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Published: Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 5:35 p.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

Not a surprise. I don't really feel like any of the Jazz players deserved to be there. Other years I've felt like Boozer, D-Will, Kirilenko etc. got snubbed. This year, this team has yet to have a true "All-Star". Al's great on offense, but not incredible enough to outweigh his defense. Paul has been good but not great. Hayward has been way to inconsistent.
Really, who cares. The All-Star Game is a joke that means nothing.

Do like the MLB and have the winning conference get home court for the Finals.

Resolute Voice
Deseret, UT

The Jazz have no legitimate impact player All Star team talent. They are the 7th best team in the West with role players.

Dietrich, ID

No defense in all star game I can't get into it myself.

Hurricane, UT

The All Star game is a joke anyway. Who wants to play in a game that doesn't mean a darn thing. Baseball is the only sport that has meaning to its all star game.

Roy, UT

Jimmer would, could have all-starred for a team that would allow him to play his game...doesn't appear the player Utah drafted instead has made much of a difference.

Ivins, UT

Give the Jazz two or three years....someone should emerge. We have some great raw talent.

Orem, UT

I don't know why Corbin should be surprised that no one on the Jazz team was picked for the All-Star game unless he is seriously delusional. There wasn't anyone on the team that is worthy of consideration, particularly Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap. These are just second-tier players that will get us nowhere and provide no future for the team other than mediocrity. The Jazz organization need to be sold to someone like the Dave Checketts group that have serious intentions of building a future for the Jazz. The Millers and the whole organization at present are content with mediocrity and willing to spend money on mediocre players as well as players who are 3-4 years beyond their prime who no one in the NBA wants. I also don't believe I am the only person who believes this either.

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

I cannot see any Jazz player who deserves to be on the team!

LaVerkin, Utah

Quoting big Al, "I should’ve went to college.” I agree Al, but you would have needed a little better preparation for that also.

West Jordan, UT

This seems to support the current NBA model of having the Jazz, Bucks, Grizzlies, etc. utilize moderate talent and act as defacto Triple A teams who develop talent so that someday their best players can move on to big market teams. This years Laker team being a rare exception.


Corbin seriously thinks someone should have made the All Star team? No wonder he's clueless coaching this team, he is living on another planet.
This Jazz team is average at best, none of the players really care because they know regardless of what the coach says they're getting paid and KOC and Greg Miller will back them up in any dispute with the coaches.
Nice job Greg, you're father must be proud.

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