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Published: Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 2:45 p.m. MST

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salt lake city, UT

Alex is a class act who puts his team above personal success. It's not whether you win or lose that defines you as a person but how you play the game. Alex has played it right and will be remembered long after as how a player should handle adversity to become a winner in life.

Highland, UT

It is refreshing to see a guy who actually gets it and doesn't display bitterness over it. He knows that Kaepernick is vastly superior to himself and unlike the utah "fans" around here will not hypocritically pretend otherwise. I wish him the best.

Las Vegas, NV

Alex is the epitome of class. Certainly the classiest NFL QB to come out of this state in the last decade.

Las Vegas, NV

Leave it to lil ducky to troll yet another story to leave yet another rant and backhanded compliment about anything Utah related. I am starting to feel sorry for this kid!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Only bitter for me - I'm a Packer fan.

Spanish Fork, UT

It's only a matter of time before Kap gets hurt. You can't keep running like that and expect to stay healthy. Kap is an awesome QB, but if he goes down, and Smith is gone, the 49ers may not even make it to the playoffs. Smith definitely needs to bail. His time in SF is over, and I hope he lands on his feet somewhere else. Best of luck to you Smith...

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Chip Kelly,

Please bring Alex Smith to Philadelphia.

--Naval Vet

Palmdale, CA

As hard as it was for me to hold back my anger when Smith got pulled, I had to get over it and understand that sometimes one of your favorite players isn't the best player on the team. If I like the 49ers enough to put Kaep that will give the 49ers a better chance to go to, and win the Super Bowl, I am all for it! Sometimes you have to not only put your differences aside, but put your favorites aside if it gives you a better chance to win. Sometimes your favorite may not be the best, and you want to go with the best. But Kurt Warner is right, Alex Smith would have probably been just as good to lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Go UTES! Go Niners!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

"he did it better than any other Utah quarterback in history." ?

I assume you were talking about Utah, Utes right? Then that would be true but no better than Jimmy Mac, Steve Young and Ty Detmer. It was too bad he didn't get it done last year which he was so close if the 49ers had won that NFC Championship game. Kap deserve to be there and yes he ran everywhere against the Packers but he didn't run much against the Falcons. Steve Yound did ran a lot which was not smart thing to do but he wanted to make sure he gets the W.

Who knows Alex might get inserted if Kap gets hurt or do they have a backup? Good luck kid.


It's always nice to have some feel good story of long ago to fall back on.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Meridian, ID

Hey, a SuperBowl ring with a clipboard chiseled into one side and the word "Backup" on the other beats no SuperBowl ring at all. Just ask every other former Ute QB.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Smith is a classy guy and a great representative of the University of Utah.

Park City, UT

As a Ute fan of course I wanted to see Alex continue to play. Kap is an outstanding QB no doubt, but they are different styles. Alex became a game managing type after dealing with horrible coaching before Harbaugh. That has been established by just about everyone who has talked about this situation. So it's a little unfair to say that because he plays it safe more often than being a gunslinger, that he can't win or his game isn't as dynamic. It's true, he's not as flashy and lacks the speed burst of Kap, but you can't deny that last year and the first half this year he was on it. High QB rating, good TD/INT ratio, and WINS. Credit Harbaugh for having guts to go with the guy he thinks is the future though, not a lot of coaches would have done that. I hope Alex goes to a team that respects his abilities and gives him a fair shake. I think he's earned that much.

Dewie- Ya, it meant UTES, not the state of Utah. But even then 22-1 is the best record of any of those guys you mentioned.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

DEW Cougars:

"...but no better than Jimmy Mac, Steve Young and Ty Detmer."

Brian Johnson won more games than Alex Smith, so I'm pretty sure the author didn't mean total number of wins. At 22-1, Smith won 95.7% of his games as a season's starter. I don't know McMahon's, Young's, or Detmer's W/L pct is, but I doubt it was as as pristine.

Ogden, UT

Too bad for Alex Smith, as a Philly fan I think the Eagles need someone who is a little more explosive than Smith. Smith's more of a game manager than anything else and I think that's why he is on the bench with Kap starting.

As for the comparisons of Smith to Young, McMahon, and Detmer: Records are important, but I would say Smith is not near the quarterback that Young and McMahon were in the NFL and in college it was a completely different era. Detmer is a Heisman Winner, Smith is not. Smith is a great Quarterback who benefited from having a great team and one of the best college coaches of this era (Urban Meyer). Granted the Y did have Lavell.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


So, in other words, what you're saying -- in your own Indy-WACey sort of way -- was that neither McMahon, Young, nor Detmer won more than 95% of their games, and therefore concluded that Smith HAD in fact "did it better than any other Utah quarterback in history" as was stated in the article.

Case closed.

Franklin, IN

I'm pulling for Smith and Reid to hook up in KC! He is perfect for Andy's version of the WC offense...he would not make sense to Chip Kelly if his pro set will be like his college set.

Now, Reid and Smith would be better than Reid/McNabb...in my opinion!!

Franklin, IN

BYU's best QB records....% Robbie Bosco 24-2... 93%...Alex better by one game at 24-1 96%.

Most wins Ty Detmer 37-13...lots of wins but not great %...74%.

Coach Duckster...twist these facts around and enlighten us all...

Barb Wire

Unfortunately for Smith he plays conservatively (not to lose) compared to Kap. Do the Niner Fans forget all those mediocre years Smith had as QB? It's hard for me to forget how awful he looked and his mediocrity during those down years. What's wrong with taking a pay cut and still getting $2 million a year and only playing during practice on the San Francisco 49ers? I certainly would...

Provo, UT

I sometimes still wake up in a cold sweat remembering what Smith did to us in college. His recent success in the pros has been hurting my ego as well, which is why I read and comment on every article about him to this day. Thank goodness Kaepernick came along to play better than Alex Smith, because that is what matters to me. I'm not bitter like all of you.

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