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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 4:30 p.m. MST

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American Fork, UT

Anyone who thinks this might prompt the LDS Church to abandon Scouting hasn't been paying attention to the LDS Church's position regarding the gay community. Visit the Church's web site regarding the matter and you'll see that the church is much more likely to welcome gay scouts and develop a well-reasoned policy regarding gay scout leaders than it is to drop Scouting.

North Richland Hills, TX

See my previous post before reading this one.

I know people will interpret LDS Church policy differently but I think its rather clear. Same gender attraction is wrong and needs to be overcome. BUT for me (straight married man) it’s also wrong for me to have attraction to other women. I would need to overcome that and definitely not act on them.

Maybe this all a matter of semantics, but an active gay Mormon would be someone who is working on overcoming the same gender attraction. I personally would not consider them gay just like I wouldn't consider a straight married man an adulterer for having thoughts about another woman.

I think there’s a lot of speculation as to what the LDS Church may do about BSA if the ban was lifted. I can see them sticking with it and I can also see them abandoning it. I have told others that LDS units outside of the US (and Canada) have had great Young Men without a scouting program. The work of the Lord will go on regardless.

Brave heart
Springville , UT

@ WIllie

I don't agree with your statement that it would be "awesome" for the church to announce a separation from the BSA in the upcoming conference. You are completely missing the point of scouting. It's not a program to teach kids to a have certain sexual orientation, it completely ignores that. The real mission of scouting is to teach kids many wonderful skills that will prepare them to live in a world where they will be challenged to question their values, and at times to use what they learned from scouting to stand up for what they believe in. I agree with a previous poster where he says that whatever the BSA decides on the matter, his Eagle award will still mean the same to him as it always did. With that being said, any young man, regardless of their sexual orientation, should not be denied to reap the benefits from the scouting program.

Salt Lake City, UT


Kelsey Timmerman turned in his Eagle Scout badge because, of the BSA anti-gay stance.


Draper, Utah

The LDS church has gradually tried to transition the scouting program into a comprehensive young men's program incorporating the activities of scouting and Duty to God/LDS teachings. They haven't been able to do that successfully because both programs are stand-alone and the combination of both is too time intensive. The quality of both pursuits is not optimal anymore. I hope they officially pull out of BSA and create their own program in the mold of their young women's program.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

As for me, an Eagle Scout and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, I predict The Church will leave the BSA if this is passed. Personally, I am sympathetic to such a move by The Church. Just my opinion.

The church already has a number of fantastic youth resources that could take the place of scouting. Think of the new youth curriculum. Yes, it would be a sad thing to part ways with the BSA, and yes, it would be a commentary on current society morals, but it could be done. The church is well within its rights to leave the BSA if it bows to the pressure of a few (relatively speaking) vocal people or groups.

Fundamentally, homosexual behavior is not in harmony with the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Personally, I believe the Church's recent teachings on same-sex attraction do not mean it ought to sponsor an a group (BSA) that doesn't uphold standards The Church holds: that doesn't hold its personnel to the highest moral values. Why would you force an organization to do so?

very concerned
Sandy, UT

I cannot imagine Lord Baden-Powell ever considering homosexuality as a virtue for his scouts to emulate. Neither it's leaders. I just don't see it to be in harmony with what he taught. The leaders should embody traditional virtues. Some fail, but the majority do not.

As already stated, I don’t think it is hate or fear that underpins this position. The church teaches its members love and compassion, but also, in order to be loyal and true to the Lord, His gospel, and His commandments, it teaches against the transgression of homosexual behavior. Neither do I believe it means the church is moving inevitably toward acceptance of gay behavior. I see it as inspired counsel that the Lord loves all of us, no matter what we do.

And please don’t discount the legal ramifications already mentioned

Having said all that, I do appreciate a church that teaches us to love our brothers and sisters, despite behavior or orientation. It calms my soul to know that the Lord loves those who violate major commandments. It gives me hope for my little imperfect soul.

