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Published: Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 11:15 a.m. MST

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Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Jesse Jackson is no friend to the black community - he is looking out for #1 at all times above anything else. He and Al Sharpton both have made $millions in the race baiting game.

Pagan - Giving people stuff doesn't work.

Trillions (in entitlements) has been given to the disenfranchised over the last 50 years - and what do we have to show for it?? Nearly nothing.

Utah Businessman
Sandy, UT

If you have a business and decide to hire me, you should have the right to fire me for having blue eyes (or brown ones) if you like, because it is YOUR business and you may find that my blue eyes (or brown ones) are causing a problem in your business. You should also have the right to fire me because of my sexual orientation (gay, straight, whatever) if you perceive that it is causing a problem in your business. No meddlers should be telling you that you can't.

Kearns, UT

Jesse claiming coat tails from Rev. King. He's not half the man that King was and hasn't had an original idea come from his head ever. It is sad that guys like Jackson and Sharpton have somehow become the face of the civil rights movement, when men like Rev. King and Ralph Abernathy did much, much more.

Oh by the way Pagan, I know plenty of folks of your orientation, and I don't know a one that has been fired from any job due to their orientation. If they have been fired, and I know a few that have, it is because they have run afoul of the work rules. At my job it is mostly for attendance issues, and my workplace is pretty darn liberal about attendence. You have to try real hard to get fired for that reason.

Cottonwood, CA

Why have this race baiting charlatans even come?his whole reason for living is making sure there are race problems.who is nearly always first on the scene to stoke the fire of a possible racial incident? It's how he gets paid.

Ogden, UT

Learning to live together? It would happen a lot sooner if not for the likes of Jesse, Al Sharpton, Calypso Louie and others. Jesses Jackson is the King of shakedown artists. His whole career is one of racial hype. He needs racial tension to maintain his seat of power.

salt lake, UT

clearly no one on this thread actually attended or watched this speech, if you had you would know that he spoke at great length about recognizing your own personal worth and pushing yourself to be the person you can become and gave very little attention to race of class issues. It seems the ones trying to race and class bait are you all not Jessie Jackson.

St. George, UT

Bruce Lee made a seminal comment when he said: "The only help is self help." I've thought about that for the 40 years I've been in martial arts. What it means to me is that people can be offered all types of help but, first of all, the help must be accepted. If you're leaning down to give somebody a "hand up" they have to take your hand.

In addition, giving a group of people extra privileges essentially tells them that they are weak and cannot do it themselves. If they completely buy into it, then it becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy. They become weak and depependent.

People from all races, religions, colors, and beliefs have made it on their own. Expect people to be strong and they will be strong. Expect them to be weak and dependent and they will.

Sandy, UT

'Most poor people aren't on welfare.' That is perhaps the truest thing The Reverend has ever said. Because let's be honest, if you are on welfare, you ain't poor!

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