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Published: Friday, Jan. 25 2013 4:15 p.m. MST

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Rexburg Reader
Rexburg, ID

It really bugs me when people lump Manti's situation with Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and, of all people, Jerry Sandusky! They shouldn't be mentioned in the same story, even if Manti purposely made up this hoax, which I don't think he did. Let's keep this issue in perspective. Actually, let's just drop the whole thing. Enough already!

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, let us not forget that this fine, upstanding, HONEST young man is a VICTIM, as afterall, who amongst us has never fallen head-over-heels in love with someone we have never actually met and then repeatedly lied about it in order to garner sympathy and attention?

My favorite part about the interview with hard-hitting "Journalist" (snicker, snort) Katie Couric was when good ol' Manti asserted to her that he "never lied" and then literally within 45 seconds after saying those words, in response to Couric's next question asking what he regretted most about the whole sorry story, started his VERY NEXT sentence with "Well, I guess I shouldn't have lied about..."

sandy, UT

I am sure there are plenty of Ms Hawaiis to show up with him in public to get the media off his back in a positive way....So what is he waiting for? His weakness is his strength, and media aren't going to quit until he navigates away from it....

So why not deflect with Ms Honolulu's assistance????

San Diego, CA

Totally agree. No comparison here to tiger/armstrong/sandusky.

Manti was stupid, untruthful, naive and young.

But he didnt cheat on his wife with hundreds of woman, he didnt create an empire based on steroids, and not even close to sandusky.

Time to let it go. Move on already.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

This reminds me of the movie The Truman Show, were a man finds out his entire life is staged and unbeknownst to him is being shown live on TV. It does make you wonder why anyone would do this.

Danbury, CT

This is the biggest NON story of the decade. I can't for the life of me figure out why this is the least bit interesting to anyone for more than....2 seconds.

There is no way Teo has anything in common with Armstrong or Sandusky. This kid has done absolutely NOTHING wrong.

Other than being gullible, what has he done and why is this in the news? Isn't there a war in Mali, aren't people freezing in the cold on the Jersey Shore and aren't we still in a big mess with our economy??

Far East USA, SC

"This kid has done absolutely NOTHING wrong. "

Close but not quite true. From what I have seen, his only real "crime" was perpetuating the "lie" once he found out differently. That appears to be the extent of his culpability, but even doing so would not have headed off the media firestorm that followed.

Nowhere near woods armstrong or sandusky.

The legs on this story are the tabloid/human side. He looks to be very gullible and was duped on a national stage.

His punishment has exceeded the crime. For his sake, this story should fade away. Doesn't look like that will happen quickly.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

This was an interesting story for a while, but it's time to put this thing to bed. For goodness sakes, he didn't have an affair with hundreds of women, or abuse kids, or use performance enhancing drugs and in no way shape or form should he be lumped into the same category as the scumbags who did. He was tricked by a joke. Let's move ON already!!!

By the way, he is still a solid player and I still think he would have done nice things for BYU had he come here. Good luck in everything you do post college, Manti!

Barstow, CA

The only reason this would follow him for the rest of his life is because the media won't let it go. But maybe if we would all stop commenting on this non-story the writers would get the hint that no one really cares. LOL.

West Jordan, Utah

will you all be singing the same tune when Manti is shown to have known all along that he was involved in the scandal. Be careful of inductive reasoning and wishful thinking.

West Jordan, Utah

I am NOT comparing the Manti situation with all the other clowns like Armstrong, Woods, and definitely not Pukedusky. But to say that Manti did nothing wrong, I am NOT seeing that. 1000 phone calls totally 500 + hours means Mantii has some issues. I mean who does this with someone you've never met that you're claiming is the love of your life? Lies about the saga are already factual. The extent of the lies is in doubt. I feel sorry for Manti but his lies and or naivity is not going to stop being publicized. There is a price to pay when you are a celebbrity or sports star. Sandusky and Armstrong should have their stories covered. Woods would be non story if not for his sports status.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

I think Manti should hook up with Tuiasosopo's cousin, if that is who he had been talking with for hours and hours.

West Jordan, UT

The reason it won't die is that various news media outlets won't let it die. The media has decided that it continues to sell and draw interest. I was curious at first, but like many things in the sports and tabloid media, we are well in the realm now of overkill. Time to move on!

Provo, UT

This story is a joke in comparison to Armstrong, Woods and Sandusky. I don't think Manti is totally innocent but his mistakes pale in comparison to these three.

Armstrong is arguably the greatest sporting fraud in history--the Bernie Madoff of sports. Woods is a total disgrace to men and sporting heroes. Sandusky is sick and destroyed numerous lives of innocent victims.

Armstrong, Woods and Sandusky each destroyed innocent lives. Manti messed his own life up but was largely a victim of an immature prank. There is NO COMPARISON to these others.

Sandy, UT

Dick, for you to lump this story in with those shady charachters is an insult.
I've said all along that Manti was innocent in all of this.
And I was right.
Even now the press still jumps at every false rumor.

Manti is as green and naive as they come, socially, to be sure.
However, he's a decent kid that was hoaxed, catfished if you will, period.
It's that simple.

And his so called lie to his father came after he was told that she isn't dead after all.
He was confused and didn't know himself what to believe.

He's a 22 year old kid and his hands are clean.
Too bad the media's are not. The media owes him an apology.

Sandy, UT

Remember the Gilda Radner charachter on SNL who always jumped to conclusions prematurely, ran with it anyway and ultimately had to say..."Never Mine"?

This is what passes for journalism today. Impulsive folks who won't take the time to actually look at all the facts, before coming to their conclusions.

They ripped Manti from the get-go and not one of them has had the courage to say they were wrong and that they jumped the gun.

Like Manti's pseudo girlfriend, honorable journalism is also dead.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Utahns have a knack for thinking they are the center of the universe. Maybe it's a Mormon thing.
Most recently it was that Jon Huntsman would become Secretary of State. The DN loves to run Huntsman stories.
And now the sportswriter is putting the Manti story in the top three. Yikes, you guys like a lot of yourselves, don't you.
Te'o "briefly" lied and his brief 15 minutes of fame are almost over. Once he gets the bill for 500 hours of Steamy Samoan Phone Talk at 99 cents a minute everyone will finally shut up.

Idaho Falls, ID

One of the top sports stories of the decade, Dick? Not even close. You are right about one thing, though. The agencies that got duped because of bad journalism (ESPN, SI, NYT, ABC) are the ones keeping this story alive--perhaps out of a sense of vengeance or justification.

No, Bluto, Manti is NOT completely innocent in all this. It was his lies that essentially perpetuated the story. Yes, he was a victim, but for awhile he benefitted from the hoax and perpetuated the hoax even after he knew it was a lie.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I feel sorry for Manti. He is a victim. He fell for a cruel joke and when he found out what was going on he used some bad judgment. I think he was just really embarrassed and he didn't know what to do so he tried to cover it up by lying. It was a mistake, but he's a kid and we all make mistakes sometimes even when we're not kids. The people who played with the emotions of a vulnerable, naive young man are the real culprits.

Let's cut the kid a break and let him move on with his life.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Methinks Notre Dame needs to beef up their curriculum in the area of critical thinking...and perhaps more on ethics.
...and inspect those gold helmets. Something clearly isn't working.

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