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Published: Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 6:30 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT


Didn't even read the article, did ya? You saw 'BYU' in the headline, saw a picture of the kid and decided to pop off? Nice! Typical of a Ute Troll.

Heber City, UT

If we can keep them healthy.

Mission Viejo, CA

@Star-counters: do JUCO transfers get star ratings?

Heber City, UT

Dear Sandy Ut, apparently you did not do very well in high school math or even math at Utah. This is 2013 so last year was 2012. You are talking about your 2011 record, which was 2 years ago, not last year.

I went to the Ute website and here is Utah's 2012 record. Beat Northern Colorado, BYU, Cal, WSU, and Colorado. Lost to USU, AZU, USC, UCLA OSU, UW, and UA. Now using simple math that means you won 5 games and lost 7 games.

Now if Utah had won 8 games and lost 5 games last year then why were they not invited to a Bowl Game. Utah sat home and watched all the bowl games because you cannot play in a bowl game with a losing record. No matter how you do your math losing 7 and winning 5 is a losing record.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Reread the article. He mentions getting his hair cut and is OK with it.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I am not even a BYU fan and I cannot stand Utah fans. Ignorance and Arrogance just do not make a decent person. I didn't even say good person, I said decent. That is about all we can expect out of U. Utah was BYU's doormat for a long time, then Utah turned it on for a few years. And remember, you turned it on in the Mtn West, not the PAC-10, it still is not the PAC-12, you still are not recognized by many original PAC-10 fans. You beat a terrible Pitt team in the Fiesta Bowl and cry you should have won a national title, yet you mock BYU for beating Michigan for the National Title in 84', at least they do have one and a legit Heisman and Doak Walker winner. You went down and smacked Alabama in the mouth quick to give you a cushion of 21 points in the first quarter which demonstrates they looked past you since they outscored you 17 to 10 in the other three quarters. QUit crying it is old and welcome to the cellar of the PAC-10 South, U and CU can battle it out.

Danbury, CT

Wow, lots of Ute "fans" with nothing better to do than pick on the Y. I wonder if they are really this rabid in SUPPORT OF their team or if they mainly just look over their shoulder at the Y. I've always thought if someone is great, they don't worry about whatever anyone else is doing. By the insecurity of these trolls, I'd say they're scared of something...

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"I am not even a BYU fan and I cannot stand Utah fans...Utah was BYU's doormat for a long time...you still are not recognized by many original PAC-10 fans...[Alabama] looked past you since they outscored you 17 to 10 in the other three quarters."

When somebody from Utah County says stuff like that, you know they ARE cougar fans. But I don't blame you for being too embarrassed to admit it.

Destroying a ranked 8-3 Big East Champion in a BCS Bowl is a LOT different than eking past an unranked bottom-half BigTen team in a mid-majorey bowl game that nobody watched anyway.

And for the record Mr. Spinmeister, Alabama did NOT outscore Utah in the other 3 Qtrs. They outscored us in the 2nd Qtr ONLY! Here was the scoring breakdown:

1st: Utah 21, Alabama 0 [Edge: Utah]
2nd: Utah 0, Alabama 10 [Edge: Alabama]
3rd: Utah 7, Alabama 7 [push]
4th: Utah 3, Alabama 0 [Edge: Utah]

Final: Utah 31, Alabama 17.

Bottom line: Utah was the better team, so take your own "Indy-WACey" advise: "QUit crying it is old..." Welcome to irrelevance.

Stockton, CA

Lest we forget; The source of the brief but bright halcyon days of Ute football can be summated in four syllables: Urban Meyer. Great Coach, great football mind, almost insane devotion to his job...brought an attitude and recruit pool to the U which has diminished annually since his departure...he used U as a stepping stone, and U benefitted for a time, but that's obviously over. The presence of the standard cast of U fools on comment boards after BYU stories says that U are more hopful of something going wrong for BYU than confident of things going well for the U. I have never bothered to read a story about Ute football; in fact I've never seen one. Does anyone write them?? Fact is, U are legends only in your own minds, and those are very small spaces indeed.

Provo, UT

@NavalVet "Destroying a ranked 8-3 Big East Champion in a BCS Bowl is a LOT different than eking past an unranked bottom-half BigTen team in a mid-majorey bowl game that nobody watched anyway."

Yes, apparently one gets you a National Championship and the other gets you a BCS win that nobody cares about except for cute little Utah fans like yourself who keep stamping their feet wanting to be noticed.

Bro, I know this must be hard for U, but nobody cares. Utah has proven to be a doormat in the PAC 12, even with these amazing 'star-studded' recruiting classes.

U went 5-7 last year, and this coming season is looking even worse, since U lose 3/4's of your DL (the strength of your team last year), and almost all of your offense in John White IV and Reggie Dunn.

So I understand you're in full-scale meltdown mode since the U is on a downward trend, but coming on to BYU's comment boards and trying to make the case that Utah is the 'big brother' now isn't helping you, buddy.

Nor are the trailer park football facilities. Those are just sad.

Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

@Naval Vet - I'm not trying to take away what Utah did to Alabama that year or to college football in general, but @UtahBruin was right when s/he said Bama outscored Utah in 3 quarters. S/he didn't say all 3 quarters, but in the sum of the 3 quarters, Bama outscored Utah. Just like Utah outscored Bama for 4 quarters, but not everyone of the 4 quarters. I understand you want to defend your team, but the statement that they were outscored in the last 3 quarters (combined) isn't wrong.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"U caught a brief ball of fire for 6 years....Whoopie!"

