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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 11:40 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

In God We Trust is now being left off of the new coins.


Orem, UT

Whoever this Becky Lockhart is, she is right on. I only hope that other legislators in our State and those who represent us in Congress have a spine as well.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Passing legislation isn't necessarily a good thing. Sometimes less is more...

Ogden, UT

Lockhart, once again, proved that she's part of the problem, not part of the solution. Sad.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Red, do some fact checking. It is totally FALSE that "In God We Trust" is being left off new coins.

It was the new dollar coins that set this lie off. While it's true the phrase is not included on the FACE of the coin, it is engraved on the RIM of the coins.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Another grandstanding political speech by a politician, there is a shock.

Salt Lake City, UT

The current Republican House has passed the least amount of legislation in HISTORY.


If I did 3% of my job?

I would be fired.

Park City, UT

Pagan- Please stop with this 3% stuff! NO member of congress whether D or R is there just to pass legislation. Is it really that hard to understand? Can we do an intervention?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

joseywales said: Pagan- Please stop with this 3% stuff! NO member of congress whether D or R is there just to pass legislation. Is it really that hard to understand? Can we do an intervention?

Yeah, the other 97% of the time they're cashing checks from lobbyist, going out to eat with businessmen, and checking craigslist postings.

To be fair they're also summiting laws written by special interest think tanks to benefit special interests groups who sponsor said think tank.

Kaysville, UT

The Federal Government, Legislative and Executive, have not done very many positive things for 4 years. They have not set an example for all states, especially when establishing a budget during the past 4 years. They have passed bills or acts that are no congruent with the real Constitutional intent and direction of that sacred document. State partnership with the Federal Government have relied on those funds that have been promised and directed by the funding formulas for many years. However, with no action from the Senate and President, we are living on borrowed time and money for our great-grandchildren to pay, if they ever get to that point of solvency.

What a sad state of affairs. Federal Government shutdowns of agencies and departments will have a roll down the hill effects. For two years, the Federal House of Representatives have submitted proposals and have been turned down by the Senate who never came back with proposals of their own. This may have been as the Obamacare act is not doable and the Government knows it and doesn't want the roll in budget to show it on paper.

This administration doesn't show honor or majesty with integrity.

Jennifer Zapata
Sacramento, CA

Pagan, we don't want to work together because Obama is working against the country. Well, against the people, if not the government. These representatives are defending our rights and liberty against a president who honors neither and disdains the constitution that ensures them. We all need to work together to turn our country around.

Salt Lake City, UT

You talk about working together, that has to start with the President. He refuses to sit down with congress and come up with a budget. He controls two branches of government and still has yet to pass a budget. To me it is interesting that the dems want compromise but the President said he would veto a budget that he hadn't even read, far from compromise. The healthcare bill was passed in the middle of the night behind closed doors. It is insane to look at this through rose colored glasses. Speaker Lockhart has a good right to chastise the Feds and she is right to stay as far away from them as possible. When have the Feds ever spent our money wisely?

Highland, UT


Tell me, will you be willing to compromise in the direction that conservatives want things to go? I'm willing to bet you won't but let's put it to the test shall we?

Myself, and most other Conservatives/Libertarians wish to see the size of the federal government reduced. We want to see regulations on ourselves and businesses reduced. We would be all in faovr of apssing legislation that would accomplish those things. If you want to see legislation passed how about passing some that we want passed?

But for libs that has never been what "compromise" means. To you "compromise" means that libs want to increase government by X amount and republicans then "compromise and government is only increase Y amount. Government still icnreases, just not as much as libs wanted and that to you guys is "compromise".

Let's compromise my way for once. I want to see the departments of Education and Homeland Security eliminated. Why don't we comrpomise and just cut the size and budgets for them in half? How about that? That would be a compromise and you could feel like congress is doing their job by passing legislation.

Highland, UT


It takes 2 to "compromise" doesn't it? How come obama and the libs are "compromising in the direction conservative/libertarians want?

You see "your comments show us exactly why this country is the shape it's in". You are unwilling to "compromise" you just want legislatin passed that will grow the government and nothing that will shrink it. Why should it only be those of us that oppose government growth that "compromise" our wants for yours?

Tell me how much of the legislation that republicans want has obama "compromised" on and passed? "is there any wonder why this country is in such a divide?"

Just as obama got elected to the presidency repulicans got elected to control the house. Guess what, the house is where legislation comes from, not the presidency. Presidents are supposed to manage what is given them by the house. The fact the republicans overwhelmingly were elcted to control the house shows people want them to pursue their agenda, just like libs claim with obama.

Of course you don't see it like that, you only see your side of things and you want us to "compromise" your direction.

Bluffdale, UT

the not funny thing is she replaced clark as speaker a couple of years ago because he was pushing ethics laws, and they dont want them because they always have conflict of interests to make money.


Is Utah going to take care its sick and poor, as Jesus repeatedly commanded his followers to do? If so then I don't care about the details of how it happens. However, we Mormons also believe in following the laws of the land, and it also seems like a waste of time fighting the feds on healthcare.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hey Duckhunter,

"The fact the republicans overwhelmingly were elcted to control the house shows people want them to pursue their agenda, just like libs claim with obama."

First off, what kind of patriot who claims to love his country doesn't even have the decency to capitalize the name of the president of the United States? Show some respect, please.
Secondly, democratic candidates for Congress received around 5 million more votes than did republicans. The republican majority in Congress is due largely to unfair redistricting by republican controlled state legislatures. Please stop pretending that your "conservative agenda" is somehow a path that a majority of Americans wish to pursue. It isn't.
By the way, I love duck hunting too!

Ogden, UT

If I had any smarts and in the Utah Legislature, I would keep my mouths shut when talking, or suing the Federal Government. In March there is a bill that will cut a large hunk of money for the military. If the feds are mad at you, Hill AFB might be o the block. If the legislature would listen to me, JUST COOL IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Saint George, UT

Speaker Lockhart does not seem very Christian to me. I do not understand conservatives; they claim to be religious, but they do not follow Christ teachings in being compassionate. That is why I left the Republican party, they just seem so mean spirited, their math rarely adds up,and they despise everyone who is not a millionaire.

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