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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 23 2013 5:05 p.m. MST

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Pensacola, FM

Are individuals complaining about Church lay-offs because of redundancy and overlapping efforts the same ones complaining about Washington DC not cleaning up the redundancies between government agencies? Do we want the Church to continue paying wages and benefits for jobs that aren't needed?

Canada, 00

The business side of the Church is wise, prudent, and fair... more than fair probably. "Systematic management failure" - really??? And no, there are not always alternatives to layoffs. Welcome to the real world. It's not easy, so hang on and do the best you can. Even when one does all the right things (...supposing here that the church has), someone is still likely going to have an axe to grind. Opposition in all things, I guess.

May those adversely affected by this have God's blessings to help sustain them through whatever trials they must face.

Lehi, UT

Help those who may have been affected by reaching out to them, encouraging them, and looking for new job opportunities which they may be interested in and qualify for. The Church has a great Career Workshop which provides resume assistance, opportunities to do mock interviews, and networking sessions at local employment centers. I live in Phoenix and learned the Stake Employment specialist has organized weekly networking meetings. The blessings of the Church extend to those members in need by providing the ability to be self reliant, but assisting in providing limited termporal assistance if necessary while the worker goes through the transition. I know because I've been there.

Pensacola, FL

These lay-offs occurred because there were redundant operations in the two departments involved. Great effort was made to place people in other positions but some refused changes that they perceived were demotions or less prestigious. It was a long process of interviews in the course of deciding who would be laid off, not a case of last hired first to go. I have a close family member involved in Church productions, but not in one of these two departments, who was also concerned about their job.

Central, Utah

Though I would not pretend to tell the Church what to do, it has become apparent to me that most pepople will not know all the factors that go into a decision. I do know several Church employees and I have found them highly qualified and highly effective in their jobs. The ICS people I know, I would hire if I had positions.

After being subject to a lay-off after many years of service, I started my own company. I even got some customers from previous employments contacts. The company I had worked for closed and shortly thereafter the economy changed and my business went downhill with it.

The results in my case were the same, an old guy without a job and not many prospects of anything much turning up. The key word is "old" and I soon learned that "senior discounts" of only a few cents were important. Combine a lay-off, economic changes, price increases in things like gas, and being an "expert" in older technology makes for a dismal future. I hope it works out for everyone involved in the lay-offs.

Provo, UT

Some time ago when I lived in Washington State a Sister in the Ward gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting that when a man loses his job it is like he is being crucified. His power to support his family is gone. I didn't give it too much thought until it happened to me some time ago and it is true. Thankfully I am back working. In this day and age it is always good to have a 2nd job (income). You have to protect yourself. The financial train may slow down but at least if the wheels are always greased then it still goes down the tracks.

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