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Published: Sunday, Jan. 27 2013 10:40 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The crowd was so small...
I work with a few cougar fans.
They are outnumbered, and not too obnoxious, but every time something like this happens I hear about it - LOUD from one of them.
I guess I can thank Chris B. and other inmature U fans in part for this.
Maybe one of you can tell me what is so amazing about being in the Pac 12.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Legal

I'm sure you can understand the monetary advantages of being in the PAC-12. Look at the growth happening within Utah's athletics department. New track and field complex, new softball stadium, new football training facility, new basketball training facility, an expansion coming to RES and renovations coming to the JMHC.

It will take time for many our teams to compete, but if/when they get to the top of the conference they will be playing for conference and national championship trophies. Utah has earned a great opportunity with its PAC-12 membership. It's an exciting time to see the University growing like it is; including academically.

Ogden, UT


Nice post.

It's too bad for the U and their fans. A Sunday College basketball game in Utah is bound to be poorly attended. Too bad the U also played terrible. I for one wouldn't mind seeing them find success this season, but that seems to be at least a season away.

Both Utes, Aggies, Cougs and Wildcats are going to be on the outside looking in on the Big Dance.

Sandy, UT


Well...you have that nifty Conference Logo on all your....clothing, stationary, plates, stadium, uniform, lightposts, buildings, pencils, socks, shirts, mugs, cars, cutlery, shovels, snow blowers, basketballs, footballs, baseballs, toasters, blenders, windows, hammers and sickles etc..

" So..... U got that goin' for U, which is nice."

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Almost all of Utah games are televised due to beingt in the PAC 12. The tV payout is huge. There are a ton of advantages to being in the PAC 12, Utah just needs to step there game up. Do you honestly think BYU would have turned down a chance to be in the PAC 12? They would have jumped all over it, just like Utah and Colorado did. Way to much money and opportunity to decline.

Ogden, Utah

Not a Utah fan but I have been impressed with how their team has been playing. They've played tough against some great teams and kept the scores respectable....until now. Don't quit, it sets a bad precedence for next year.


I, honestly, am hoping that Coach K and the U turns things around. I was very impressed watching this young team at the MC, surprised with the quality of their bigs, and felt like their guards looked really good. I'm very impressed with Coach K's demeanor on the sideline (read: Boylen), and think he has the pedigree and experience to do it. I also think his recruiting potential, with Utah's history and league, will produce some fine talent to play alongside Loveridge, etc. Good luck, guys!

south jordan, UT

BYU would turn down the PAC-10...If they were required to play on Sundays. That's the difference between a high profile, premiere world University in BYU, and a coat tail riding local community college in Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The crowd was so small — despite a generously announced attendance of 7,769 — that patrons were invited to move into seats closer to the court during the first half. ..."

They must have been counting every person within 6 blocks of the HC, because there couldn't have been more than 3,000 warm bodies inside the arena.

Only fitting that not much of a crowd showed up, however, since the team didn't show up either.

This what you can expect from a team that only averages 65 points per game and has only exceded that number once since the Utes started conference play, not coincidentally, Utah's only conference win.

You can't expect to hold very many teams to 37% shooting and 65 points like Utah did against Washington.

It's looking more and more like Utah's upper limit may be matching last season's 3 conference wins total and a 1st round conference tourney exit.

So much for that cream-puff pre-season schedule that was supposed to give this rebuilding team tons of confidence and prepare them for conference play.

Frisco, TX

I don't understand the conference discussion. Utes poor showing the last two years in basketball has nothing to do with conference. It has everything to do with the team. The Utes would be at or near the bottom of the MWC if they were still there.

Last year was a transition year. This year is a very young team. Let a Cougar voice be a voice of reason - be patient.

Wins against Boise State and Washington, and a close game against Arizona got too many fans over excited. I've been saying all along this will be about a 12 win season.

The key is to avoid the mass exodus in the off season. If everyone returns (that is suppose to) this could be a +.500 team next year, and the following year a 20 win team.

Oh and one more piece of advice - strengthen your non-conference schedule. Playing a few more teams like SMU, Boise State and BYU will help the team. Beating up on Willamette does nothing to improve the team.

