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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 23 2013 6:10 p.m. MST

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Pleasant Grove, UT

I'm not sure how having a lot more people carrying loaded guns around is supposed to make me feel safer. Which ones are trained and which ones have no idea what they're doing? Which ones are stable and sane, and which ones are a bit on the macho side, looking and hoping for an opportunity to be the hero, shooting it out in a crowded place with a bad guy? Which ones have undiagnosed mental illnesses, ready to overreact to a non-existent threat? Which ones will remain calm in a crisis, and which will start blasting at anything that moves, overloaded with adrenaline and unable to do more than fire in the general direction of the perceived threat? And when the cops show up to an ongoing shooting scene and see several people with drawn pistols, which ones do they shoot?

Rural sport fan

Eliyahu..you are not supposed to feel safer, since, as they are concealed, you would have no idea that they are there. Just as you do not know right now, who is carrying. And I guarantee to you, it is more than you think. We really don't care how you feel, what we care about is the fact that, if something happens, we can defend ourselves, not you. If that means you get saved, great, but that isn't really our intent, our intent is for YOU to be able to defend yourself, if you so choose. If you choose to be an unarmed victim, that is your right as well, but you shouldn't get to make that decision for the rest of us.

I get a kick out of the incessant "what-if" arguments, as there are presently several states that DO allow any legal citizen of age to carry concealed. Two of those states allow 16 year olds to carry concealed. And NONE of the "what-if" issues has ever actually been a problem in any of those states. Vermont has not become the Wild West!

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

All for constitutional carry, but I think NOT requiring a background check or permit is taking things too far to the other side.

South Jordan, UT

Your version? The quote you offer up doesn't use the parlance of the time, and is an obvious modern day paraphrasing designed to offer up a different intent. You can't misquote George Washington and expect people to take you seriously.

Sandy, UT

@Harley Rider

'How does the federal government plan to enforce these new gun control laws, if passed? Using GUNS, of course! The threat of force is what's used to gain your "compliance" with everything the government does.'

Thank you for pointing out what isn't so obvious to many of the commenters here, but should be. So, let's say it isn't safe to allow just any old somebody on the streets carry a weapon. Fine. But what are you going to do about it? Have some armed and dangerous federal goon squad shake those people down? Here's a news flash to all of you who think this is a dangerous bill. The GOVERNMENT is dangerous. The government, itself, arms drug dealers and terrorists all over this world. Some of their own armed agents wreak all manner of havoc on the innocents. So, while the thought of everyday citizens possessing firearms may make some of you feel a little squeamish, just consider that there are armed and dangerous individuals ALREADY out there terrorizing this world, some with our corrupt government's blessing. When that same government of excess, in that rare instance, offers to limit itself, ACCEPT!

Las Vegas, NV

Don't the Politician realize everybody started out as a law abiding citizen!!!

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