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Published: Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 11:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Are the two guys in back of the photo walk-ons and are they waiting to check into the game?

It's great to be a UTE!

West Jordan, UT

Wow, bad night for the State of Utah D-1's. Only SUU wins. North of them, 0-4 on the night! Ouch.

Springville, UT

When Coach K 'meets' with players it must be bad news huh?

Mcallen, TX

Sometimes a feud comes between ute and cougar fans. Here is one example of why:

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Don't worry guys. You'll win the WCC tourney still and still make the big dance. I mean, after last year's record of 1-4 against ST Mary's and Gonzaga, no reason to think you won't beat both of them, on back to back nights, come WCC tourney time.

And Dave Rose wins the conference tourney most years anways, whether it be MWC or WCC, right? Ha,ha!


The next team to make the big dance from Utah,

will be Utah.

Highland, UT


And not one of the chronic utah "fan" whiners about the level of discourse around here will call him out for it. That criticism is only leveled on BYU fans that might make a comment that might be perceived as negative about utah. Statements like christina's are simply considered hard truth and putting BYU fans in thier place by those chronic whiners. I would like to see the hypocrisy ended but it won't.

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