be there?

It'll be a dark day in Uteville when Utah loses to BYU in September.

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

Spokane Ute

Sorry to interrupt the spin cycle, but

BETTER season = BETTER team

It's a simple concept that every fan should understand.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

spokane ute

"In my opinion, Utah was better than Arizona, UCLA and Utah State. In fact they were not, they lost to all three and I give those teams credit."

Your opinion isn't the issue here.

unranked/#44 Arizona(8-5),
unranked/#31 UCLA(9-5), and
#16/#17/#19 Utah State(11-2)

all finished with better records and higher rankings than

unranked/#61 Utah(5-7),

validating their wins over Utah and proving that they were BETTER than Utah.

There's not any need for you to give those teams credit for being better, the final rankings prove that they were better.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Hi Fred Vaenuku. I served an LDS mission in Germany and had the privelage of meeting some awesom American Polyneseans there who were serving in the military. I had great experiences at the U and I loved the institute there. I hope your nephew's experiences will be as great as mine were.

Go Cougars and go Utes!


@Backpacn and UofU 1991

Better season = better team? As a Utah fan i will admit defeat when we lose. When BYU beats Utah i understand that they are the better team. The final overall record doesn't tell us who the better team is. We could go into the whole "cupcake" games thing but that'd be pointless because every BYU fan in Provo would start posting stats. The better season and the better team is not the same thing.

I guarantee that if BYU wins next year but Utah has a better overall season than you would be saying the same thing that i'm saying now. The head-to-head competition is the deciding factor. Pull your heads out and stop crying about statistics.

If Utah were to win the National Championship next year(which it won't, I'm not that dumb) but lost one game to BYU, then you would all claim to be the better team. All you arguing right now would claim that BYU won the head to head matchup and was better.



So let us say that UTAH wins the BCS National Championship next year(which unfortunately for me probably won't happen) but they lose one game to BYU in the process. I'm willing to bet that most BYU fans would say that they were the better team. Better overall record doesn't always mean the better team. I would argue that BYU was the better team for that game and that we lost. I'm probably going to get some grief from fellow Utah fans but the head to head matchup is everything. I can't believe your all throwing it out like garbage. Why do you think they even play in the first place? To see who isn't the better team? That's the whole purpose of sports in general to see who is the better team when they play each other.

Highland, UT

@spokane ute

The only one of those teams I've seen any BYU fan claim BYU was better than is utah, and I agree, I think overall BYU was better than utah this past season, but utah had a better game the day they played. I most certainly don't, and have never see another BYU fan claim, that BYU was better than notre dame. I think BYU and boise were about equal and I think BYU and sjsu were about equal, they beat BYU so they get the edge. I also think BYU and usu were about equal and even though BYU beat them I give usu the edge because they had the better overall season. And I think the vast majority of BYU fans agree with me on every single one of those evaluations.

It is only utah "fans" that cling to a single game as the be all tell all of a season and it is interesting that the one game they cling to in an attempt to define their season is the BYU game. So in that case congratulations on a great season.


Las Vegas, NV

@ Spin Machine:

"While BYU fans are home watching games.."

That's the best YOU can come up with? LOL. Kitty trollers are hilarious!

Las Vegas, NV

Welcome aboard fred Vaenuku! We are really looking forward to have your nephew dominate on the field as a Ute. We look forward to a long a prosperous relationship with Gaius.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Vaenuku, you made the right choice.

If you want to play football in the state of Utah and make the NFL, go to the U of U.

In the last 5 years:
Utah players drafted: 13
BYU players drafted: 4

In the last 10 years:
Utah players drafted: 25
BYU players drafted: 12

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Vaenuku, you may want to reconsider

Players who had never donned a pair of shoulder pads before coming to the program, but were developed into a first-round draft pick by the program

Utah 0

Super Bowl MVPs
Utah 0

National College Football Hall of Fame Players
Utah 0

Heisman Trophy Winners
Utah 0

National Individual Award Winners
BYU 15
Utah 0

#1 Draft Picks who have lead their team to only ONE playoff win in 8 Seasons
Utah 1

Salt Lake City, UT


You honestly expect us to believe that the majority of Utah fans actually believe that Colorado(3-10) was better than Utah(8-5) last year?

