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Published: Saturday, Jan. 26 2013 1:30 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

"Live within your means" is the best mantra any family or government can live by. Those States that are doing that are prospering during the Federal financial race to the cliff. Washington must be blind to their success. Debakis is echoing D.C.'s foolishness. Let's hope our State reps repeat the mantra every time they propose or vote on a bill.

Syracuse, UT

Cut Udot.

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

Simple - Your spending is Equal to 90% of what you bring in. 10% saved for a rainy day. Any elected official deviates from this formula, out the door you go. This should be a legislative law.

Washington is out of control & no longer listen to the majority of Tax Payers - one day (very Soon) the States will start pulling away (Succeed) as they will no longer want to participate in being robbed to pay for other state's high pensions , high union wages , and all the other perks.

Summit, UT

Typical. All the Libs think about is raising taxes! The problem with our schools is too many administrators and councilors. Re-arange the resources; there was a time when a school didn't need a principal and several vice principals. They also didn't need a myriad of councilors. It doesn't seem like there are any more students per teacher; sometimes less. Spend the money on the teachers and get some value for the dollar. As has been pointed out, the liberal states have bankrupted themselves (especially with public employee pensions and benefits). The conservative states seem to be doing pretty good. Walker in Wisconsin is a pretty good example.

Provo, UT

I know in a certain school district that the money goes into the pockets of the administration and not to what is needed in the class rooms.


Thank you TJ. I also own a business, and while I don't employ the number of people that you do, I still know how it is. My people get paid first, I'm the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave. I love my employees and treat them the best I possibly can and in return, they give me the best they can. I didn't build my business on their backs, but surely with their help! My children are all out of the home now, and still 80% of my property tax goes to support the school system. also a substantial amount of my income tax. This is an investment in my future as well as my children's, and all of the other children in this state. I just want them to live within their budget, the same way I have to. That last comment was for Gandalf.

Kaysville, UT

If they want to raise taxes for education it should be a "use tax". You should be taxed for each child in school. They can then leave the rest of us alone. It's not right that I pay buku taxes and someone with children gets tons of money back for the government.

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