Actually, it wasn't even that long.

Between 2004 and 2008, the Utes were 7-5, 8-5, and 9-4, with no Top 25 finishes.

Gilbert, AZ

naval vet

Why so frantic and emotional?

Even though you've dropped to 3rd best in the state and you're being out recruited by most of the PAC 10.2, there's still a chance that U can beat Weber State next season to avoid dropping to 4th in the state.

We know its frustrating to see the Utes returning to the 80's when BYU was Utah's bowl game, but at least you get to spend the holidays at home with family and friends.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Snack WAC:

"LOL at your revisionist history."

What revisionist history? At 8-3, Pitt WAS the Big East Champion. They WERE ranked. They DID play in a BCS Bowl. Michigan WAS unranked. The DID finish in the bottom half of the BigTen. The Holiday Bowl WAS a mid-majorey bowl that nobody watched anyway.

"BYU 1984 beat more regular season opponents with winning records than Utah 2004 did."

The Y beat 4 regular season opponents with winning records, but 0 bowl opponents of the same ilk. Utah beat 3 regular season opponets with winning records, plus 1 bowl opponent of the same ilk. So by season's end, both the U and the Y had wins over 4 teams with winning records.

And as for your narrowed "regular season" metric, don't forget that the Y played one more regular season game. If you added up the post-bowl win totals for both teams, they both amount to 61. Only Utah's 61 came vs. fewer opponents. To match the cougars '84 season, Utah would have had to have played an 0-11 weak WAC team. Obviously, Utah's '04 SOS was > the cougars' '84 SOS.

Red Leader
Bountiful, UT

You can post stats and rankings all day long... and can neglect to post other stats that make the other team look good... it's all a spin game and you're wasting your time. You can compare records and say one team is better than the other, or you can just say this: Utah beat BYU last year (3 times), the year before, and the year before that... 3 in a row, and 7 out of the last 10. It has been a very long time since BYU beat Utah in a dominating performance. So stop looking at accolades, records against other teams, other conferences, who beat what rubbish team in what bowl game, and just look at head to head. That's really how you tell who is better, and that's why the game is played.

As for the article, which most people neglect to even mention, good luck to the kid. I like his attitude and his comments, and I hope he really is up to the commitments involved in the honor code. Mormon or not, when you're at BYU that's who you represent - for better or for worse.

Palo Alto, CA

navel lint

Michigan was a season-ending win at Ohio State away from playing in the Rose Bowl in 1984. After beating then #1-ranked, defending national champion Miami, Michigan was ranked in the Top 10 and considered a national championship contender themselves until early October when a rash of injuries led to several losses. By the time the Wolverines played BYU, most of those injured players were back and healthy.

Pittsburgh was ranked 3rd in the country when BYU played the Panthers.

BYU was already ranked #1 before their season-ending game against Utah State(1-10). Without Utah State, BYU's regular season opponents were 54-69-3. Utah's regular season opponents were 53-72.

Wins against opponents with winning records
BYU 1984 - Tulsa(6-5), @Hawaii(7-4), @Air Force(8-4), @Utah(6-5-1)
Utah 2004 - Texas A&M(7-5), @New Mexico(7-5), @Wyoming(7-5)

Air Force, which stomped Va Tech(8-3) 23-7 in their bowl game, was a MUCH tougher opponent in 1984 than ANYBODY Utah beat in 2004, plus BYU beat Hawaii in Honolulu (always tough) and the Utes on their home field.

Baltimore, MD

Red Leader

"You can post stats and rankings all day long..."

Final Rankings are the Final Grade for the season - it doesn't matter how many mid-terms you passed or how many extra-credit assignments you turned in during the semester, the ONLY thing that appears on your transcript is you Final Grade.

For major college football, that Final Grade is where you finish in the Final Rankings.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@Naval Vet

I am from California, living in Utah County does not automatically make me a Y fan. So your from Philly, so are you a Drexel, Temple or Chestnut Hill fan. Like I said, ignorance and arrogance do not make a decent person. As for you trying to describe the Alabama game by quarters, there is no push in football except for on the line of scrimmage, there is no advantage either, that is why they play four quarters. Thanks for trying though, I admire the effort. You are non other than a typical Utah fan. Have a great day or at least try to in Philly.


Wait, didn't the desnews run an article a day or so ago saying that BYU will be signing a 4 start High School player who will be a center?

Baltimore, MD

navel vet

So let me get this straight.

You count Pittsburgh's 2004 ranking in both polls because they WERE ranked when Utah played them; but you don't count Pittsburgh's #3 ranking in 1984 even though they WERE ranked when BYU played them.

Michigan's Top 25 ranking doesn't count because they WEREN'T ranked when BYU played them, but neither does Michigan's 6-5 winning record that Michigan had WHEN BYU played them?

My favorite part of your jealous misguided spin, however, is this doozy....

"The Holiday Bowl WAS a mid-majorey bowl that nobody watched anyway."

Who are you kidding???

The entire country was tuned in to watch the BYU/Michigan game!

It was one of THE most talked about bowls during the ENTIRE bowl season. Sportswriters and sportscasters from every major market in the country were there to watch the game.

BYU's record and SOS, along the records of every other contender, were carefully scrutinized by the national media for over a month, yet in the end,

ALL FIVE major national selecting organizations chose BYU as the consensus major college football National Champion for 1984.

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