I'd love to see what the actual survey results would be if the D-News asked a 1000 Utah season tickets holders "Who was better last season, Utah or Colorado?"

Frankly, I doubt you even believe that silliness yourself.


Glad to see the Utes picked up an LDS recruit. BYU picks up non-LDS recruits all the time, but you don't see us BYU fans jumping all over the Ute fans going "Oh what now! We stole one away from U!" Big whoop.


Little Brother Y, a few things:

1. The NFL draft has not happened yet, so it's impossible to say BYU "developed" anyone into a first-round draft pick this year.

2. There is plenty of proof that Vaenuku indeed HAS donned a pair of shoulder pads in his life, so why would that matter in the first place?

3. A purely defensive player has never won, and in all likelihood will never win, the Heisman trophy, so that has no relation to Vaenuku either.

That is a very feeble attempt at discrediting the U's history of great football players.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I love the reference to the 1942 game; that's awesome. I guess we can agree to disagree. From my stand point, the team that wins the game, on the field, was the better team; certainly on that day. I know that's a crazy concept for many. If you want to believe that the best team is decided by vote; so be it. Let's say next year BYU beats Utah, but finishes 6-6; while Utah goes 7-5. I guess per your criteria, Utah would have the better team? No way would a BYU fan ever take that position. I guess what ever fits your agenda. If that happens, I will come on here and say BYU had the better team. I guess that's the difference between myself and others, I can give credit where credit is due; as opposed to spinning the facts and stats to fit my agenda.

@ Lone Star
Who said Colorado had a better team than Utah last year? Your reference is from 2 years ago, and on that day they had a better team. They beat us fair and square.

Alpine, UT


1. Is a given

2. The point isn't whether Vaenuku has donned a pair of shoulder pads, or not, the point is the vast improvement in players who have gone through the BYU program - from no experience to first round NFL draft pick (Ziggy); from walkon, no stars, to Super Bowl starter (Pitta)

3. A purely defensive has never won the Heisman, but having a Heisman Trophy winner, as well as numerous other national individual award winners, shows the calibre of players coming out of the BYU football program - Heisman, Doak Walker, Sammy Baugh, Outland, Davey O'Brien award winners

Utah has NEVER had a single national individual award winner or national college football hall of fame player

Utah has had some great football players, but Utah has never had the nation's best "fill in the blank"

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Royal Blue

I guess the BEAR BRYANT AWARD is meaningless.....sheeesh! At least get your facts straight prior to posting!


royalblue, "the nation's best 'fill in the blank'" is a purely subjective matter. Utah has had the nation's best pro prospect according to 2005 NFL draft experts and the San Francisco 49ers. Utah had the nation's best offensive lineman according to 2003 NFL draft experts and the Carolina Panthers. If you're calling "givens," Utah has the nation's best defensive lineman and possibly overall pro prospect this year. That's a lot more recent and a lot more pertinent to this individual. Cherry-picking stats is hardly reason enough for telling a young man he made the wrong decision in the college he wants to attend, especially when the only recent stat they can bring up is almost too obscure to comprehend.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Spokane Ute

"I guess the BEAR BRYANT AWARD is meaningless..."

The Bear Bryant Award isn't a player award.


"the nation's best 'fill in the blank'" is a purely subjective matter"

As is pretty much EVERY award in major college football, including who gets to play in the BCS championship game and who gets selected as at-large teams for BCS bowls, so what's your point?

That still doesn't change the fact that BYU players have been so highly regarded nationally, that 15 such awards have been awarded to BYU players versus 0 for Utah players, and 6 BYU players have been inducted into the National College Football Hall of Fame, again versus 0 Utah players.

NFL draft picks are just as "subjective". Aaron Rogers has turned out to be a MUCH better NFL QB than Alex Smith.

As far as relevancy goes, there's absolutely no proof that playing for Utah will give Vaenuku any better chance of playing in the NFL than playing for BYU.

If he's good enough to play in the NFL, it doesn't matter if he plays at podunk u, NFL scouts will find him.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

I predict that this young man will redshirt next season, go on a mission and then, seeing the error of his ways, will transfer to BYU.

I don't really believe that but the temptation was too much to overcome!

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