Just my guess.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Girl Scouts do not allow men to serve as leaders at girls' camps. There is a good reason for that policy. The same reason applies here: the BSA should not allow men who are sexually attracted to other men to serve as scout leaders and camp with boys. It's that simple.

Santaquin, UT

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Will BSA change the oath from morally straight to, perhaps, morally whatever?

Salt Lake City, UT

Scouting has created more work, division and contention in my religion than any other single activity.

If the LDS Church severs it's ties to the Boys Scouts of America, millions of Moms and Dads will rejoice!!!

American Fork, UT

To be a scout in this area, as shown by the comments here, is to belong to a movement pretty much hijacked by the mormon church. How is it that's OK but the idea of a couple of gay members is so off putting? And it would only be a few members, probably almost none in Utah. Let's face it, changing policies or laws doesn't get change a fearful culture.

Salt Lake City, UT

Being "gay" is a condition of mortality. Nobody will be "gay" in the hereafter.

Nampa, ID

I'm a boy scout leader and serve with an LDS unit.

First, same sex attraction is not the same as wanting to be a member of the opposite sex.

Second, Heterosexual behavior outside the bonds of marriage is a no-no in LDS church. If someone admits that he is attracted to the same sex, as long as it isn't acted upon, its no biggie.

Third, Jesus taught to love the sinner but not the sin.

Fourth, LDS church is free to follow it or not. they can make thier own policies. If the church leaves, and I doubt they will, it just looks bad.

Magna, UT


The LDS Church has not hijacked the Boys Scout in this area. I think you make that statement because you are offended because the LDS Church will not endorse homosexuality and you remain angry.

There are hundreds of non LDS Scout Units in Utah and across the organization.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Why does it matter is scouts and scout leaders are gay?

They go camping and sleep together in tents. School teachers don't do that.
Do you want your son sharing a tent with another boy that may be sexually attracted to him?

Magna, UT

BSA has been very good at developing and working with every sponsoring organization to adapt it to their particular needs. The LDS Church is a perfect example of Aaronic Priesthood/Boy Scout adaptation.

I'm not sure but this may be what Hutterite means by Hijacking. It's evident to me that the moral paradigm in the world has shifted significantly. Some hold fast to the Jude o-Christian long recognized morality and others have detached themselves in ways and others have completely abandoned any moral standard.

This seems to be a defining moment for BSA. The LDS Church will always stay independent of the worlds drifting moral shifts.

busy mom
Stansbury Park/Tooele, UT

In regards to Anon123 comment,

We will still hold the same standard for homosexual scouts ( no sex before marriage ) is just ignorant.

Immoral and extreme sexual behavior of both heterosexual married couples and homosexually couples is still sin.

Santa Rosa, CA

This is a prelude to the Boy Scouts suffering what has already been done to the Girl Scouts.

There are countless horror stories of the girls being victimized and indoctrinated by their own gay scout leaders - as well as being taught to hate males. Please Google this subject to learn more. This is one anecdote:

"As a Boy Scout leader, my troop was at a large Boy Scout owned campground that also admitted Girl Scout troops. During the evening campfire, where everyone does skits, the girls’ skits were all focused on hating boys and men. The girls’ leaders were egging them on to be more contemptuous of the boys. The leaders had rage on their face and fire in their eyes. It was shocking to see how much hatred they were passing on to the young girls. The parents in my troop told me that their girls, who were girl scouts (not at this event) were being taught a radical feminist agenda in their troops, and that they had taken their girls out of the organization."

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Dave D

would you be willing to send your 12 year old son in to the back woods camping for a week with some of those "gay brothers" leaders you speak of?


What a bunch of sellouts. If the BSA really thought there was a problem with gay scoutmasters and scouts, why did they issue their statements last year to the contrary? They didn't mind that they lost the exiled scoutmasters or den leaders and they didn't mind that they lost all those eagle scouts who protested. It wasn't until they started loosing corporate sponsors that they decided to do anything about it. What a bunch of charlatans.

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