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Published: Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 2:45 p.m. MST

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Park City, UT

For all of those that keep saying "game manager" and conservative style. First, what is wrong with that when it translates to wins, which Alex was able to produce once there was structure to the offense. Secondly, you have to remember that because of the way the offense was treated especially the QB position, for years while the 49ers went through 4-5 different coaches and styles of play, Alex had to play conservatively, because just throwing a pick was reason for benching under some of the coaches they had. It was a bad situation that ANY QB wouldn't have done well in. When you fear for your career every down, quarter and game, you learn to play it safe. I think when he ends up in KC or Arizona, you'll see the potential that he has always had. True, he's no Brady, Brees, or Rogers, but he will add enough to turn a marginal team into a winning team.



In response to your comment, I guess Smith could, after all, have washed out like Max Hall, John Beck, Brandon Doman, Ty Detmer, etc., etc. So, for a BYU "fan" such as yourself, it's got to be eating at you that Smith led the 49ers to a 13-3 record last year, and would have been in the Super Bowl had it not been for 2 special teams errors. This year he was #3 in the NFL in QB rating before his concussion. Smith has nothing to be ashamed of. And I'm sure he's bringing home a lot more money than you are.

Highland, UT


smith had multiple chances to win that playoff game last year despite the special teams and couldn't even get a 1st down. I believe it was something like 4 or 5 straight possesions. I do enjoy how utah "fans" like yourself wish to place the blame on everyone but smith, but of course his failings were just as great as anyone elses on the team.

That said I have been proven correct, the vastly superior Kaepernick was the right move and he now has his team in the superbowl, something smith was unable to accomplish. There really isn't even a debate any longer, it's over, smith is finished in SF and probably for good.

The only think left to debate is whether or not he is the worst overall #1 pick in NFL history. I'd say not the worst but definately top 3.

Las Vegas, NV

Barb - Alex's down years reminds me of Young's down years, not to mention his bench sitting years. All things in perspective!

Ogden, UT

-Naval Vet-

Let me be more clear on what I was saying.

In other words Ty Detmer= Heisman Alex Smith= no Heisman thus Ty is a better college QB and player.

In other words Jim McMahon and Steve Young = Superbowl Starters and winners Alex Smith= Never started a Superbowl and hasn't done anything to win one (yet).

In other words, as of yet Alex Smith has not proven himself to be a better Quarterback than Young or McMahon in the Pro's.

In other words, Alex Smith was not as good as Ty in college.

In other words, the U during Smith's years did have a better record, but the game is a team sport.

Here's to continued civil dialogue with lack of name calling.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Alex Smith is a class act. In a league where there are very few role models, he has always acted in a manner that anyone can look up to.

He went through some very tough years under a different coach every year with not a lot of talent around him. He never complained or made excuses, he stuck with it worked hard and even resigned for much less money because he knew his performance to that point hadn't been great. Once the 49ers got a good coach and established some consistentcy on offense, Alex elevated his game to become one of the top rated QB's in the league. He worked on his game every offseason to improve.

Alex's last few years have proven he is a solid QB, no Ute fan has ever claimed he is the best or was the best number one pick but it is cool that he was the number one pick along with Andrew Bogut in the NBA. No school has ever had both #1 picks the same year. Only the Utes have done it and I'm happy it makes byu "fans" like ducky so bitter.

Round Rock, TX

It doesn't matter how much you earn, you always want more. I'm sure Kevin Durant, currently at $16m per year, will be looking for more in his next contract and wouldn't be satisfied sitting on the bench collecting it.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


The bottom line -- as far as this discussion is concerned, as it relates to the article -- was did Smith, or did he not, do it "better than any other Utah quarterback in in history"? Your failure to refute that Smith's 95% winning percentage was lower than either McMahon, Young, nor Detmer only reaffimed -- in your own Indy-WACey sort of way -- that he had.

Case closed.

Clearly, this fact has been very difficult for you to come to terms with. This must have something to do with the fact that your cougars had been so WAC-ish and mid-majorey, while your big brother's relevance had far surpassed your own.



Why do you hate the University of Utah and anything that goes along with it.

Ogden, UT


No Alex did not do it better than any other quarterback in Utah History. Winning is a team effort. As an individual player, who threw for more yards Ty Detmer or Alex Smith? Who threw for more touchdowns Ty Detmer or Alex Smith? Who won the Heisman Ty Detmer or Alex Smith? The argument you make is narrow.
Once again Alex does have a better winning percentage, but that doesn't make him the better collegiate player. Of course we are both going to believe our teams players are the best.
I'm just sorry that we can't have a discussion without name calling and belittling each other. Hope you have a great day.

Ogden, UT

Here's the relevant stats (according to me)

Alex Smith
Career TD's 62 Total (47 passing) approximately 20 a year
Career Yard's 6275 17th MWC (5203 passing) approximately 2100 a year
Career Passing % 66
TD to Int Ratio 5.87 to 1
College Record as Starter 21-1
Heisman voting 4th 2004

Ty Detmer
Career TD's 121 Total approximately 30 a year
Career Yards 15,031 NCAA record approximately 3800 a year
Career Passing % 63
TD to Int Ratio 1.86 to 1
College Record as Starter 37-13-2
Heisman voting 9th in 1989, 1st in 1990, 3rd in 1991

If anything it's sixes between the two, no a slam dunk, case closed. Once again as a Y fan of course I'm going to believe Detmer was better, but its closer than I thought.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Here's the relevant stats (according to me)

Alex Smith:
(1) 21-1 as a starter
(2) Fiesta Bowl MVP
(3) #1 Draft pick

Ty Detmer:
(1) 37-13-2 as a starter
(2) no relevant bowl games
(3) 9th-Round Draft Pick
(*) System QB who never really amounted to much before college (not very highly recruited out of high school), nor after college (career backup).

And while Smith wasn't very highly recruited coming out of H.S., he DID play his way up to a #1 Draft pick.

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