Mapleton, Utah

I agree with Max Hall in most everything he famously said: However; It is a bit embarrassing to watch the U self destruct in football and bb. 1-7 in Conference is pathetic. And let's be honest here, head to head the old MWC would destroy the PACthetic 10+2. The U's two best games this year were against BYU and UDub....exactly what one would expect from the U. Get up for the big games and do a no-show for everyone else. 9-11 after playing the Montana Tech's of the Country in pre-season ball, does not feel like 9-11 after playing the Duke's of the Country.

What is scarey for U is to think what would have been if Boylen hadn't lost all his talent...Henderson, etc. Get those 3 stars back and U would be 17-3....whatever, but certainly way north of 9-11.

Talent will flock back to U because of the PAC10+2....but not because of U. 3.5 years ago, U fans claimed Sunday play a non-sequiter...really?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah basketball is mirroring Utah football - good defense, lousy offensive.

When is coach k going to realize that his plan of slowing every game down to a snail's pace is not only boring, it's not working?

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Talent will flock back to U because of the PAC10+2....but not because of U."

I can't see much talent flocking to any program who's high scorer is only averaging 12 ppg and the team only averaging 65 ppg.

Seriously, how many high school kids dream of playing in such a plodding, boring offense?

Salt Lake City, UT

Attendence was far more affected by the weather than Sunday play.

If you're not supposed to watch basketball games on Sunday, why were so many Cougar fans following the Ute game? Oh that's right. Because their basketball season ended last Thursday in Spokane.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Pac Ute,
My thoughts exactly. I am sure theat the players would love to tutn up the tempo and could score around 70-75 per game but the coaching staff has them locked into a crazy slow-down system that is killing them. I am not a believer of Coach K any longer. Something needs to change on the hill and fast.

Layton, UT

Sooner Ute:

Whether or not fans skipped out due to the weather is debatable. Attendance has been waning for years. But whether its poor play or poor weather that keeps fans out of the seats, you can truly gain an appreciation for how "great and spacious" the HC is when it's that empty.

Highland, UT


I'm not buying that. I think both affected it but I think the Sunday schedule affected it much more. Most were already planning to stay home before the weather ever became a factor. The LDS fans weren't coming to begin with and then some of the fair weather types stayed home because it wasn't "fair weather".

But some of them could still watch it on tv if they have dish or comcast. I turned it on briefly after the Pro Bowl got out of hand but when I did stanford was up 34 with only about 3 minutes left so I quickly turned it off and watched reruns of Cheers on NetFlix.

The sad truth is not many attend games there under ideal conditions so anything that makes it more challenging i.e. Sunday's or bad weather, just means the place will be as empty as a Phoenix golf course in July.

There are realities about this that some utah fans are struggling to grasp for some reason, the main one being they just aren't very good so no one is going to make an extra effort to attend or watch.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Shouldn't the cougar fans be proud of the Ute fans for not showing up on a Sunday? One day Ute fans are sinners and the next day they're lame for not attending a Sunday game?
SoonerUte has it correct though, the attendance for 3 home conference games has been severely affected by major winter storms ... 2 huge snow storms and 1 huge ice-skating rink. Even the announcers last night talked about it while joking that they themselves might be bad luck for the Utes since they seem to bring the bad weather with them. It is what it is, this has been a brutal winter in the Salt Lake valley.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah won in Washington because we dominated in the paint. Since then we're back to old tricks: bad shooting and turnovers.


But some of them could still watch it on tv if they have dish or comcast. I turned it on briefly after the Pro Bowl got out of hand but when I did stanford was up 34 with only about 3 minutes left so I quickly turned it off and watched reruns of Cheers on NetFlix.


Good for you, now please tell your fellow fans down south to stop this nonsense about "Sunday" play. Like for example Brad Rock and his "Playing on Sunday is part of Utah Utes deal to play in Pac-12" rant.

Salt Lake City, UT

Duck says "There are realities about this that some utah fans are struggling to grasp for some reason, the main one being they just aren't very good"

Ute fans know this team isn't very good, but they know this team is much better than last year. Some fans took false hope when Utah nearly beat BYU in Provo, but as we all know BYU turned out to be not-so-good this year. Sure, this Stanford game was unfortunate, but despite the Cougar attempts to buzz kill, Ute fans still enjoy seeing the overall improvment.

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