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Published: Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 11:15 p.m. MST

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Like I said yesterday, cougar fans needed to prepare themselves for a 20 point loss. I'm going to refrain from any comments on the officiating. The play by play guys covered it. Haws gets mauled - no foul. Olynyk took a walk to Seattle - no call. The Zags mauled BYU and got away with it.

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

Outgunned, outplayed, outclassed.

Roy, UT

Coach Rose can't say it, but Tyler was mugged & got 1 trip to the foul line...I'll say it, refs hammered Y, it was 5 on 7.

Washington, DC

It was frustrating that we were not able to close the gap in the second half. Instead, we ended up losing the second half by 1. That does not bode well for beating the Zags in Provo. There were a number of unusual statistics - Haws 0-9 and their center 9-9 likely will not happen again, but I also think the Zags will improve on their 19 turnovers.

Hopefully, Kafusi continues to develop. He went from not being on the team to playing a few minutes consistently every game. We certainly need his toughness, as we need some physical power inside. It will give us something extra for the back half of the year.

It is unfortunate that Delgado has not earned more time. I thought he played pretty well at the end of December/beginning of January. His defense could be a big help. However, Carlino has played quite well, both offensively and coming up with steals. But, he could have contributed tonight when Haws was cold.

Mcallen, TX

Were these pac refs?

Franklin, IN

Yeah...those officials...wow, man, golly geez! They made such bad calls that a player for Gonzaga shot 100% from the field and the stripe! I hate it when the refs call that.

I tried to write in pre-game that this would be a 30 pointer unless GZ cleared the bench in the second half...but the folks who monitor these posts were BYU alum and everything was denied??

Hey wait? Why am I wasting my time typing, this post will never...


No DRAY it was 5 on 8 , that was the biggest homer job i have ever seen in my life, i was a referee for high school and college for over 10 years ,those refs were either paid off or they had a kid at Gonzaga,Haws was absolutely mugged many times and the trips to the foul line were absolutely unbalanced around 28 to 14 Olynyk could have walked to Pullman as many times as he traveled and no call,he should have fouled out of of the game if the refs had ever called a foul on him I counted at least 6 the,WCC refs are the worst and the problem needs to be addressed soon.

Cinci Man

Tyler struggles against good teams. I think the pressure takes him down a couple of notches. And Davies had another off night. Gonzaga came ready to play. I think BYU will be very fortunate to make the NCAA now. I don't see the NCAA give the WCC 3 slots again, but I hope I'm wrong.

Lincoln City, OR

Haws couldn't hit the ocean tonight... He and Davies were double and triple teamed and BYU had no threat from the outside... I think that Sharp ended up being the High Point man so that should tell anyone who knows the BYU Team something...

BYU showed little to no patience... Even the best players can get shout down if they are double and triple teamed... They doubled Haws whenever he got the ball and unfortunately Haws didn't find the open man but instead took the contested and forced shot... He hoisted 9 attempts, but he should have only shot it about 2 or 3 times... Everytime Davies got the ball in the paint or in the low post the defense would collapse on his nad he would lose the ball (although he did play a much better 2nd half)... Rose needs some 3 ball shooters that can hit open threes... The ones he played tonight couldn't...

I thought that Winder played well, and I would have liked to have seen Delgado get some minutes at the #2...

I like Carlino but he took a few ill advised shots... The Defense should have sagged more on their bigs.

Franklin, IN

One point! From Mr. Basketball? Cosmo Haws...one point in the elusive "marquee win"...

Say it ain't so Duck....oh well, Portland is next...he'll get back on track once he plays those high schoolers

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

I knew this was going to be a very difficult game and a long shot even though I'm a loyal Coug fan. I have a deep respect for Coach Rose and the success he's had. However, he's going to have to broaden his recruiting pool outside the state of Utah if he hopes to win a WCC title and get more than an at-large invitation to the Big Dance. We need some of that foreign player experience like Gonzaga and Saint Mary's have brought into their programs. The foreign players have better skill sets and more shooting accuracy than the Utah home grown players. The international players are just more talented period. Also, let's hope that Saint Mary's and Gonzaga don't bolt to join the Catholic 7. If not, BYU might need to find a new home to stay relevant conference wise.

Mission Viejo, CA

I agree with the comments on the refs. Never seen such fouling without a whistle. Amazing.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Even with the refs we were beat by the better team last night. One thing that gave me some hope is that we did manage to fight back at the end and did not give up. I think it will be a much better game on our turf in Provo. Kelly can not shoot 100% again.

I am fine by getting beat by the better team but I think we can turn it around next time.

No excuses on Refs (OK some bad calls). Their defense was excellent. Let's get them next time.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Congratulations to the Zags on a great game!

Story of the game:

Olynyk - 100%; Harris - beast; Davies - slow; Haws - 0%

You're not going to beat many Top 10 teams on the road when your leading scorer is a no show.

Sharp had a good game; Davies finally showed up in the 2nd half, but he's way too slow when he gets the ball on the block; Carlino was trying to keep BYU in the game; but Haws was completely shutdown by the tight, physical defense of Gonzaga.

BYU simply needs to adjust and learn how get Haws shots or use the tight coverage on Haws to exploit other weaknesses in the defense.

It was a nice run, but unfortunately, what many of us have suspected all season, BYU is not an NCAA tourney calibre team this year. The Cougars still have a slim chance of getting to 25+ wins, but only if they make it to the WCC final and win a game or two in the NIT.

BYU's only chance of getting an NCAA bid is winning the WCC tourney.

Le gros legume
Rexburg, ID

BYU never recruited anyone this past year. You cannot win if you don't have the horses and we don't have them. Even Utah, with its abysmal record, can recruit Jordan Loveridge, a top 100 player this past year. Who did we get?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I'm not sure which is worse. Getting beaten at the buzzer or getting blown off the court right from the get go.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ugly game, but there were a few positives:

- Sharp had a good game.

- Gonzaga improved their NCAA seeding.

- BYU fans won't have to sweat Selection Sunday

Either the Cougars win the WCC tourney to get the NCAA auto-bid or they'll have to settle for a first round home game in the NIT.

Looking ahead, BYU should be much better next season with the return of Kyle Collinsworth and the addition of Lone Peak's Eric Mika and Talon Shumway.

Syracuse, UT

No need complaining about referees. You get what you get. I felt BYU had no offense. They forced shot after shot. If they can't run they don't seem to have the patient to get into offensive flow and get a decent shot. Davies frustrates me as he'll take shots falling down with four guys on him. He's got a lot to learn. Gonzaga is a very good team. I love the way they play. I think they'll do well in the post season. One last comment is BYU doesn't have the size. It showed last night and it showed against St. Mary's. Hopefully they'll regroup and win some road games coming up.

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

Easy to complain about the refs when you loose by 20 points! BYU was just beaten by a better team!

Hayden, ID

The good news is BYU will get Gonzaga again in the Marriot Center and probably again in the WCC tourney! Redemption!

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