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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 11:40 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I hear Frankfurt is nice this time of year. Send a postcard.

Bloomington, IN

"not only does Jimmer lead the Kings in 3-point shooting at 43.8 percent, he is among the top 10 best long-range marksmen in the entire league."

ChrissyB, there's an NBA team out there with this kind of need. As I see other headlines dealing with Alex Smith, trust me, Jimmer's time will come.

SoCal Roger
Costa Mesa, CA

Aren't the Celtics looking for a guard now with Rondo injured? Could we see a deal in the works for a trade?


@ Dave

Why compare jimmer to Alex smith? Two different sports. And smith has been more successful than jimmer will ever be. How about we compare him a utah basketball star like van horn (22 points 8 Rebs in 2nd season), Andre miller (15 points 8 assists 4 Rebs in 2nd year), Andrew bogut (12 pts 9 Rebs 3 assists in 2nd season) or even Michael doleac (7 pts 4 Rebs in second season). I guess I just don't understand the comparison to a football player. I understand jimmers career doesn't look very promising but come on...

Plano, TX

Somehow, some day, the Celtics will end up with Fredette.

Murray, UT

@Chris B

Looks to me like the whole ute team should head to turkey and play. 1-7 in league gotta love moving to the pac10+2 more fodder for the Arizona's and UCLA's....lol

Eagle Mountain, UT


I hear Frankfurt is nice this time of year. Send a postcard.
Apparently Christine B knows as little about Germany as she does about sports.

niners - you totally missed the point (not a surprise for jealous and defensive little brothers). Alex smith was in a bad situation and when he had a chance he did poorly. But by sticking it out he finally made a name for himself. He is an example of what Jimmer needs to do.

West Jordan, UT

In case anyone wondered, Damian Lillard is #1 on the Blazers depth chart, rookie of the month for Nov and Dec, and averaging 18 ppg with 6.5 assists pg. But hey, lets keep talking about Jimmer.

Highland, UT


alex smith has had very little "success" as you call it. He is one of the worst #1 overall picks in NFL history. But the comparison was basically spot on between he and Jimmer. The difference being Jimmer is only in his 2nd year, smith has failed for 8 years including failing to keep his job this year. Really not good at all.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope that Chris B will send a postcard from Germany. Europe is a nice place for an extended visit.

Henderson, NV

Chris B:

Hows that inferiority complex workin for ya?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Do you think the lack of playing is related to his inability to guard anything besides the statute of John Stockton?


Duck hunter

When jimmer leads the kings to the western conference finals as starting PG we will begin to compare jimmer and Alex smith. For now I'd day jimmers career looks more like Ty detmers career, stuck at 2nd string. Although at this point jimmer would love to be 2nd string!

Cottonwood Heights, UT


You continue TRYING to make Alex Smith into one of the biggest flops at the #1 pick of all time, having even placed him in the top 3 in one of your comments.

Funny thing though, when I go back only 22 years ... the 1990 draft ... I can list at least 10 players out of those 22 that most critics would tell you were larger disappointments than Alex.

You're so entirely far away from reality on this topic that it's ridiculous.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

yES!! I new he would come back stronger and better than ever. Sacrominto will regret not playing him all the times.

Bloomington, IN

Thanks PP, and yup niners, you completely missed the point. Obviously, I know the two play different sports, but the two were both first round draft picks, thrown into a terrible situation where they underperformed, received a lot of criticism, etc. My point is that Smith waited things out and found some success (and I congratulate the way Smith has handled himself this year, even more than leading his team to the conference finals last year). Considering Jimmer is in the top ten in three point %, there are teams that could and will use him, and if he waits things out, we will all see that he will make a name for himself.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Damian Lillard is tearing up the NBA. Going to be rookie of the year...

...but Jimmer had jock-itch this week, let's talk about that.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

Jimmer is a unique talent, he needs to find a team that believes in him.

Remember the old adage, "you are only as good as your coach believes you are!"

Ogden, UT

Now that he's getting more consistent minutes, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Three point shooting is a commodity in the NBA, teams can hide Jimmer's defensive deficiencies. Korver certainly wasn't a super defender in his time in Utah. Mo Williams isn't a super defender either. Jimmer could do well as a role player if he found a team that suited him better. The Kings are too willy nilly.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Highland, UT


alex smith has had very little "success" as you call it. He is one of the worst #1 overall picks in NFL history.


No he is not, prove opinion.

Let me try to help you, Alex Smith doesn't even make ESPN's "100 Worst draft picks ever" in any sport. Here's a couple #1 picks that do:

Steve Emtman
Tim Couch
Kenneth Sims
Aundry Bruce
Ki-Jana Carter
Jamarcus Russell

None of those players lasted 8+ years in the NFL.

According to Peter King (Sports Illustrated), and to your disappointment, Alex Smith will be playing in the NFL next year.

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